Satin Bonnet Cap Has Literally Changed My Hair So Much In A Year! Breathable Nightcap/Travel Restcap

  • Posted on 13 September, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

The Satin Bonet scarf can help to protect your hair and make your curls last longer by protecting them from frizz and tangles when you sleep. Learn different ways to protect your braids, waves and curls. In this video, you will see the right way to wear the scarf properly

ESPN: Gorro de noche de diamantes de tela transpirable Gorro de descanso de viaje.

ENG: Breathable Fabric Diamonds Night Cap. Travel Rest Cap, this cap Can be won multiple ways for sleeping or fashion purposes.

This satin scarf will help to protect your hair from tangling while you are sleeping. #bonet #nightcap #hairgrowth

Thanks for visiting us again today, we have another another and another beautiful review. I have a very beautiful review for you guys and it's about this cup about this cup and it comes this way and i have another. I have another one. It comes in different colors. It has a lot of colors different colors i'll put them on this color. First there's no kind of hair, it doesn't size. Even if your hair is more just voluminous, it will enter it resize it for you and it's very comfortable soft comfortable, easy to wash. You know, i will say wash and dry african lady. They understand me wash and dry just watch when it's when you think it's it has. Although it's dirty, you know just wash the hang it's just hungry, then you see in the last 30 minutes. 20 minutes. It'S dried, so that's all referred to wash and dry. You watch it. I have to stay two days before it get dry. You have to steal the 24 hours or even 12 hours. If i get it just get right nearly after a few few minutes after washing you know, so i'm going to put it on i'm going to put it on, and you guys see how it looks on me wow. Oh, when you want to convert to your e. Let'S see how it is or you want to go right, half very comfortable, reliable comfortability is its name. It'S so beautiful, so i'll try and go down, so you guys see - and it's not because i have my hair packed even in the hair. It'S not packed this one is enough to get all together and you just be comfortable in your sleep. That'S it so beautiful so which color do you choose for me, and it's very cheap, beautiful and comfortable thanks for watching. If this is the first time of continuing to viewers world, please subscribe comment like share. Our videos also recommend our videos. Also thanks, and god bless you for doing that. Please i'd like to see your comment, which color do you prefer the blue or the black, and if you haven't get yours, if you haven't gotten yours, what are you waiting for you still sleep with your hair brush, i'm losing this so that you guys will see That, even with the loose hair, you know when they lose their even when they lose breath, i'm putting it on, and you see that how only what you do is get them up here. You sit, get them all together. Okay, you put them in even with a loose hair, it's comfortable even with loose braids that you know it's comfortable, so i recommend this cup, it's very good for relaxing it's good for, for sleeping your hair won't disturb you. If you have long hair, you have braids, this cup run run, go for it, so you come to meet me. I sent to you. I can send it to you if you want bye like like a you,

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