Heatless Curls For The Gurls #Heatlesscurls #Grwm #Livespectacularly #Lilysilk

I got this product because I really really wanted to try heatless curls, so you want to make sure your hair is like 99 dry but still kind of wet damp to it, and I bought this product Lily silk, because if you don't know, silk is so good For your hair, like I'll, show you the difference between not using silk. Look at the top of my head see how it's like frizzy and the bottom is smooth. That is why you need silk if you use any other product you're, just gon na have a big frizz ball. Look at the curls, though

Chloewaterz: Here’s the link! http://bit.ly/3Yx2708 Use code chw12 for 12% off discount off the whole website

Deborah Aviles: You've got great hair! I bought silk pillowcases for everyone at Christmas! They're so hot right now! Your hair looks amazeballs!

Donna McKinley: Silk is good for pillowcases for sure (no face wrinkles) but I've been using a cotton one for years and my hair looks beautiful also hair doesn't hold to silk well and can wake up with some areas straight. Love your videos though.. You crack me up!

Marie: Vous avez toujours de bonnes idées et beaucoup d'humour , c'est agréable.

Jenni Harvey: You can use completely dry hair. The heat from your head will still make the curls come out, and they will last all day. I have naturally curly hair, and I can't even have 99% damp or I'll have tons of frizz.

Ami Hoss: I was impressed by your before and after appearance before I discovered how very young you really are

T.R.U.T.H.: Love your charisma your energy, great videos, and you are beautiful!

James H.: You look awesome without the makeup.


Just me Z: Gorgeous

si Botak dari Aceh: I follow you because i like your honesty you own resprcet from your audience

Becky Boydston: Where do you get the face tape from?

Bo L: You look 50 yrs old w/o makeup and 20 yrs old with makeup. You look so gorgeous with makeup.

Didier Lucas: Very beautiful ❤️

Thomas Carter: I can't believe how beautiful your body is as well as you . Damn girl ❤️

Solzeye Jewels: Cool! Thanks!

Lizzy Maddocks: Gosh your so pretty

Tammie F.: I legit just bought face tape cuz of u WOW thanx lol

Fight Collective: So what's your real age? Make up or not you do look fun. Bet you don't look as good as me for my age and I'm au natural (I'm 55... You'll see me in the corner of the ring in some of my vids. I'm the camera guy :0)

DiGiTaL FaKiE: Oh wow no fake filter this time?

Jay A Errington: Didn't work very well tbf...I thought it wud have luscious waves further up. I've been contemplating using one of these though. There is a guy with a beard long dark hair. He was complaining people were not using them right...wonder if that's why? Can't remember his name or what he did so no idea otherwise I'd ask u to try it again after watching his and let us know if it works really...much love ❤

Joey JoJo Jr.: I’m not Fred Flintstone, but I could make your bed rock!

Annice Taft: See, I knew that tape stuff wasn't real. You and that other lady do the before and after..You being the after. Sheesh!

Maximo Medrano: Love you

E J: can't find the face tape


Thomas Carter: I love you

Jeff Lindow: Did you uninstall your old app?

legoprosetaj: And silk pillow is good

Datbitchie: Where is your tape

Norma Castro: You don’t look old in this video. Do you fake being old and why

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