Three Barrel Waver Tutorial | How To Use A Three Barrel Curling Iron | Easy Hair Style

  • Posted on 03 May, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

The three barrel waver is a great hair tool that adds quick and easy body and texture. In this video, I show you how to prepare your hair for this three barrel curling iron, how to use it, and what your hairstyle results will look like. I give you step by step instruction on how to use a three barrel waver. I also show you product you can use to protect your hair from the heat and product that you can use to finish your hair style. This tool gives you the ability to achieve beach waves quickly.

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Thank you so much for taking time to watch my video. I hope you learned how to use a three barrel waver or three barrel curling iron. If you did enjoy the video hit the thumbs up button!! Also feel free to leave a comment below if you have suggestions on topics for future videos or if you need help with products for your hair type. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Hello, beautiful, a hair, lounge community, my name is Angelina, and this is a hair lounge. Today, I'm going to show me you guys how to use these cool new three barrel wavers, stay tuned and I'll. Show you how to use it the three barrel waver. Let'S talk about what it is good for, if you are wanting to achieve kind of the beachy way with minimal effort, this is perfect because it kind of does it for you also, it's our modern version of the crimper. I said it, the crimper, but a modern. Take on it, so we are going to take this mess down. It'S freshly washed. I haven't done anything to it, except for throw it up in a bun this morning and we're going to section our hair first kind of run my hands through it, get all these cables out, and now we will section so it's best to section it that way. You make sure you're not getting. You know kind of the same heat over the top of the same sections, but use your protecting spray. So this is what I'm going to use today. It'S my sexy hair - and this is there - are 450 head set. We are just gon na spray it all over. So I will tell you on the bottom section of your hair. You don't really have to hold it on it as long because you don't want your hair to get puffy if you have very thick hair and I have thick hair. So whenever I go over the top of that, I'm not going to hold the three-barrel waver on my hair for a very long time just enough to get a little wave out of it and move on to this right side and I'm just gon na. Do the back middle section just really fast to make sure I got the back and all the underneath stuff you don't have to be super picky about how you're doing it, because that stuff's gon na get covered from the top of the hair that you're laying down Over the top of it anyways now we will move off to this middle section heat protecting spray. Again. This is a perfect way to style your hair without actually having to put too much effort into it. These three barrels are going to do it for you and when you start kind of get closer to the front section, you want to hold your actual barrels kind of at a 45 degree angle. That way it gives you more of that beachy wave. Look if you go in straight up and down it, doesn't give you the same effect as the beach waves. My sectioning, I am doing larger sections just because I don't want it to be super waved. I just want it to look more like I woke up and my hair just naturally looked like this, so I will hold my hair out straight from my head, roughly 90 degrees and then we're gon na do that 45 degree hold with the actual waver holding it To tiny bit longer than I did on the other section and then leave that last bit of hair out and that's going to give you more of that Beach wave. Look next section same thing: hold it straight out from your head. The reason why I'm doing this is so I can get the waver in a little bit closer to my actual scalp leaving those ends out. I like to run mine cancer just so it breaks up the curls a little bit. So it's not super tight looking. So you don't look like Shirley Temple, now we're going to move on to this right side. If you mess up and don't get your ends quite in the three barrels just reposition it, I'm just gon na leave a tiny bit more out on this side. Since I have shorter layers, yeah run my hands through it just to soften up those waves, see how that little section fell out right there, we're gon na read grab, but do you see how it gives it a little bit of a beachy wave? Look to it without really doing much. Now this very back section, the back. I don't really worry too much about getting it perfect because he looks at the back of your head. Anyways, don't forget if you like what you're seeing go ahead and hit that like button that helps me with the YouTube algorithm and if you have not subscribed yet, why not? Do it right now hit that red subscribe button? Okay, let's move on. I think I'm gon na make this be our last section that way it's not super wavy. You do want to make sure you get your part, the way that you like it before you actually start using the waver last spray of my protecting spray against the heat. Now, at the top, I'm not going to hold the waiver as close to my scalp just cuz. I don't want that to be super super curled, or else it does kind of make it look more eighties style. So I'm gon na hold my hair, not quite 90 degrees from my head. I'M just gon na hold it down a little bit more, so it's not on base still holding that waiver. I'M an angle! I want those ends to be curled, just a tiny bit more. Just leaving that outside piece out, so I just moved it down just a little bit yeah and run my hands through, so my bangs, I'm gon na go in I'm not going to curl them a lot just mostly at that very very ends. So it has a tiny bit of wave to it, so it doesn't look absolutely ridiculous if I don't put anything on it and move back to this back section. So I will tell you you can use this waver if you have fine hair and you still want to curl your hair. This will give a little bit of bounce and body underneath your actual curls, and so it's a good way to incorporate it to achieve fullness. While you're actually curling your hair but like I said I have super thick hair, so I can just do it this way to achieve a different look or style or get that beachy wave without actually having to do a lot to it. Now, we'll do this very back section kind of the thicker sections you grab, you do have to leave the barrel or your waver on your hair, a tiny bit longer, or else it won't actually wave your hair. Looking pretty good, I feel like we got it all. Curled this is when I will use product so here's my Paul Mitchell, invisible where cloud whip again. This is stuff that I've used before I like it. Cuz, it's super lightweight, but still gives you a little bit of definition and hold it's not as much as I put on my hand and then I just rub it all over my hands and start on the underneath. That way, I'm not putting a big glob on the very top, and then I will run it through the rest of this. You can get those bangs going in the right direction and, as you can see, it gives you a little bit of a beachy way to it and didn't take me hardly any time at all. Okay, so do you guys think hit that thumbs-up? If you like this - and if you think you can do this to your own hair, I use that it takes effort out of actually curling your hair, but it still looks curl. I hope you guys, like this video, don't forget, hit the subscribe button and we'll see you all next time. Bye, bye,

Yeliabish: Thanks for the video! I like the "stylishly messy without looking messy" look, and I think you accomplished it well! I watched because I'm considering buying a three barrel curling iron and I think your video has me convinced I need one

HeyDanisaurus: i’ve had mine for a year and finally decided to pull it out and try it! thank you for the tutorial ❤

Melody: It came out beautiful & really natural, like you were at the beach and the wind and surf decorated your hair! Love it! I just got the waver and will be trying this long awaited look for summer <3 Thanks for showing us how to do this. Happy Summer. !

Karen: I have this iron and love it the waves last one week for me. I curl at night, using a heat protectant spray and then use a light hold hairspray and run a comb through it in the morning and use some more hairspray. Even after brushing the waves through they still hold and give my fine hair lots of volume. Even though this iron goes to 400° I only use it at 200°. Highly recommend!!

Linda Klimple: Thanks for the great tutorial. I am thinking about getting a three barrel curling iron. I love your technique and tips! Your video makes me feel like this is something I could try. :)

Kirsten Burrows: I checked a few of these tutorials out and yours was hands down the best. Thank you, especially the 45 degree angle part and leaving the very end out.

Morgan: Thank you for this!!! I only see long hair videos and mine is the same length as yours so now I’m super excited!! Mine just came in the mail today

JM: Thank God a video explaining how it works without going into too much detail regarding price, suggestions and slamming other products

Erica Garcia: Love it!!! You convinced me to buy it. I was in doubt but u made it seem so easy to use. Thank you. I liked the video ^^ and subbed

youparejo: Thank you!! I was gifted one months ago and could not find a tuto I understood. Good explanations, doing it with the real tempo (and not sped up) helped me a lot :)

Tator Time: I love it! I tried it and it was easy like you said ! Thankyouuu☺️✨

Holly: thank you for this video, so helpful!!

Annie Tucker: Super helpful! Thank you!

Charlotte Shaffer: I like the way you did it best…not super wavy…more soft. Just what I was hoping to be able to do with this waver!!

Nancy P.: I did not care for the finished look at all. It reminded me of how hair looks after being in a pony tail all day. I wanted to see more defined waves.

Carry On: I’m glad I didn’t buy one now!!Really Dont think it gets hot enough to even wave my thick hair

Betty Borrego: Thanks for the video. Almost bought one. But now I know it's not what I want. I thought it looked terrible. No offense.

G. Montoya: I tried one at a friends. It hardly did anything to my hair even in smaller sections held on for a longer time. Too subtle for me. But it looks nice.

Donnamarie666 smule videos: Do you use it on wet or dry hair ? Your hair looked very wet b4 you sprayed it ? And only suggestions for thick hair what about us unlucky ones with thin hair i tried mine out way you said to and had to re wash n straighten hair that things are a waste of time

Tania Cleary: Thanks

Sue Lazuli clarke: Would prefer it to look curler myself

Kommu_3: Tq

Victoria Alvarado: “Who looks at the back of your head anyway?”Ummm, the people behind you, Are who looks at the back of your head!

luvharmonies: You said it -- my hair just looks crimped after using it. Of course, the barrels on my unit appear to be smaller than yours, so it really looks more like a crimp than a wave. Very disappointed. :-(

🌺 Always be true 🌺: Why are all these reviews doing the sections so thick that's why you can hardly tell

Abdullah Ansar: Did explained

Abdullah Ansar: Good ☺️ vido6

Strangerthingsaresaid: That's not thick hair!

Brit Nell: Is this one Inch

Paula Tacheny: Way too much work for absolutely nothing

therock2nd: Next time u first wash your hair before

pizzachick: You didn't do anything

pizzachick: Well it's not close ti shirley temple. Practice some more.

Tammy dee: You talk way too much.

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