The Awkward Stages Of Growing Out Curly Hair #Shorts

  • Posted on 31 May, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Different styles for the awkward stages of growing out long hair, so in the mornings it's manageable because it's wet, but in a couple hours it's going to look like like this yeah, a headband whatever this is and for the actually best one trim, never hurts

Norman S.: After I wash my hair I feel like a supermodel. Few hours later, I feel like a homeless person who hasn't taken a shower for days

Taq: With my hair, it’s mostly wavy. But the second it gets to a certain length, it turns into a 2c/3a curl pattern and it’s such a weird situation but it’s worth the struggle

Eddie King: This is to anyone who is thinking of cutting their hair coz it’s too hard to manage or it gets too out of control or for anyone who has long hair already…I wouldn’t recommend cutting it. I grew mine for 2 years then I cut it. I instantly regretted it, I’m up to my 9th Month of growing my hair now and its crazy and i can’t control it but hey it’s worth the wait once you tie it up or leave half up half day.

AJay: I had this same head of hair maybe a bit more coily. Grew it out during the pandemic so didn't really care much about it. Then on some stupid impulse decided to shave my head...immediately regretted it. After about a year of fade cuts decided to give another shot at longer hair. But this time around the awkward stage feels so much more horrible to manage. Especially in formal clothing since you can't even wear a cap or beanie to cover it up.

Mary Leann Muncey: Same. But as soon as I get some growing good, I have to take chemo again for Leukemia. Funny I only lose ONE HALF OF my hair! LITERALLY! You can literally draw a line down the center. It's crazy!

RiceShotgun124: I am Southeast Asian with naturally curly hair unlike most asians having 1A hair. My hair is pretty much the south chinese type curly hair but like it is hard to use stuff like headbands when my headshape just isn't made for it, and I have that really really round headshape and I can't follow any tutorials because there is no hair tips for naturally curly southeast/east asian hair for men, only women :(

Myung: That's me, been growing my hair for 7 months and now I'm browsing the internet finding a good haircut or if I should even cut my hair. I feel like I'm gonna regret it if I cut it.

Olive Insat: For some reason, it FEELS very good watching this video.

sharnika egal: It looked like that when it dried because it appears you didn't have any hair product in it, to devine your curls and minimize frizz.

Zane: Your hair looked better before the buzzcut also you got some nice hair

Selena Black: My brother's hair is beautiful and long he keeps it sooooo nice his hair is so curly I can't stop looking at it and shine

Malloy: Same shit I’m going through rn

Naruto and Sasuke: How long did it take to grow all that

Dunbun: Bro I have this exact hair type and I keep tryna make it wavy/soft and it’s seeming impossible… pls help I’m in high school

DrMether: I screamed NOOOOO when you shaved it

Ratatouille: I have a curly hair and my dad cut my hair rlly embarrassing so I was looking loo

kyoushirou: what did you said to the barber to trim your hair like that

Constantin Rossetti: Preach my brother

Marsh Momma: I wish mine wasn't straight as a board... But it is easier to manage Lol

Leo Palma: What if we font want a trim lol

Jungidi Jinga: Pls post this on ur instagram

Jungidi Jinga: Pls post this on ur instagram

capricorncusp: Just use some leave in conditioner

nude_cat_ellie: Yummy

Conii X: Or just put product in it

Jordan Levy: Gee... "Thanks"

Junyla Henry: Bruno is that you

Stan Smith: Persian for sure

Sebas: Bruno

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