Salon-Like Glossy Silky Shiny Hair Styling Technique At Home In Just 5 Mins My Fav Hair Serum

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Hi guys it's me Karina and in today's video I'll tell you my favorite hair serum that I love using since a really long time. I have been getting comments on my hair care videos asking that Karina, which hair serum do you use to keep your hair super soft, shiny, crispy, etc, etc. So in today's video I'm going to talk about my Holy Grail product that has literally changed my hair care game. This is the new L'Oreal Paris, extraordinary serum, which has been a versatile product and it has been infused with a new extraordinary formula. This renewed version Serum is lighter. This hair Serum is for all hair types across all seasons. Usually what happens is whenever I wash my hair. I need to apply a serum to keep my hair smooth, nourished and manageable. So that is why I tried a lot of hair serum, but most of them made my hair super greasy, nothing really suited me and then finally, I came across this L'Oreal Paris, extraordinary serum and it has given me such amazing results. Since then. I am obsessed with this product. It helped me a lot to improve manageability, frizz and flyaways. It nourished and protected my hair, and it has also improved a lot of my hair conditions. It has reduced my hair, breakage, so yeah. Since then, I kept using this L'Oreal Paris extraordinary oil serum. I used this serum since a really long time and now I'm more excited to try their renewed version. This Serum is 16 lighter compared to the previous L'Oreal Paris extraordinary oil serum. This serum gives 24 hours shine and 24 hour softness. It protects against UV, humidity and pollution. The serum makes your hair frizz free and it has a non-sticky formula and it makes my hair 30 stronger. It is infused with six precious floral oils like Lotus. Shire Rose flax, chamomile and sunflower that makes the hair healthier and manageable, as you all have been following my hair care videos, you all know that my hair type is straight, and I mostly keep my hair open. As you all know, the only heat that my hair gets is from the blow dryer whenever I'm running late or I have to go somewhere after washing my hair, I blow dry my hair because it gives me more volume and it makes my hair more straight. This is literally my everyday go-to, hair styling method. So what I do is, after washing the hair, my hair is wet. I will just you know: brush my hair to detangle my hair, then I'll just keep my head upside down and then I'll just blow dry. My hair, so that way my hair gets more volumized, but I make sure when my hair is wet and before you know starting the blow drying process. I use this L'Oreal Paris extraordinary oil serum to protect my hair from the Heat and to keep my hair super soft and shiny and then, after blow drying, the hair I'll apply the serum again, avoiding the roots. To give my hair a Finishing Touch. To add a little more shine and tame flyaways, even when I'm not blow drying, my hair and my hair is wet I'll. Just take a few drops and apply it on the ends of my hair, so that when my hair is naturally dried, it is still soft and shiny. I use it literally for everything. Sometimes I use it as overnight treatment as well. I have included this product in my everyday hair routine. It is very easy to apply because of the pump the bottle has. The serum is for all hair types, so you really don't have to wonder if it'll suit you or not, try it out to provide hair protection from hair to achieve beautiful hair like this, this serum gives 24 hours shine and 24 hours softness the price of the Serum is 6.49 totally worth it. The serum gives long, lasting freshness, lustrous and shiny hair. I would also like to tell you there is a travel size as well, that is 30 ml and fits just perfectly in your bag, so it is travel friendly and pocket friendly check out the link to this product in the description box down below. You should definitely give this serum a try, so that's about it about my favorite serum. Let me know your results after using this serum. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if it did don't forget to leave a big Thumbs Up And subscribe to my channel for more such interesting. Like this see you guys in the next video

Holy Khuntia: You r my all time favourite nd yor long hair..waooo... really i Just ❤️love it☺️

Praveen Prabhu Desai: I love ur silky shiny hair my friend

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