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So if I do not find somebody soon I'll blow up into Smithereens and spew my tiny Symphony all up and down the city street while trying to put my mind, it is like finishing this melody. This feels like a necessity, so this could be the death of me or maybe just a better me now coming with the Tiffany's

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ᗩᎩᗩᒪᗩᖺ ᙡ: The little curl in the middle of the forehead is so cute

Ruby Jed: If you seen ANYONE ever with curly hair no matter if it looks a little crazy or if it is perfectly styled, compliment them. They literally spend forever styling and up keeping their hair! I have bone straight hair, and I barely can style it. If you have curly hair, I just want to say, you have a lot of patience

browngirl: wow she is so gorgeous! her curls just make her even more beautiful!

Blue Stars: "oh it's nothing just like ten hours lol✨"

♡freya: "Never underestimate the amount of time a girl takes every day to look good, especially living in this society" - Someone

hearts4shy 😻: omg that’s actually gorgeous, both her and her hair

*Rosemary’s•PF*: Me who always struggled to style my wavy hair watching you do this: YOU HAVE ALL MY RESPECT GIRL-

Sabir: I did my hair the other day, 3c girl here, man tool 4 hours from start to finish. People were like wow you did it yourself? I'm like damn Skippy, these stylists charge too much!

FoxenKin ASMR: The shine is so calming to look at

Vinicio Crivello: I’m very VERY impressed by the amount of time it looks like that must had taken u! Long hair is hard to manage, let alone doing it up more. But doin that before important things even when if it takes a while, shows u wanna feel good/ant to look ur best/ any other reason for urself or another person or both, it’s a good feeling to have. It’s good it’s worth it. :))

Jim ash: Damn that's long but worth it! Ur curls look amazing

Ashley Guthrie: Curls are soooo gorgeous but I'm lowkey grateful I have pretty straight hair bc I could NOT handle the maintenance and styling of curls, I'd have a whole rat nest

•løvëy• 💔: Your hair looks amazing before and after you style it! I love the super curly hair look and I wish I had that I also have really curly hair and I have like thousands of hair products just for it to look like absolute garbage sometimes ❤

amalasbby: as a white girl with hair that’s stick straight, i literally could not imagine the amount of work and effort y’all put into making your hair look good. like i get tired just thinking ab it

°•Detective Pato•°: I honestly give up when I want to do a cute hairstyle but this women is a definition of :Never give up love it

Priscilla’s Pets: i remember helping my friend braid her hair in her dorm. We’d watch minecraft youtube videos and sit there for hours

Sinner's Shadow: Exactly! That's why every time I see some fresh braids, I call out loud, commenting how amazing they look! All that hard word deserves praise it pays off, too, bc...wow

Maye the Sunshine: This is super cute! When I wear my hair in small twists, people ask how long it takes, and I'm like, "I don't know, like 4 or 5 hours, not including the breaks I took "

MoriAvila0524: Your hair is absolutely gorgeous I just spent two days putting synth dreads in my fiance's hair (his whole head) and I've never been more tired lmao I applaud you, I can only imagine how tired your arms were after

Yamarys: Omg that looks so cute! My mom literally just braided my hair like that but without pieces sticking out!

Mimmie: You just made me realize what I have been doing wrong with my own braids.

Dido: Bro I have so much respect for this girl, my hair is straight and I’m lazy to even braid it or do anything with it…

Little Lad Berries and Cream: I admire the time you take! You look absolutely stunning!! As a guy with short straight hair, I don’t even really brush it!

I'whan: My depression could never you rock it girl, so gorgeous

ney: it’s totally worth the time cause omg it looks soo magical

Mar: Amazing job, I could never do all that job with my hair!

bee's world: literally always loved this look but didn’t even think about doing it without any added hair!!

HivemindGoblin: This is like a superpower honestly I get major fatigue trying to do a single braid

A: Seeing the HEALTH of these curls felt like breathing in fresh air

J: Women who put this much effort into their hair every day both inspire and frighten me.

am i: Curly hairs are art. I've always been told to straighten mine permanently but U don't want to because when my curls are seen, I feel free. So to my girls with curled hairs here, or even men, love it! It'll be beautiful if you love it.

NIK KI: 7 braids take me an hour or so, so I can't imagine how tired you probably were after finishing. Just wow

Ananyahhh: I didn't even have the patience of watching the whole video, imagine Making those braids. Great amount of patience needed

m: curly hair is so pretty omg

Cecily Cook: I always try to make sure i comment on someones hair when it looks like they really took time to do. If i saw you in public, i would make sure to stop and say how cute your hair is. Love creativity

Nattie Ezie: that feeling when i finally started taking care of my hair and i used a curl defining mousse because my curls always loose the curl and the volume at the end of the day and i wanted to refine them and i overheard some of the girls in my class talk shit about how i “tried to make my hair more curly” like bruh

NeRethil Wolfsson: Me having finally found the combination of length, products and styling that can make my hair look glam: Decades of learning so I can do it in 5 minutes.

Angie Pangie 💖: I have the patience to do this style but no patience to undo it after a couple days it will turn to locs for me, so gorgeous though ❤️

Jacky J.: I straight up SIGHED like “” when you did the final reveal lol

⋆ angelicxliz: i have 3A hair and it takes me like 2 hours just to do my hair, i cant even imagine having hers!!! its a lot of work having curly hair but it does pay off

Itsbrittkneeitch: I wish for everyone to have pretty hair styles like this!! I’m SICK of seeing messy buns

Heidi Kalloo: It looks so good!! I don't have the patience to do all that to my hair maybe i will now since i know how good it will look

Jay!: Your natural hair also looks really good even though it’s a completely different vibe

Glasstrash: An incredibly underrated artform

Loïs Marie Geneviève Régimbald: Beautiful, absolutely breathtaking!

GhostyBug: Ok I’ve been nervous about braid but this makes me feel like I might look good with them (nervy my hair wasn’t curly enough even though it’s v curly)

Rttn Mlk: Early 2000s/late 90s mixed with fairy vibes??? Yes pls

Sinn Badd: I just got done doing my hair for 4 hours. Trying to do something cool that’ll last with curly hair is WORK!!

milk'n'cookies: Someone- your hair looks good today, how long did it take? Me- 3 weeks

Vivienne Stardust: I meannn, slay. It looks so so good!!

Mommy and Little: The room the hair the whole vibe ✨

Ratoutie: how long do you leave them in for? can you also show what it looks like when you take them out?

cherry bomb: I admire all of this honestly ❤️

Alicja Kopińska: Looks amazingggg! Worth the hard work

Serif Ibrahim: You can tell that hair is healthy . Love the curls man I’m jealous.

Lothan: This makes me appreciate way more when a girl dresses up and everything for a date, damn

Lemongrab1&2: I spent all day doing this to my hair

Angel Hamilton: Omg since no one is saying it you look so much like zendaya like wow…plus your hair is so beautiful ❤

Tech-Savvi: So beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous ❤️

ElfPlaysGames: Ok ok ok. Girls with these curls have wayyyyy more patience and hair styling talent then any of the rest of us I do have curls but not as defined as hers, so it does tale me awhile but not that long

Sharke Tooth: Girl, that hair is BEAUTIFUL

TrishODay2: She looks like Zendaya, she's so beautiful

Valentina Mtz Ruíz: I know what you suffer, I also have curly hair, it's very tiring but in the end it's totally worth it!!

Hannah V.: My arms get tired from just two braids- that’s incredible^^

lauren: this girl makes me wanna not straighten my hair anymore

Betel Juice: When she turned her head and started dreaming of it anybody who got curly hair new it was going to be too long too long It looked good though girl It looks so good I'm glad you didn't call it quits and just take it all down before you were done. I have thought about it

MoonKat: It’s gorgeous naturally doing it’s thing and braided in oil

Kristi Serrano: ur so pretty! also your hair looks absolutely PERFECT

Phoenix Prime: I’m not of the same ethnicity as you, but I have a similar hair thickness. And I got a side shave, and I keep it shorter so I deal with it less. I also bleached it and that made it easier.

ren: Your hair is ART✨

Kitty dollsXo: If anyone wondering these are called goddess braids with natural hair

Rian: Omg i would never unbride them so much work! I have slightly curly hair and yet I got keratin because taking care of them took too much time.


Satan: two things 1) you are my type 2) it’s giving forest fairy and i am HERE for ittt

Brandi Fouche: That's when you ask them "how long is a piece of string?" They pf course will fallow up with a "what?" That's when you lean in and say, "Too damn long"

Sky : They look so cuteee!!!!! I can do that with my hair but I would probably be accused of appropriating a race or culture and I would rather not be hated on but it’s super cutee!! I love your hair!!

Eos Lymperi: I don’t even have the time to brush my teeth but seriously your hair looks way too good

Cleo Nassita Maria Klarenbeek: I remember this one time when I had braids in someone said I looked like a grandma

alaini🫶: idc what anyone says, i WISH i had her hair

Krishnanka Pawar: My patience is too low for this,I can literally tie my hair up in a ponytail if I feel it's taking too long to blowdry

Patrice_L Taraji: Best baby hairs!!❤ cute style! Love ladies doing their natural hair in beautiful styles

Kathy De La Rosa: I love this but I need someone to do it for me

Crazy kid: That probably took sooooo long but it's soooo pretty

Shay311: Meanwhile I’m like “agh I don’t feel like straightening it today” then just throw it up in a bun

see em all: Imagine doing your hair like this to go out with your friends and then they say "i'm so sorry i can't go today"

Hikari kakogamii ;D: It gives me an incredible air of Zendaya, by the way you look beautiful

#Rory_Breint: Bro I gave up with my hair. Didn’t feel like waking up an hour earlier to deal with it cause holy shit that’s how long it takes me to make it look nice

River Koenig: you are literally SO FREAKING GORGEOUS OMLLL

Ari: i’m so glad my hair is around that length because even tho it’s curlier i can kinda get a idea of what i’d look like with it

ashleyallurebeauty: I’ll be doing this hair style this week

Rea: So pretty! That time paid off! ❤

MeatLoaf: Omg I love your hair so much with or without styling it its so cute

weirdo_734: gurl srly i would have given up after finishing only 2 braids btw your hair is so shiny ✨️❤️

•EJ_MuSiC• : I just love her hair. Its so pretty

TH3.NAM3L3SS: This makes me wanna do my hair now

Zoey Batey: Holy crap. Gorgeous. But wow, the patience and determination that had to take.

Nosipho Dywili: If I had to do this with my 4bc hair .. It would look like old braids that need to be done.

Makayla woods: Thanks for the idea that’s exactly how my hair is

The Weirdo In Town: Your hair will look good no matter what… as long as you brush it

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