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Hey guys. In this video I show you my current favorites. I hope you enjoy. Xoxo

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♡ Eos Vanilla Cashmere Lotion

♡ Righteous Butter

♡ Portable Charger

♡ Pill Case

♡ 5am Club Book

♡ Coach Pencil Case

♡ Beige Pencil Case

♡ Book Light

♡ 14 in Crochet Goddess Braids

♡ Gold Hoop Earrings

♡ Blow dryer brush

♡ African Pride Heat Protectant

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Hey, what's up you guys in today's video I'm coming to you with a favorites video and basically in this video, I'm just going to show you some products that I've recently been loving lately, especially in the month of January. I know we're in the middle of February right now, but I just want to share some of the things that I've been loving lately. So if you want to see what I've been loving then keep on watching, I guess I should start with Beauty First, so I'm going to start with that. So the first thing I want to mention is a product that I got from off of Sheen. I should have put this in my Sheen haul, but I totally forgot about it, but basically there are these Cool Tools that you use to apply your mascara. It came in a pack of three and basically you can use it to apply mascara on your top lashes. As well as your bottom lashes - and this is what it looks like on the bottom - it has a comb right here and then you would just put it under your eye like this and apply your mascara as well, as you would put it over your eye, like This to apply your top mascara and I believe this was like a dollar, so you can't beat that the next thing that I've been loving is another product that I got the machine and these are like um lash ones. So basically, if you have like eyelash extensions or if you just have regular strip lashes on, you want to comb them out, you could use these and it came in a pack like this of how many it is a state. But it did come with a lot of them in a pack, and then you could just probably keep them in your purse. If you have like extensions, then you need to comb them, comb them out on the go, and it's so pretty too. This is what it looks like since we're talking about lashes. I want to talk about something that was trending on Tick Tock about a year or so ago, um and it's called falscara. Basically, this is what you would use if you wanted to apply like those cluster lashes onto your eyelashes. Basically, you would just be doing your eyelash extensions at home instead of paying hundreds of dollars for someone else to do it. So it's double-sided like this and it comes with a bonding serum on the bottom and then a ceiling serum on the top. So you would apply the bond to your lashes as if you would a mascara, then you would apply the lashes to your eyelashes and then you would seal them with the sealant and the lashes that I used recently to apply some lashes. These are not the ones that I've done recently, but I will insert a picture of some. I did on myself, but these are the ones that I've been using recently and I really do like these they're very thin and they were so easy to apply and you couldn't even tell that. I had them on and, of course, if you do get the Foster you're gon na need the remover trust me, because I did have a one before with the without the remover and when I would take the lashes off, my natural lashes would be thick and clumpy And I really couldn't remove it with much other than maybe some ponds cold cream and that took forever, but I got the fostera Lash remover and this removed it in like seconds. So I really really love this product and I'm glad that I got that so now. We'Re going to move on to fragrances, so, of course, if you watch the fragrance videos on Tick Tock, then of course everyone has been talking about Seoul de Janeiro, and so I decided to get two cents from them. So the first scent that I got from them is the Brazilian Crush 62, and this one is just in the set of pistachio and salted caramel, and you guys when I smelled this, I felt in love. It smells so freaking good. It smells super sweet. You can definitely smell this pistachio, but then there's like another hint of something else in there. I believe this is on the back of the bottom, so it says that the top notes of this is pistachio and almond. The mint notes is heliotrope and Jasmine petals and then the dry down you'll smell, vanilla, salted, caramel and Sandalwood, and I think that heliotrope and Jasmine petals is something that I'm smelling. That'S making this smell sweet now. The only con to this is that it doesn't. Last long, that's my only complaint, especially because considering that a bit on the pricier side but like I said I really do love this scent so yeah, it smells really really good. Now, this one 71 is in the sense of caramelized, vanilla and macadamia nuts. Now, for this one it says that the top note is caramelized, vanilla and sea salt and baby. Let me tell you something when you first spray this, you are hit in the face with that sea salt. I'M over here coughing, like I'm seasoning chicken, because you know I'm black and I know how to season some chicken. But when you spray this, you are hit in the face with that seesaw, but once it dries down, it smells like the sweetest prettiest vanilla. But let me move on the middle note is toasted macadamia, nut and white chocolate, and then it dries down into the scent of Taco Bean and coconut blossom. Now this one smells so good it smells. You could definitely smell everything that I said that it smells like. After you smell that salt, but give it a few minutes and that salt smell is gone, but this one I definitely recommend too. So. The next thing that I'm going to talk about is another Tick, Tock favorite, which is basically the EOS vanilla lotion, and this one smells like freaking cupcakes to me and what I love about. This lotion is, like you know, in the wintertime. My hands typically get drier than any other time um in the year, and so, when I put this lotion on my hands that Ash the crust, everything is gone. That'S how moisturizing this is and honestly I've always been a big fan of EOS or EOS. However, you pronounce it anyway, ever since they had the little egg lip balm, those are always moisturizing. I never had a complaint about those, so this one is definitely a favorite and I would definitely continue to buy this lotion. I just love the way this one smells and how moisturizing it is forget the smell. If it's not moisturizing, then it's a waste and it's definitely moisturizing and then the last product that I want to talk about. That'S beauty or fragrance related. Is this soap and Glory righteous butter, and I love the way that this smells. It smells so freaking good. So on the thing it says that it is in the smell of rose and Bergamot, and that's definitely what I smell and if you own Miss Dior blooming bouquet. That perfume would pair perfectly with this, because I believe that has a rose scent in it and honestly they smell very, very similar. So that's what I love about this and the scent of this is so strong and long lasting. I was wearing this around a friend one time and they said I smell so good and I didn't even have anything else on other than this. So I love this and it's also very, very moisturizing as well - and this is my - I walk portable charger and what I love about. This is just how pretty and pink and sparkly it is, and also how convenient it is. I used to have another portable charger that had the cable attached to it and when I first got it, I loved it, but over time the cable just stopped working. So then I had to replace it with this one and this one. I love it because you could just stick it into the bottom of your phone and you can still use your phone and there's no problem in the hassle, as opposed to using the one with the cable, where you're holding the phone and the charger. And you have to sandwich it together if you want to still use your phone while it's charging, but I don't have that problem with this one, and I also like that it comes with this little cap. That'S still attached to it, so you can't lose it and yeah. So this is definitely a favorite of mine, so pretty and then the side here you can charging. So the next thing that I wanted to talk about is this pillowcase. So I found this pillowcase on Amazon. I'Ve been trying to take my vitamins lately because you know you're just trying to be healthy and low-key. I think I've been having like um a hormonal imbalance, so I'm trying to test out and see if I take like the vitamins that I'm deficient in, will that help with that, because I'm deficient in um iron and vitamin D, so I've been taking that as well As multivitamins and I was getting tired of just taking it out of the bottle every day, so I decided to use my pillowcase that I got from Amazon, and this is what it looks like on the box. You you can see that it says my pills and it's in this pretty rose gold color and then, if you unzip it, it has like a pillowcase on the inside and you can remove it if you wanted to and just use it as a pouch. But, like I said, I just use my for my pills and you have eight pill boxes here. Each one labeled with a day as well as an extra box for extra pills moving along of mine this year, is to try to read three to four books. A month last month I read three books and one of the books that I read is now a favorite of mine and that book that I'm talking about is called the 5am club and, as you can tell I really dived into this book, I got Pages labeled And everything - and that's just how good this book is - I have so many gems in this book that I just I fell in love with it and basically it's just a book about the benefits of waking up at 5am being your best self, so that you can Show up well for others as well as you know enough for yourself, so that you can share your gifts with the world and help the world and all those things. It'S just such a really great book, very motivational, um, so yeah. The next thing I'm going to mention in this video is my coach pencil case um. I hold this about a while ago, but I really love this because I keep all of my pins in here, which comes in handy when I'm writing in my planner, as well as annotating in my books, and then this is just what it looks like I'll. Probably link the video in the car part of me hauling this item so, of course to keep on with the reader thing. I have another pencil case here that I got off of Amazon and this one I just keep my highlighters on the inside as well as my um white out and as always guys, I do link everything that I mentioned in my videos in the description box below So the next thing that I'm going to mention is this little lamp that you can use for reading your books at night. If you don't want to have your light on and run up your light bill, you could just attach it to a book like this, and you can turn it on and you can change the light on it. So if you want the bright white light, the bright, yellow light, although this is the white light, the first one was a yellow light and then, if you want a deeper yellow light and then that's to power it off, it is rechargeable it does. It does come with the charger you can clip it to a desk as well so yeah. I really love this. It'S very convenient if you want to read at night. Another thing that I've been loving recently is my hair, so I recently did my hair the other day in these braids. Now this is crochet braid, but in the front I just did individual braids with the crochet hair and in the back I just crocheted the rest, and I really love this hair. I'Ve been trying to get back into doing more protective styles and staying away from the wigs, so yeah I've really been loving this hair. Another thing that I've been loving as well are the earrings that I'm wearing today, so I'm going to take them out. So I can show you guys what they look like, so these are the earrings that I'm wearing today. I got them off of Amazon they're, these pretty girl, with these little crystals on them or rhinestones and they're definitely hypoallergenic, because I don't get any irritation from them and I really really like them, and this is what they look like on my ear. Another favorite of mine is this brush, so this is not a regular brush. This is a blow dryer brush, so I have natural type for hair and I use this on my daughter's hair. I believe she has 4C hair and then mine is like a 4ba sort of kinda, and so I used this brush to blow out our hair whenever I want to do like raids or anything like that, and so I blow down my hair to do this. Hairstyle I'll probably insert a picture of what it looks like blown out. What I like about this is: it comes in three settings, so it comes in cool, low and high. I typically use the low setting because I don't want to cause any heat damage to my hair. So when I bought this, it made it so easy and I didn't experience any heat damage from it and my daughter, like I said, has 4C hair and I was able to blow dry her hair out in like 15 minutes using this product. So I really really love this and now, in conjunction with this brush, I've used this heat protective oil. When I first bought um heat protectant oil, I use it on my weave and the one that I use is the Fantasia IC heat protectant, and I really like that one for my weave. But I noticed that when I used it for my natural hair, when I blow dried it the first time with it, it just didn't get it as straight as it did until I used this product. So this is the African Pride Olive Miracle, anti-breakage heat, protected and shiny, honest. When I tell you I use this on my hair and it got it so stretched out. Like look at the pictures guys, my hair was looking like chef's kiss and I feel like if I would have went in with a flat iron, it would have been just nice and sleek and everything. But I don't like I said, I'm not a heat person. I don't like to do anything that could potentially damage my hair. I might straighten my hair, probably at the end of the year. I don't know I just I'm too scared, I'm a chicken, but I really really like this now. The only complaint that I have is that it doesn't miss out, so it just squirts out oil, but that's also fine too, rather than me having to pull it in my hands. So I really really love this product and one thing about African Pride products. They smell really really good. I used to use their mango butter back in the day and used to smell, so so good, um, so yeah this again, this is the African Pride heat protective spray. The last thing that I want to talk about is all of my people out there who have had braces, and you had the clear retainers that you have to use. So for my retainers I had the clearing retainers and those were a pain in the butt to clean. Basically, I would have to clean it with my toothbrush to get it clean, and that was just two times me, so I found these tablets on Amazon and these. How it works is, you would just fill up a cup with warm water drop the tablet in there and then put your retainers in there and they'll clean your retainers in 15 minutes and that's it super easy peasy. You don't got ta, do no extra work or nothing, it's just really really great so and it comes with 120 tablets. So basically, you would probably have to buy this like three times a year and that's basically fine with me so yeah. This is what these are, which is what it looks like on the inside and yeah. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to like comment and subscribe and I'll see you in the next one bye,

Mom Ambition: I've been obsessed with the Chirosa 71!!! Not Seasoning chicken . I just bought that eos lotion to try. Great video!

Denice Jarrett: Nice haul! Thank you for sharing!

Just A Capricorn: That eos lotion is the bomb i have all but 1 from that line. I love the soap and glory line also they have a nice scrub that i use. I recently got the same charger but in sparkly black. Love the video and thanks for sharing

Rita Johnson: Thanks for sharing ❤

Simone Morrison: I enjoyed this video

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