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In this video, I show you how to do a heatless blowout (curly to straight) overnight.For this, you will need to start on freshly washed hair. Definitely use a clarifying shampoo to remove all traces of buildup and detangle well during the conditioning phase.

Then, apply a generous amount of Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll to your curls and distribute with a wet brush. After it's been distributed it's time to wrap the hair.

For the remaining details, please watch this video! Let me know what you think and tell me below what your favorite ways to straighten your hair without heat are.

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Hey friends, welcome back to my channel today I am doing a heatless straightening video for you something. I will probably only do this one time, but there have been a few requests for it, so I'm starting on freshly washed hair. I did use a clarifying shampoo so that I removed all traces of buildup first next, I'm going to smooth my Jane Carter Solutions, wrap and roll into sections of my hair. I also want to point out that my hair was already detangled in the shower, but I will be using my wet brush to make sure that the product is evenly distributed. It is important that your hair is super wet. When you set this look, I did apply a few pumps of the Jane Carter solution, but spraying water is just as important, so you don't continue to apply too much of the product. Also important is where you add your part for this wrap a deep side. Part is good, but you can also start the part near the back of your head by your ears. I want to emphasize that this is something I used to do when I wore a relaxer and didn't want to apply heat. It is a much easier process if the hair is relaxed, but it still works on naturally curly hair. So now I'm smoothing this front section across my forehead with my wet brush as well as a comb. You want the hair to lay flat so that there are no bumps. You also need to use clips to hold down the section you is already smooth. You will be repeating this motion around the entire head so that it's in one continuous motion now I'm not going to lie to you all this was not easy to do is super tough. I totally underestimated the length of my hair and it took me. A few tries to get this down. I'M thinking I should have started my part aback a little bit further, but I didn't so. I struggled with this. I'M taking it as a lesson. Well learned, I want to add the same. Wrap technique is essentially what you do to keep the style throughout the week, except you will not be doing it on wet hair. You will be doing it on dry hair and you can use a small amount of lightweight oil or pomade to hold the style in place. Before you add your scarf and for me the style looks smoother and straighter after a day or two, if you're having difficulties like I am, you can split the section up before smoothing it down, I'm in no way a professional at this, but this is what works For me see that face it's the face of a small victory. Now that I'm finished wrapping my hair, I am going to add clips around the perimeters to keep the hair in place. Then I will apply a scarf around my head and finally go to bed. It is now the next day, and the first thing I'm doing is removing the clips and scarf from my head, then I'll be taking my wide tooth comb to take down and comb through the hair and, like I said, I've no professional. So there is still a wave to my hair, but, as I mentioned when I wrap my hair dry at night, it does become smoother and the process is easier as a day's progress. I did film this video before my most recent haircut. So let's get a little length check while we're here and that's pretty much it. I'M very curious to hear your thoughts on this look and I'd love to hear about your favorite ways to straighten your hair without heat. I would like to emphasize that I love my curls and I'm only doing this for the few that requested it. It is a high manipulation style, which is why it's been years since I've done this. So thanks so much for watching you guys, don't forget to Like comment share and subscribe and I'll see you on the next one. You

janecartersolution: Wow! Amazing results! Some of our Nourish and Shine or Seal and Shine would be a great add to this style for next day added shine and moisture. XOXO

Natalia: We curly girls know how much easier it was with a relaxer. Great results

mikhail114: It's gorgeous! I've never had success with wrapping my hair. The curls in the center of my head won't lay flat at all!

Danya Lavender: Very pretty! How long did it take to dry? This was hard to do when my hair was relaxed because when I was relaxed I still had curls when my hair was wet. But your results are beautiful! I'll try when my hair gets longer.

Sydelle Williams: your hair has grown so much!! thanks for the video, I'm gonna try this one day :) xxx

Bunnie Benton: I had completely forgot about this method! Thanks for reminding me!

Sabrina G: How cool! I'll definitely try this. Maybe for a straight Valentine's Day look. Your hair turned out beautiful!

Charlotte del Pino: I like your video. It was helpful. The wrap straightened my hair so well that it lasted 4 days before the waves returned. Thank you.

Maria Adams: This is an awesome video! What a great idea! I love it!

Radioactive_ood: Wow! This is amazing... I think winters are the best time to try coz maintaining curly hair this winter has been a freaking pain for me

Geena W: Your hair has gotten really long! The style looks great on you. Admittedly, I hadn't thought about doing the wrap to straighten my hair because my hair is so thin and I'm pretty sure any product I apply to lay it down would just make my hair lay way too flat on my scalp. Even if I wear my hair straight, I like to have a little volume at the roots! Yours looks great!!

Natalia: I love that you made a video of this look.

MzKinkyCurl: Hi lady! I must not have been watching your videos in a WHILE! I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats, Mama! Anyways, I learned this technique from another blogger who has a way different hair type than me and thought it wouldn't work at all, but it truly does! I love this, but it takes a while, so I usually just band my hair.

Lee Lee: beautiful results!!!

TJ Aina: I will definately try this method for a heatless blow-out and as another alternative, roller set on large rollers first and then wrap set. Thanks!

WholeheartedlyfortheLord: I love this and I love your curls as well. I struggle with diffusers. Love your diffuser video as well.

Rachel Sakyi: It looked good on you. And not only that there is not risk of getting heat damage :) Great idea!

Hab A: Never knew there was such a thing it's amazing

Jules Garcia: I love your curls too!!!! How can I straightened my short hair. Too short to wrap around. What products would work best?

Hansie Citta: I used to do this to my relaxed hair too lol EVERYNIGHT before going to sleep... That was hard !

Sade Gemmell: love that for full thickness xx

NikkiBeautyBliss: Hi, It's Nikki from IPSYOS I just subbed! Great look!

Lori Davis: You are so pretty!! I love your videos!

ASMRWashing TV: Love this video

Leïla Leïla: Hi! It looks great!! But... what the Jane carter lotion is used for ?? Thanks!!

Kiema King: LAWD! I haven't done this since the 90's and I had relaxed hair.

Naz-Nazneen: I really like this look on you.

Chelsea Harmon: Great idea for changing up your look

Ros Strong-Finch: well done

R.G.LovesBooks: I use do this when relaxed I have to try as a natural

Vanessa Rodriguez: did the serum help your eyebrows grow out ?! I have half a brow and they don't grow /:

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