Heatless Curls...With Leggings??? #Girl #Gifts #Hair #Hairstyles

So I've literally been seeing like this heatless curl trim, but with leggings, and it's all over my for you page. So of course we have to try it not really sure how to do this. I think I think you just set it on top of your head. Y'All, I think my biggest concern is that this is going to be so uncomfortable to sleep in like look at this. What is this but we'll see? Okay, so I think I figured it out. I do the sock curls, so it's kind of like that, so it seems like I just take a really small chunk and I just wrap it around okay, so I got it like down. So I think now you just like go to the end and flip it up like that right and I was just going to take like this hair tie and wrap it around. I I don't know at this point guys I don't even know if I did right. I have a spray bottle here too, so, okay, I got the other side so we'll see how it looks this is this: is the weirdest part I'll post the results tomorrow? I guess

Ginger Dailey: They turned out beautiful!


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