How To Wash Your Sew In And Real Hair | Shiny Hair Tutorial

Hey Friend, in this video I’m sharing how to wash your sew in and real hair. Most sew Ins with leave out need to be maintained bi weely to avoid heavy weighed down hair. My client has been wearing her sew in weave for about 6 weeks now. This is also a tutorial on how to get shiny hair or make your hair extensions (sew in) super silky and smooth. I hope this helps someone to revive their sew in and take care of your hair underneath. Cheers to a sew In wash day

The hair used in this video is from Kendra’s Boutique

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MissExclusive4: Love it❤ thank you for showing the process.

sxunara: how long did the sew in last for

Ash Woo: Flawless!

ashle stith: How do we book hair services with you

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