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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so we're hopping straight into this video and, as you can already tell by the title, this is gon na, be an absolute fail of a video um, but yeah we're jumping straight into it. As you can see, I started off with my hair already blow dried since we're gon na be attempting to do a silk press. I decided to blow dry my hair off camera. My blow dry routine hasn't changed since the last one. So if you want to know what it looks like, you can check it out down below, and here I'm just showing you all the products I'm going to be using to try and do this process so yeah this video honestly, I don't know what I was expecting. This is the first time I'm ever trying to suppress my hair. So honestly, my expectation weren't that high, but I was at least expecting it to give something. It didn't really give nothing, but you guys are gon na see by the end of this process, but yeah as you can see, I'm just starting off by detangling my hair sectioning it off and honestly. Looking back at this, I probably should have used there's a lot that I should have done. Honestly. I probably should have used smaller sections. I should have used a better straightener. This straightener is really really crappy. Like honestly, I should have tried to use like a titanium or something else, because this is one of those glass plated straighteners that are supposed to help with heat protection. I don't know, but obviously, as you can see, doesn't do a very good job at straightening, my hair, my hair, still has frizz on it, like my roots were still puffy. I honestly guys I don't know, but I tried I tried my best and I pulled through. Also you guys will hear me explain it later, but I decided to do this at the worst time of the year, literally the most humid time of the year. It was raining non-stop. Don'T ask me why I decided to try and do this. It like stopped raining for a week, and I just thought, maybe maybe mother nature would let me shine, but no it's fine anyway. Here we are um. So yeah, I'm just going section by section and straightening my hair. I was using this like round bristle brush to kind of do the um. What'S the method called the follow method, something like that um to try - and you know, put some tension on my hair to give it a more straight indoor. Sleeker look honestly, I don't know if it did anything, but it did help me like grip, my hair, as I pulled the strainer through so yeah. That'S why um I'm holding this brush, as I do that um. But it was still nice to see my length and to see like the health of my hair, to see if it's going well or not, because you know sometimes having your hair in curls can be deceiving so finally having it a bit straight, or at least you Know visible um. It was easier for me to see how my hair was doing um but yeah. I do this all throughout my hair. I don't want to do too much talking um. The video basically explains itself. I just popped in here to say: hey and I missed you guys, so I hope you guys are gon na enjoy this video at least um learn from my mistakes, so yeah, I'm gon na pop out now and let you guys watch the rest of it. I'M falling falling for you, okay, so hi guys, as you can see, we're in a different state at the moment, um Yeah. So basically, this was a really bad decision. Okay, I should not have tried to straighten my hair or yeah. I shouldn't have tried to straighten my hair at this time of the year um. It is extremely humid here, like it has been raining actually last week, wasn't raining so I thought the rain had stopped, which is why I was like damn. Maybe this is my time to straighten my hair. No mother nature was like no so yeah. It started raining again by the way. This is the next day because after I finish straightening blow drying and straightening my hair. Yesterday I had to go to school ciao. I had to go to bed okay, so I had to go to bed, so I just decided to put my hair into like twists and then put a wig on top. So I could go to school the next day, because I was not in the mood of trying to style my hair. It was like two in the morning I had class at 8am child, no okay, so yeah. It is the next day now and I went to school this morning, um and I took my hair out of the wig and out of the twists and basically I'm going to try well, as you can see, my hair is in these robe curls. You know if you're on Tick, Tock, you've probably seen the trend of real curls, and this is probably the only time I'm gon na be able to do this on my natural hair. So now that it's straightened, I decided, let's give it a try right. Okay, so um, I didn't film myself doing the Rope curls. I kind of forgot I'm sorry um, but if this ends up turning out good and you guys want to see an actual tutorial of how I did them - I mean I will put like the link down below of the video I used as a tutorial to do This you know, like the reference video, that I used, I'm gon na link that down below it was by curly Chris. I believe I think that's her name on um YouTube and on Tick Tock, I'm not sure, but yeah. I'M gon na link the video of that down below um, but yeah. I'M sorry, I didn't film it, but this is how it's looking so far. It'S the finished product and um yeah. This is basically how I'm gon na go to bed and pray to the heavens or whoever is managing my hair right now, pray to them that tomorrow morning comes out good because I do have class so we'll see how that goes. Um but yeah. Basically, I'm gon na go to bed. This is how it looks. She looks like this um I'm holding it, because I'm about to tie it at the top of my head, just so that you know it's more comfortable for me to sleep and I'm basically rotating it. I need to rotate it. That'S why I'm holding it so tightly, because I kind of have to rotate it to make sure that it stays really really tight. You know, because I do want the curls to be pretty like defined. I don't want them to drop throughout the day, so we're gon na see how that goes. But yeah you're about to watch me struggle to try and tie this on top of my head. So yeah um. If you don't know the trend, this is basically just a tying thing that ties your like your robe, your dressing, gown. This is the thing that ties it yeah. You know yeah anyway, um yeah. Let me tie this on top of my head, so I'm just gon na um crisscross it at the back like so I hope you can see it's like so and then bring it around front, and hopefully I should be able to tie these little things together. Um without messing up my hair boom, this should be good and then to make sure it doesn't move. I'M just gon na put this on. I think I'll probably sleep with this on because you know I sleep on my side and on the back that feels pretty comfortable um, and I don't really feel this. It'S pretty you know. So this is how I'm gon na go to bed. I think my roots are like already sweated out. I don't know if you guys can see, but like the humidity is not playing a game child, she is not playing a game anyway. I'M gon na go ahead and put on my Bonnet and go to bed and I will see you guys in the morning okay good morning, so it is the next day and I'm about to go to class. So I need to find out how my hair is doing right now, because I literally need to leave my house in 10 minutes. So I'm kind of praying that oh this comes out good, because I don't really have a plan B like if it doesn't look good. Literally, I just have to put it into some kind of bun ponytail or something I don't know so yeah, let's see I'm just gon na. Take it down. I think I'll start with this side: yeah, okay, okay, okay, not the worst thing. I'Ve ever seen. Okay right! I'M not mad at it. I'M gon na go in with some hair oil. This is just what is this. I don't know. I don't know what oil this is, but I'm just gon na go in with it just to give my hair some shine some shine and to help me like separate the curls a little bit. You know, foreign, I'm literally rushing. Oh, my God, I'm gon na be late, um. Okay, I think I'm gon na try and do a side part just to make it look better. I don't know it's gon na um I mean. Is it the worst thing I've ever seen? No is it the best thing I've ever seen? No, I think it's really my roots that are throwing me off like right here. You know um yeah, okay! Well, this is how it looks. Um yeah. Well, let me know what you think in the comments. I'M still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I don't know um, but I don't have much of a choice right now, because I got ta go to school y'all. Let me know what you think in the comments. I definitely like the curl that it gave it's giving like a little bit of a wave, slash curl. I don't know I mean my ends: are shrinking back up a little bit they're a little bit frizzy um yeah, but I do like the curls that it's giving me you know they're kind of wavy curly. My hair does look shiny but yeah. This is how it came out. Um yeah. I definitely think with a few tweaks. I can get it to look exactly how I want but yeah. This is it for now and yeah, so I'm gon na go to school and when I get back, I'm gon na show you guys like how it's looking if the curls fell out or if the humidity got to me, because girl is human outside today, but yeah I'Ll, let you know how it looks when I get back but yeah. This is this. Is it now so yeah bye, hey guys, so I just got back from school and yeah. This is what my hair looks like um. I told you guys. I didn't have a long day at school today. I had one course, and it was a couple of hours - long, not too long and we were indoors. However, it started raining so I did have an umbrella but like the humidity, was not playing a game ciao and I already knew it was going to be humid. Today I mean it's been humid for a while now um, but the rain like damn but anyway. This is what my hair looks like after being outside in the rain um. I did have to go to the grocery store quick, so I spent a little bit extra time outside than I would have right, but this is the state of my hair right now um. It definitely gained a lot of volume. There'S still some definition, you know it's not completely lost. There are still some. I don't know why, but like the definition seems to really stay like in the bottom of my hair. I don't know and then there's this random one who's just really defined. I don't know how I feel I feel like it's growing on me and I feel, like I don't know when I'm looking at myself in the viewfinder on my camera. It looks worse than it does in person. Honestly, I feel like, because I have a mirror right here when I look at myself in the mirror, I'm kind of feeling it I'm like okay volume, it's giving effortless fro, and then I look at the camera and something's. Just oof like it's just something over here with the part, I don't know, I don't know honestly, I don't know it might be. I suppose I told you guys that I wasn't feeling my roots. My roots have really like reverted reverted. My roots have really reverted um. Quite a bit since I blew out and straightened my hair, so yeah they're, really not trying to see yours is when, like it's giving 4C roots and a little 2C curl, you know what I'm saying so I don't know anyway. This is what my hair looks like. So I guess to conclude, I will definitely try this I'll definitely continue doing this robe um hack, if you can call it or this robe heatless curl thing, because, honestly, I do like the way the curls came out in the morning. I just feel like. I should choose a better time of the year to do this. You know, especially the straightening part I feel like I chose. I really really chose the wrong time of the year to try and straighten my hair because ciao I might as well have just blown it out, but yeah um. This is the result. I'Ll give you guys one more 360.. This is the back and yeah um, but honestly, it kind of just gave me an idea of my my length it. Let me see my length a little bit because you know having my hair curly all the time. I don't actually get to see the length, so actually I might as well give you guys a little bit of a length check while I'm here um, you know just a little update on how long my hair is at the moment, because I don't know if I've Ever mentioned it on my channel, but I am trying to get to waist length at some point. I don't know how possible that is, but currently oh hold on. I have some of you guys damn currently, so this is the the nape of my neck and it is currently reaching right hold on right here right. So that's in the front, if I move it to the back. Oh, how am I gon na find in the back? Where is she oh, okay, I'm gon na try and get this in frame as much as I can, but from the back um. This is where my hair is reaching it's like just under my bra strap right here, you know but yeah. I guess that's the end of the video. Thank you guys for watching and I'll see you guys next time, bye,

Alisha Eubanks: It came out GREAT. Also, I liked it much more when your hair got bigger. I don't know if it's just me because I love big her and having puffy hair. I see nothing but beauty.

Michelle Lear: There’s no reason for your hair to grow this fast

shorty2222000: I love your big hair . Love, love, love. Thinking about how I can recreate it like straighten my hair but not too much. Maybe just a blowout and use the twisty things overnight....

Takunda Muti: Sis how did your hair grow so fast, wow

Thebe Mphahlele: Hey. How do you grow your hair so fast

Lina Lobi: Enjoyed this ...missed hair content from you alot❤️

Gemini Baby: The shrinkage after class✨❤️ still so pretty

Truelove: How is your hair growing this fast

Lusciouz Lippz: Omgggg the growwwtth!!!!

Clarissa Thelisme: where did you get your necklace from? I love it

TheKarleil: Can you give us a length check please

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