His 4C Hair Growth Journey & Update | Length Retention & Anti Breakage Tips

  • Posted on 02 January, 2023
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Here’s EXACTLY how I grew my son’s hair long!

He started his 4C hair growth journey August 10, 2019 and I’ve used my full natural hair regimen for his hair as I previously discussed in my video How to Care for Natural Hair For Beginners https://youtu.be/1iEMR1o5zgw

The Honest Truth About 4C Hair Growth Tips

You can continue to look for extreme hair growth hacks and videos on how to double your hair growth in half the time,


You can take a more REALISTIC approach to grow your natural hair thick and long.

⚠️Most “fast” hair growth hacks on YouTube are very misleading. Before testing out anyone’s advice, please go through their channel and look for patterns.

Feel free to start with my video catalog and CALL ME OUT if you view something that is inconsistent with my message.

This Is How I Tripled My Hair Growth and Density

Everything you need to grow long healthy natural hair starts with your mental health and thrives with your habits.

That’s it, focus solely on these 2 factors PERIOD.

If you’re seeking to regrow your edges and bald spots the natural way, these 2 factors are SO VITAL!

Disclaimer: Your physical health will also impact your results, be sure to discuss those matters with a licensed health professional (not a Youtuber).


- Eliminating yourself from toxic relationships and stressful environments &

- Commit to a SIMPLE healthy routine and maintain CONSISTENCY.

‍♀️ Our 4C Hair Growth Products

- Mane Krush Ayurvedic Prepoo

-Texture ID Coils Detangling Shampoo

- Alikay Natural Black Soap Shampoo

- Alikay Natural Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner

- Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask

- TGIN Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner

- Aunt Jackie's Quench Leave In

- Neges Banda Cottony Moisture Fertilizing Buttercream

- Kinky Tresses Hair Butter

- Qhemet Biologic Burdock Root Butter Cream

- Awoa Beauty Curl Defining Cream

Hope this helps!


Jheri J.


Let me know how I can help you on your natural hair journey by posting a comment below!

Or share your best hair advice to help out our community!

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At the time of recording this video, it has been a little over three years since my son, Timothy decided to grow his hair out. So it's time to give you all an update on this journey and talk about our best practices, and I'm also going to update you all on the new Journey. He will be embarking on soon like really soon. If you are new to this channel. It'S important to note the flow of our wash day has been the same since almost day. One and the only thing that really changes for us is our frequency. Don'T worry if you follow this channel. I am not here to repeat that being patient when detangling Timothy's hair has helped me retain his limp. I'M not here to repeat that deep conditioning his hair every wash day is what's helping me retain his moisture nope. Yet the real game, changer with Timothy's hair, has truly been me being really strict, with his bi-weekly wash Day schedule when I pushed Timothy wash day for just too long. Detangling takes forever, and I feel, like Timothy has experienced a lot of like unnecessary breakage because of my procrastination. Two weeks is definitely the max for him because he doesn't always sleep with his Bonnet and I know he's not always wearing that hat after school. Look at you caught you, you dropped your bag yeah. I dropped my bag boy, yet I must admit Timothy hair has been the easiest to maintain and grow within my family and that's because I've learned from the mistakes that I've made on myself in my daughter's hair. I highly encourage those who are struggling with their hair to check out the videos I have in the I cards above because I truly feel certain things that we did at the beginning of Timothy Journey has definitely led us to this point recently. We have been experimenting. A lot with blowing out his hair - and I must say styling - is much faster because his ends are not re-tanging around themselves. Yet I prefer to re-wet Timothy's hair after twisting down his length, but regardless, if I blow out his hair or style his hair in its curly state, it still takes me three days to complete his wash day and seriously that's becoming an issue. So let's talk about Timothy's New Journey, I have been grown and maintaining natural hair for over eight years now and I'm at a point where, because I have a standard of like not rushing through our hair regardless, if I'm tired or not um, I'm kind of at A point where I'm over three day wash day sessions, so I'm locking Timothy's hair. I truly thought I was gon na have more energy to maintain his loose natural hair. Now that my daughter and I are locked but honestly, the opposite happened when it came to me like looking forward to his wash day like. I would literally drag my feet because it took me 30 minutes max to do my daughter, hair and literally days to do Timothy's hair and I love his hair. But I'm truly at a point where I'm like. I can't mentally do this anymore and when I say do this, I am just referring to detangling like anything else in regards to natural hair, like I'm game, for it is just detangling that I'm over and in full transparency detangling. Our hair has always took me a long time like this is something that's not brand new um for me, and I honestly wish that I can describe what I'm feeling Beyond just saying I'm over it, but that's truly how I feel - and I don't want to sugarcoat It and honestly, big chopping again for myself or my daughter and now Timothy was not an option like we put years years of hard work into like retaining the length that we do have so cutting off our hair is completely off the table. The only other option is locking out here. So if you do decide to continue to follow this Channel and support me in any way, please know you're going to still get. You know: videos about maintaining healthy natural hair loose in lock, hair in the mental. The mental mindset we all need to have when we return natural, because I think that is just so so vital. However, I just wanted to be fully transparent with you all, because that's how I started on this channel um and let you all know like hey my family majority of the family members in this household - is gon na. Have locked hair. Don'T worry, I still have a sister who has loose natural hair and she promised to still come on a channel, so I'll still be doing videos on her hair. Yet if you are struggling with her natural hair, this is the science behind why the flow of our wash day hasn't changed since day one. So if you really want to retain your length, you need to check this out, so I got the products of this hair. Um, so you might put it in my hair because my hair kind of looked like hers, you see it it's long right.

MeliBnice212: Timothy’s hair is beautiful! Great job! Happy New Year!

Shante Hale: Happy New Year Jheri to you and your family, I hope all is well great video I totally understand about detangling it’s the hardest part for me also

CubsDen: You're not here to repeat that being patient is key gotcha Caught in 4k without his hat I thought you discouraged blowout/heat on hair...no? Thanks for this video, realistic and packed with tips

Majestically Maiah Morton: Great job with those growing and nurturing hands! He has a wonderful head of healthy hair

Emily Oliver: Great job, his hair is looking amazing!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️

jkatlol: I haven't even watched the video yet, but I read the bio and girl YES instant subscribe from me.

The Payton Family Vlogs: He’s going to look so handsome locked!❤

The Payton Family Vlogs: I definitely need to start braiding CJ hair up before washing because After washing, when I comb it out he loses a lot of hair.

Lenae Dyse: I'm confused . Why exactly are you doing for it to take 3 days to do your son's hair?

pink glow: How old is your son? Could he learn to detangle himself?

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