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Hi everyone, it's me Julie, so Halloween is coming up and I thought I'd make this video kind of showcasing my Halloween costume of 2016, but also how I'm do my hair for Halloween. So, as you all know, I'm going to be Wonder, Woman Upchurch sure. Let me tell you something that glamazon does not have been a short hair like mine. She has a thick full long locks. I'M actually really excited to share this with you guys, no jokes like I, I was so happy when I got this. I was like freaking out, I was kind, but it is the ultra luxurious, Bugatti, hair extensions by Bellamy. Here, oh look at the packaging, you all know I'm a sucker for packaging, and this is just so luxe the back. It says this is big. That'S what I said comes in a nice dirty gold box. It'S just like Hello princess, you open it and there's nothing just kidding. I have the hair extensions on my lap all right, so I'm gon na show you guys what it comes with. First of all, because mm ain't just a boxes on the hair inside okay, it's like everything that you would want in a beautiful hair extensions package. Okay, so it comes in a goal like just eight less for packaging like I'm just all for it. You can store your extensions in this and it comes with like a gold hangers. Well, this metal part is literally gold. Everything is gold. This is so luxurious. I feel like this is made for me. Thank You Bellamy. When you travel, you hang them up. So get your store, your hair extensions, because that's very important, so it will make your hair last much longer also inside the box, there's the lift, meet volume and texture powder. Alright, just give you a little bit more volume by the roots, which I clearly do not have my hair. It'S just a wreckage. Okay, a nasty wreckage honey. I also got the Bellamy detangler brush, which is so nice boom and it just kind of helps. Obviously detangle. Your hair, without any breakage and stuff, it's like made for your hair extension, so this feels real enough that mouth. Okay, let's talk about the hair, extensions, okay, this is belly's thickest and longest hair ever so. If you want long super thick, hair Bugatti is the way to go girl. Okay, so what's different between this and other ones, are it has the special 9 clip enhancer ibly? What'S called here, we go. There'S two rows of Clips. The top one has five Clips. The bottom one has four Clips making it super super thick and will secure to your head all right. So this is the most special piece in the whole package. There'S actually two packs of hair extensions. This comes on its own package and then it comes with the standard two sets of the four clips which I will be using so four clips. Four clips there's two of them: two sets of the three clips one two three clips, there's two of them. Last but not least, we have the two sets of the two clips, which gives it a grand total of seven wefts of hair does a lot of hair, but I won't be using these two just because I can't handle too much. You know what I mean. Seven is too crowded, so I'm gon na use five right, one, two, two two two yup I'm use five of them, I'm just gon na put them away just for now, because I don't need them IRA pologize, you are the weakest link. Are we ready to transform into Wonder Woman, I'm just going to part my hair, like so forgive my baby hairs new, my bangs they're just trying to grow out, and it's like this really awkward stage. I don't know what to do with it. Alright, the first piece I'm actually going to put into my head is the biggest one, which is the 9 clip one and I'm going to only clip in the top row, because I don't need all nine Clips. I'M just gon na put it back here, feel it out one two, three, four: five, all right: it's pretty secure! Okay, Oh ja! Look at that! Oh, how beautiful it is. Oh, oh, my god, I'm dying all right. The game plan is, I'm going to put four clips and then a three clip making. It is seven clip all around and then I'm going to do the opposite on this side. So this is in before and then this is an sp3 just to even it out. On the clips, if you know I mean it's a 4 3 4 3 to make it even so total of 7, 7 and then B 5 clip. Now, I'm going to part it again, I'm just going to take a little bit off all right. Some add in the four clip boom boom boom. Alright, so I have the four click in on this side and now I'll add the three clip on this side. Alright, so we have it in oh wow, it's getting thick, it is so soft. It'S pricking me warm! Alright, so I have the hair extensions in right now. Oh my gosh, this is like my dream: hair. You guys like yes, can we please take a moment and look at how blendable, shiny and soft that looks alright. So what we're going to do is we are going to curl our hair. Now, I'm going to part it like, I usually do so take half the bottom half boom. That'S a lot of hair girl, my god! It'S so thick Wonder Woman doesn't have no curls alright! So a bottom half: let's do it. First, I'm using the Nicole Guerrero, um curling wand. This is the thickest one that I have whoo. Everything is just gold. I just noticed that I love all right. Let me take this much hair and then I'm gon na use the curling iron go behind like this. It is like oops. I don't burn myself. I will cry and just kind of wrap it around like that. One two: three, four: five: six, seven, eight, nine ten. Are we ready to release? Yes, we are boom. Let'S see how that turned out curls in place, yes work and I'm gon na put it behind my back like that and then start on the next one. So this here it's not gon na do the same thing. On the other side, I can put my arms like just I get all that really weird. I know it will play with that girl. Do what you got to do. Please forgive me about my baby hairs. They'Re like in the way, it's so ugly but anyways, I have finished curling the bottom half of my hair. Let me show you guys, alright, so now we're to get the same thing, I'm going to take the back piece here and I'm going to curl it all right. This is the last piece and then we are free whoo and there we go. The hair has been curled, it is so volumous. This is like glamazon hair. You guys, like look Wow. All I mean is my tiara right side by tier on I'm officially a Wonder Woman. Look at how thick and long and curly my hair is you guys holy F and there you have it. This is going to be my Halloween, hair and everyday hair. I love it. I love Bellamy, there's such a great company that they gave me a coupon code to share with you guys it's the same as my last one. It is Juli save some money type that in in your cart and save on your hair extensions. There'S lots of clients, lots of sizes, lots of colors to check it out. I will leave more information and the discount code in the link below so check that out, but thank you so much for watching. Please stay safe on Halloween and I'll see you later bye. Ma

Brandy Crystal: Layuri hair extensions are so easy to use, and yet they look awesome. People constantly compliment my hair, not knowing that it is actually Layuri hair.

Laura Bolton Ehlis: Oh nice!!! Wow, these are definitely the best hair extensions I have ever seen. Gorgeous hair and top quality! Beautiful! Very nice Julie!

Chanel London: Julie darling, for your baby hairs, you can use either hair wax (to hold down fly aways) or you can use edge control (to tame short hairs). Stay gorgeous!❤️

Ashley Elizabeth: Girl, you killed it! You look so gorgeous! :)

clouds: Julie, do you know any extensions that aren't as expensive? I know the expensive ones are the best but I don't have that type of money to spend on extensions, I was considering adding some to my christmas list but it's too expensive for my parents too. Or could you recommend any remedies, or products that help natural hair growth? xx

Kris Andre 🇨🇭: Your looking great, hope it all went well ❤️

peepo: you're a real life Wonder Woman, costume or not!

John Nobel: Always a perfect delight! Love your spirit!

Amber Z: did you use heat protectant on the hair? love the look (:

hearsaytruth: hey Joules, try Hidden Crown extensions. they are so easy to put on and they do not damage your hair at all!

Celestia Linnea: I want there to be a Wonder Woman movie with you playing her!!! It'd be so amazing!

PreMeYumLife: Love it!!!❤️ I have a wavy fro girl. I need to do the Japanese perm to get it straight. Thanks for sharing my pretty Asian sista! Sandy

Frances: Love the new intro!!! ❤️

BK_ Knight: glamorous glamazon! You look gorgeous! you're definitely my Wonder Woman Happy Halloween hun!trick or treat

lynn Payne: Would you consider making a video about intersex? It's a person who is born with male and female characteristics of some sort. To my knowledge, it's very common in the LGBTIQ community. I was thought to have been a male at my birth. Then thought to be transgender, then diagnosed as intersex when I was a child. I identify as a female. I think I and many other people would be interested in this topic.

Ethan S: You look like an angel. Love from the UK!

Kami Sama: damn your costume looks great

CassandraCandyface: Julie love the costume!

despina loo: joules you are amazing at what you do ... you look sooooo goodd... keep it going, love you

FaeRiviera Productions: Oh my God, how many of my DC universe crushes will you dress as? God you'd make a great Wondy...happy Halloween!

Not You: The two double clips should've definitely been used at the very bottom to blend in with the short hair and not have such and awkward short piece at the nape.

Dior Taylor: Slayyy Queen Joules !!!!!!!!

Robo Cat: They look so real

Darla R: Wonderwoman is my favorite. Awesome seeing you dress as her. Now get out there and fight crime

Skyla: when my hair is naturally that thick and SUPER curly

Laylanator: I'm a cat for Halloween this year. Happy Halloween Julie!!!!

Sarahaguirre21 Drake29: you look beautiful slay girl

Nallelyy: What color extensions are you wearing on this ?

SaminSays: Yaaas I'm Wonder Woman too!

CC Bab: Where did you get the wonderwoman tiara?

Penelope Grey: I love you Julie

Frankie Ta: Beautifulll

Mauro Nieto: *likes the video, then watches it*

Mimi: i have the khaleesi ones and i never use them omf, spent $270 only for it to be stored in a random bag lmao.

Joseph Stevens: Ha! Linda Carter, Joules looks Marvelous as Wonder Woman.

Ivy Pham: What color is your extensions? I am not sure if you said it and I didn't hear it

OldGrowthRedwood: Luscious!

makeupabsolu: You look just like wonder woman :) where is the costume If u are like her naturally ;)

Asyraf Raffie: Julie you are cool Lady

Wong Xiu Ting: im not trying to be rude but you looked very handsome as a guy and very pretty as a girl

Gwen B.: I never thought an Asian Wonder Woman can be more beautiful than a Caucasian one.

Neels Scheepers: PrincessJoules I really don't wanna sound disrespectful or mean but what do you do for a living P.S. love you so much your'e my inspiration LOVE JOU GIRL❤

anonymityismyname: joules is so hot.....

chiefdancingostriche: hot, hot, hot.

Michelle Tackett: You are a trans doll! Giggles, bless you.

Laila Colon: love u

R Taufik Adam Januar: I love you

ballerstew: No sunshine sparkle faces??!

PokPak Chanel: พี่ใช่คน Thai ไหม

Erika Sandstrom: I don't need hair extensions; my natural hair is already super long.

alterego: 3rd

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