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  • Posted on 20 November, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

The Silk’n AutoTwist curls long hair just as well as it does short hair.

In my video I’m showing how to create a soft natural style curling in alternate directions.

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Tracie x

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Hi, let me introduce you to dolly johnny's my new friend, a lot of you have asked me if the silken auto twist works on long hair. Now, obviously, i've got shorter hair and i don't have anyone in the household with long hair i can demonstrate on so i ordered myself a friend and i'm going to show you on dolly's head exactly how you can achieve the same. Look on long hair, as you can on short hair, using the silk and auto twist. First of all, i'm going to brush it through i'm going to do it in a side parting. So i'm going to do a nice sweeping look, get lots of really beautiful natural curls. I'M going to do on dolly's hair. Is i'm going to do alternate curls, i'm going to show you how to do curls in alternate alternate directions. So you get a really nice natural loose irregular curl, rather than the big s bend curl. If you're going in the same direction, the key with longer hair is just to take slightly smaller sections than you would on shorter hair. What i'm going to do is i'm going to take a section of hair and i'm going to place it in the opening of the auto twist and i'm going to press the left button, which is going to rotate to the right which is going to take the Hair away from dolly's face, then, when you hear the series of beeps once they've finished beeping, you can then release the hair and your curl is formed. So on long hair you still get that really beautiful curl all the way from the root to the ends. With the next curl, i'm actually going to take it in the opposite direction to the way the first one went, because i'm doing them in alternate directions, so i'm actually going to place the hair in the opposite side and i'm going to press the right button, which Is going to rotate to the left, see it's as easy as that, so you can get those really nice long curls. So i'm going to carry on and then i'll come back to you. When i get round to the front you, so you can see how these curls are forming really beautifully in alternate directions, so we're going to get a really nice um beautiful natural, looking curl all the way through the hair. So i'm just going to go through the front, just untangle myself. First, so, as you can see, we have really nice beautiful, bouncy curls from the roots all the way through to the ends on long hair, using the silk and auto twist. So it's really ideal for long hair and short hair. The longer your hair. I suggest the smaller sections you take if you've got really thick hair, then again take smaller sections and but it curls in no time at all. So it's not going to take you too much longer the smaller sections you take and you've got really thick hair, and it's not going to take you that much longer anyway. So what i'm going to do now is i'm just going to brush these through loosen them up a little bit so that they're, not quite so ringlety and then i'll give you i'll take a picture at the end, so you can see exactly this kind of effect That you get from these alternate curls that i've done there. We have the finished. Look. You'Ve got these really beautiful soft, looking bouncy curls and just from doing the alternate directions you can create a really beautiful look on long hair as well as short hair. So there's the finished. Look i hope you like it. I hope you found this video interesting and useful for those. Ladies with longer hair that are considering purchasing the auto twist, you can see how really easy it is to use to create these really beautiful waves with. If there's anything else, you'd like to know or you'd like me to try do as you always do, leave the comments below and i will try and accommodate those and do the looks that you would like me to thank you for watching and i'll see you in The next video take care bye. You

是小雨呀: Looks great! Thank you for sharing!

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