My Summer Hair Accessories! || + Outfits I Pair Them With

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Kentucky “y’all” hat (couldn’t find the exact hat on their website, but here are their hats!)-

top knot headband-


Woven hat-

The scarfs I have are no longer available, but here are some of her newer scarfs!-

OUTFITS (I couldn’t find everything; I’m so sorry!!):

swimsuit- I couldn’t find it, but I got it at target!

Pink shorts set (not the same one, but very similar!)-

Blue jumpsuit-

Red shirt and white shorts are no longer available!

Olive green jumpsuit(not sure why it isn’t showing the green option...)-

White tank top-

Striped jean pants- I couldn’t find them, but I got them at target!

*just know that Caroline and Company is a very small online shop, so they might not have a lot of things left! But she is always putting up super cute stuff!

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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be sharing with you guys, some of my favorite summer, hair accessories. Yes, I know that it is already like the middle of summer, but I have been wanting to share this with you guys - and I just haven't really had the chance to film this, because I wanted to also pair it with some of my favorite summer outfits and That clip took a little long to change all my outfits, so I will link everything down below that. I am showing you guys in this video, including my outfits, that i pair with my accessories. So if you would like to see that then just keep watching so first up, we have our handy dandy, baseball cap. I said in like Blue's Clues right there, but I love this Facebook app. It'S a little Kentucky State and it just says y'all and I got it from altered state. I love wearing baseball caps when I am on the beach or I'm chillin by the pool, I'm not about that floppy hat life because honestly they do not stay on. So I choose a baseball cap to protect my face and also sometimes I wear it backwards if I'm like going on a jet ski or something, and that way I can really keep my hair back, but also not lose my hat. This second accessory that I have actually brings me back to middle school days, where you know it was all about Gossip Girl, and I mean I'm still all about a girl, but it is a topknot headband and what the differences between this one and the ones I Would wear in middle school is that this one is a lot fuzzier I mean it keeps my hair back, but like it's not gon na, like look my hair back so therefore it doesn't hurt on the back of my ears, so I got this from my friend. Caroline her online boutique selfies also the set that I paired it with this from her website. I get a lot of things from her website, so bear with me on that, but I just love dressing up that jumpsuit with this headband, because you know I mean it's all plain. Not that plain is that I love like, but this just gives it an extra little layer. So I also pair my sunglasses with this jumpsuit. I love using my sunglasses to keep back this front piece of my hair. That gets very straight and I just think it looks nice beachy and like too summery, so I love pairing my sunglasses to that also, just with anything, I am super in Doremus and glasses on my head and also it is a bonus because then, if you really Need your sunglasses ya already got em this summer. I have really been into hats, and normally I'm not, but I got this hat for my friend Caroline's booty online and I love it. I love pairing this with a jumpsuit that I also got from her website and so sorry guys, but I love pairing this with a nice jumpsuit. It makes things a little more dressed up so like. Let'S say that my at the top of my hair is not doing well I'll just put this on and we are good to go so last, but certainly not least, I have my hair scarfs and yes, I keep them in a ziplock bag. Don'T touch me uh-huh and I have three hair scars that I love again. They are all from Caroline's website. So I'm sorry that, like everything's from her website, basically - but I love a hair sparse, so I love wearing these hair scars in many different ways and I'm going to show you the three ways that I wear these three head scarf that I have so first off. We have this like she has a graphical looking one and I love to tie my hair up in a ponytail with this. It just makes it look nice and relaxed, but also kind of preppy and fifties inside you know, so I love wearing this, especially when it's hot outside and I want the ponytail, and I also want to pull me tails. This is the way to go so then I have this like cream, my hair's, very sheer, very lightweight, and I love putting my hair back kind of like I'm using it as a headband. I think it just kind of gives off like a retro like 70s 5 strike score, and maybe it's kind of like a 80s style. I don't know it's like an 80s style, but with a headscarf, but I love it makes it happy and funky. So I love that is it summer is such a great time to try out a bunch of fun, different accessories and also to rock your natural hair texture, because no one ever looks super 100 % professional and put together during the summer. This is a great way to embrace your natural waves for the first time if you never have, and it can be a little more tricky to take care of your waves during this time I mean I would just suggest, protecting it as much as you can anyways Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe and turn on this post notifications down below so that you know every time I upload a new video. I hope you guys have a great rest of the day and I will see you in my next video bye.

Swavy Blonde: So cute!

Beneda Reisinger: U r too cute girl!! Love ur style

Stephanie Runcie: Lmao you’re so cute. Love all the looks.

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