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Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here, i'm anastasia um. I am a very inconsistent youtuber and that's why people love me. I hope you guys are doing well today. I am still in the same tank top because i am just filming another video um. Today'S video is going to be a review on the bellamy. Bugatti hair extensions. I'Ve never purchased them before i've never had them. I'M really excited um. You may be wondering anastasia. Why are you getting hair extensions if you already have long, hair well, newsflash, i like hair, that is voluminous. I like really thick nice. You know hair and my hair is thick yes, but it's just not what i'm i want more. So i decided to get hair extensions. I'Ve had hair extensions in the past um, but my hair was short, then just to see what it looks like um so yeah. If you are interested in seeing that then just keep on watching alright. So i already pulled out of its box right off the bat. What came in the box is this: it is huge look at it. This is big um and then it has like it's like a really cute little case. This is really i'm living for this um. So for reference i bought the bugatti, which is the thickest hair. In long i wouldn't say the longest: the thickest hair they have, which it should be 360 grams of hair, and then they were having this thing. Where, if you bought um hair extensions, you got a free, um, ponytail, so yeah. So i ended up getting a free. It'S usually 50 or 60 dollars. So it's the bellamy, wrap ponytail 180 grams and it's 24 inches long. So i guess we could start there and just to see it's pretty pretty nice for reference. I got the color 1b um. I was gon na be dumb and buy jet black, but then i realized that um, hey anna, your hair, is not jet black, so i got off black, hoping that that should work um it should it should do fine, i'm not really too stressed about it. I mean if you, if you look hard enough, i mean on camera. It looks like it matches um it's a little off just slightly off, not by much but yeah. This is 24 inches and it is a wrap ponytail. So i guess when i'm feeling frisky and i want a thick ponytail, it has clips like this. Well, not really a clip, but like kind of just like slides into your head like that, and then you can just put it in really nice and it has velcro. So you can just like it says: it's a wrap, ponytail and then it clicks together like so so that's cute, that's nice. So i want to start with that, because that was on the top in the box that was at the top and then there's also a wig brush and then my actual hair extensions it looks like is in here as well. Yes, okay! So let's go ahead and unbox these babies, it came in like so. I'Ve never had bellamy extension. So this is new to me. So bellamy, hair, the bellamy, volumizer weft 120 grams and it's 22 inches long in the color 1b. So i guess this is the uh volumizing wet and then in here. Oh that's, really nice. It comes with a tester at the bottom. So if you before, you open the package, because here it says the warranty is void. If you remove that, so it comes with a tester you or you can test it here and see if the color matches well enough and if the color doesn't match good enough for you, you can send it back and it won't void. The warranty like you can ship it back because you only tried the tester strip, so i already tested the 1b color um with the ponytail that they sent me. So i'm already aware of the color and to me, so it's like a two clip here. So to me, i'm pretty okay with the color honestly, because i'm already aware that i'm gon na have a fun time trying to blend it. Considering that i have this at the bottom and i'm not too stressed about it honestly, like it, doesn't really bother me. I really don't give a. I don't care what anybody thinks of me. I don't care what oop i just realized. I cursed. I don't really care what anybody thinks about looking at me like. Oh, you got hair extensions, okay and i'm pretty sure people knew when i was wearing wigs. I really did not care like am i supposed to care? I don't, i think it blends enough. Well, we obviously you can see it at the bottom, because it's just a tad bit longer than my actual hair, but yeah yeah. It blends enough to my hair yeah and even if it didn't, i probably would be the one to just color it a little bit more. But to me it does blend so we tested the tester strip and i am okay with the hair. So that is good for those who are not sure if it'll be good enough for you or not so now, i'm gon na go ahead and mess up the warranty, because now i opened it um these are expensive. I will say that i paid 336 dollars for these um if i had paid for the ponytail. That would have been an extra 50 or 60 dollars, i'm not fully sure, but i do know that this set was 336 um. My last pair of hair extensions i bought were from vp fashion and they were probably similar in price um, but they weren't as thick, and i was not happy with that. I like thick hair, so now i'm looking at these as i unravel them. So here they are in all their glory. They are a little ratted because i'm unraveling them, but this is done here um. It does come with a volumizer weft, so this is just the standard. This is 220 grams of hair right here in my hand, and then i'm gon na go ahead and take out the volume, wiser weft and then this one is 120 grams, which then will bring you to the whopping 360 grams of hair. Um, don't clock me if my math was entirely wrong? We all know that. I cannot do that. So i'm going to take out the volumizer weft just to see what the difference is. Oh yeah, this is a thicker piece. This is definitely a bigger piece. So then here is the volumizer weft yeah. This is this almost low key feels thicker than this. So this is the hair here and then this is all the hair together which yeah it is pretty good, pretty pretty thick and i'm gon na use a tester, because that's just what i'm going to do. I mean nice curse again. Okay, so now we're going to go ahead and apply the hair extensions, so it's actually been a very long time since i've applied hair extensions because i've never. I ended up switching to wigs, so i wore haircuts the last time i wore hair extensions um. I first started wearing them when i was in sweden um when i lived there and then, when i moved back to the united states, i had those same hair extensions and i brought them with me. That'S when i dyed my hair red and those hair extensions. When i bought them originally were ombre colored, so it was like black to blonde. So then i dyed them black because then i just dyed my whole head black, which was an experience on its own and then after that i dyed them. When i got back to the u.s red, so those hair extensions have seen better days and those things are very, very, very fried so i threw them away a long long long time ago, um but yeah. So that was the last time i had hair extensions and then ever since then i switched to wigs to change out my entire look. I decided to go with uh hair extensions this time, because i don't plan on um changing my own hair, my natural hair color, or anything like that. If i do want to like dye my hair or something like that, it would be um. I would end up dying a wig, so that way i don't destroy my hair, because i've worked hard to get my hair where it is now. You know what i mean so because i have worked so hard to get my hair to be re-healthy. After all, the dye jobs it's had in the past, i'm just going gon na do wigs, but because i have a new job and all that kind of stuff um, it's just easier for me. If i um just do hair extensions for when i want to keep my hair black and then when i want to change my hair up, i can just put on a wig, so i'm not giving up wigs. No, that is definitely not what i'm doing, i'm just having another plan for when i want to change it up to something else. So now i'm just putting them in this is kind of boring a little bit. I was very, very, very excited to purchase these because i've always wanted to try bellamy, hair extensions, but back then i was young when i wanted hair extensions. I just couldn't afford it just for future reference to for those who may want to know this information bellamy does offer a firm, which is a you, can buy now, pay later function. So basically, you can just like the difference between after pay and affirm after pay. You have to pay every two weeks, regardless um, with a firm you can select, which option you want to do so you can do um payments broken up in like per month. You could choose which months you want to do so like. If you want to do. If you want to pay it off in three months, six months - um, i think nine months or 12 months - and it tells you the interest exactly how much the interest is for the whole purchase, which i really like that feature and all that kind of uh stuff. So that's really good to know for those who want to try these kinds of hair extensions but are like dang, that's expensive. So that is an option for you. I really enjoyed that um. I don't know if they accept paypal, i didn't actually remember or not, because if they accept paypal, paypal also has a paypal credit feature that you could use um. So that's also good uh good for you all to know that you could just use paypal credit if you want to do that. So that's also something you could use i'm using the tester in my hair, because why the not i mean why not oops i'm just cursed again so so far so good they are pretty. They are really long. I will say that i thought at first i was like oh 22. Inches is not long enough, but now, as i'm seeing it, i'm like yeah they're long enough, okay, so the way i'm going to divide my hair is, i always wear my part to this side. So now i'm just gon na see how else i'm gon na do this. So now i need to figure out where i'm gon na put the volumizing weft like. Where am i gon na? Put that also another thing: i got the super like volume, hair extensions, because my hair is thick and that was my biggest problem wearing hair extensions in sweden was that my hair um was too thick for those things and it looks crazy. It looked really crazy. So now, oh wow, so this is the clips of the volumizer clip. That'S pretty intense! If you ask me so now, i got ta figure out how the heck i'm gon na do this. I'M gon na go ahead and put in all these extensions and i'll be right back because this video is gon na be long all right. So now i'm back um, so i will zoom out and i will stand back. Oops try not to run into anything. So this is what they look like um on camera. You can't really, i don't know if you can tell. I probably will be able to tell when i'm uh editing this, but you can cut. You can really see where my actual hair ends compared to where the hair extensions end um and then on this side. You can see it as well um. The only thing is that i'm not truly complaining like when i used to wear hair extensions um. They used to be really bad, but you could see the difference between the two, but for some reason with this one i feel like it just looks like i have random streaks of streaks in my hair, and i could i could pull it off as layers like. I could pull it off as i have a bunch of layers um. I really do like how thick my hair feels like my hair is so much thicker now, and i really do really really like that. I feel like if i um, curled them and added some like waves in them, that it would look a lot better like you, it'll blend a lot better, so i probably wouldn't wear this hair uh like bone straight like it is. I would probably curl them just to make it blend just a tad better, but i'm not really complaining um. I really like it. I like how thick they are they're. They have made my hair like super thick. My hair is thick like i am living for how thick my hair is. You probably can definitely see where my hair ends compared to the bellamy extensions, but i think because my hair blends in with the ombre going down it doesn't look at least to me. It doesn't look terrible, so i'm definitely going to curl them and then i will definitely um show you guys what it looks like. So you have to see it on my social media um because i don't know when i'm going to curl my hair. So you have to see it on my social media to see what it looks like so on instagram at the camping trees, um or my snapchat at anna marie wi um, to see what it looks like, but i'm loving it. I really do love it. A lot. Um - and i would 10 out of 10 - recommend this company for hair. If my hair feels really good, it does feel really nice, it's very heavy, like it's really heavy and i'm pretty sure if i curl my hair, it will definitely look a whole lot better. Like just look how much hair i have now, it's just so it's really nice, like i'm, really i'm living for this, and i love the length as well yep. It comes right to the end of my butt or the top of my butt, so yeah. If you guys enjoyed this video leave a like comment and subscribe to my channel, eighty percent of y'all who watch my videos are not subscribed to my channel. Subscribing to my channel is free. If you don't like it, you can just unsubscribe and that's totally fine as well um, but i really appreciate if you subscribe to my channel, it's free means the world to me. I would enjoy that um, so yeah. I hope you guys have a good rest of your morning night afternoon whenever you see this whenever i upload this okay, bye,

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