Sleek Low Ponytail Using Bundle Hair| Ft. Beauty Forever| Protective Hairstyle

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I have Malaysian Curly Bundles (3) 26in.

Malaysian curly hair in the video:

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No we'll put your loss when put your last now, which is on before I get into this video you guys. Let me just make a PSA here. He here he okay. For some reason, everyone thinks that I'm pregnant okay and I'm here to tell you sorry to school whatever. That'S in your mind that you think that I'm pregnant, but I'm not, and when I mean a lot of you guys thinking that I'm pregnant. But if you don't see no ring on this finger, birthing is it you don't see no ring on this finger, your girl's, not pregnant. Okay, I'm just getting fat y'all, so no babies. So I hope we can clear the air on that and I won't be getting no more messages or people leaving comments in my comment section like you're pregnant you're glowing. I do appreciate it, but I'm not pregnant like no, so I'm yeah. I hope that clears everything up, because when I get messages like that, it just reminds me that you're getting fit okay guys. So I'm back with another video, of course - and these are the beautiful bundles that I used in my previous video I'll link. The video down below in the description box, so if you haven't already seen that, but these bundles, I just went ahead and Co washed them, and now this is me putting my hair into a low sleek ponytail and I do part my hair in the middle. It all depends, you can put your part on the side, the middle straight back. It doesn't matter so now that I have my ponytail and I'm gon na go ahead and braid, oh, no, I'm not hold up, and yet after I fix my edges, I'm gon na wrap my head with a scarf and I'm gon na go ahead and braid. My ponytail and if you watch my previous video before this, you know that I did another. What I did another method where I wrapped the trick or the weft around my braid, but I'm not gon na. Do that and I'm also not gon na put my hair into a bun, because I know a lot of people will probably be like well. Why didn't you like put your hair into a bun before you edit the track, and I feel like when I put my bun right there. It just makes it bulky up in the base part. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but I like to leave my braids hanging just because it looks more natural and it doesn't look big and bulky, and now I'm just taking the hair and wrapping it around the ponytail, we'll the base of the ponytail just to make it look. A bit more natural but yeah, that's basically it for this. Look you guys. I hope you enjoy and I'll see you in my next video. I literally just noticed that I had the same type one huh. I had the same shirt one I wore in the previous video, but I just changed so I can like and give y'all a look. So this is the end result and I hope you guys enjoyed this video

Ale Mars: It’s the summer doing that to us!!! It’s okay ma’am you’re gorgeous and hair is amazing as always! I love how you pull off any style and can convince me to order wigs. By the way your reviews haven’t failed me!!

Teena Taylor: Your natural hair is gorgeous! I agree, a bun does make a ponytail bulkier and not natural looking, no matter if it's high or low on the head. Thanks for these tips, now I'm going to buy some weft hair

Nikki Laniece: People don't be caring what they say, I tell ya! You look good! And I've been wanting to do the ponytail thing lately:)

IJ: Your natural hair is gorgeous

fashionbeauty: Love this look! I know you said you originally got 3 26 inch bundles but in this tutorial did you use one or two bundles to achieve the sleek ponytail?

THAT'S SO CAITLIN: Your natural hair is so pretty! Looks just like the bundles!

amina a: This is sooo pretty I’m going try this ❤️ n looks super cute with the hoops

Sha'Ron Mabson: Beautiful as always. Don’t let these people make you think you’re fat!

Angelica P. Wiggins: YES! Love this Question, what do you use to lay your hair down and do your edges? I’ve tried EVERYTHING and my hair either flakes or doesn’t stay down ‍♀️ HELP!

Adriana Xavier: Linda!!! Amo seus vídeos!!!

Vanna Tea: Girrrrrl been there too! Don’t take it personally lady, you’re gorgeous and they just want the world to have more of you!

Cassie Carmichael: You look good with a few pounds. You look healthy not fat, and you do have a glow. You've got a lot of blessings in the works to feel good about.

Jenny Bk: It's very rude for people (who don't even know you personally at that) to ask someone if they're pregnant. Very insensitive. The person could be either having issues getting pregnant or feeling insecure about their body.

Mari Moon: Love how you changed to give us “a look” lol love your style and vids !

Jewel Pray: Man how I wish I had her hair type I can never do ponytails like this while my hair is wet because it is waaaay too thick.

Nicole: Your natural curls are beautiful

Monique: Love your natural hair!

Mone Simon: I have this hair and it's beautiful

Glenda Gonzalez Reyes: People don't know at this time: 1.Great skin is possible 2.Highlighter exist! Thanks to Lord! 3.The comment is rude. At the point: You're so right: I make a bun & look way messy & bulky. I'm only need another hair bundle but yes this is better & look like the purpose "believable straight ponytail day". Thanks for this kind of videos. I love my wigs but I want to use my hair often.

Tugga Mama: You look good hunty & all they need to know is you are happy & livin yo best life in that order. They need to do the same. ‍♀️

Scherita Unique: Whatever size you are, makes you beautiful so don't mind people. They always going to talk. Keep being beautiful and making the best hair videos. Shout out to Baltimore.

Nadale Celestine: Hey love. I wanna achieve this style so bad. Did you use both bundles?

Krys McLean: Beautiful ❤

Thaaonlysabrina: You’re glowing

Shanice A: Love itttt ❤

Ciara Blanchard: How many bundles did you use? Its cute btw

Iris Washington: That's disgusting about how easily rumors get started Nice job

bigbodybrii: With curly hair I think its good to keep the braid hanging, can’t tell because the hair is so big.

Queen Kesha: Love the ponytail. Your beautiful..

Jordelle Girod: Hey doll, sorry if I missed it but did you use both bundles??

GlowNaturally 247: That literally looks like your hair...cute

ImpressImperial: Happy weight boo yesss!!

T. Libra: Your nature hair is pretty

Vintage Divine: Ok Sis I need to know where the earrings and the shirt is from

Crishawn Rivers: Cute ❤

Khas: How do people get their hair so damn sleek?! Lol no fair

dream catchers: Where did you get that "baby needs money shirt"? loving it with a pair of checkered vans.

Misch S.: How many inches is your bundle?

Tyesha Sweetz: Hi Kay when will you restock the orange synthetic wig on your site?

Lovely Lia: What kind of gel you use?

TEE2FINE: “I’m going to braid “.. oh never mind hol up “ lmfaooooo

Julia Spencer: :),I like your channel, I got the same product from three days ago, delivery by EMS,good quality !!!

Annette Brown: It's "Hear YE, Hear YE", NOT "Hear HE". I can't help it. It's a pet peeve. I'm always correcting grammar. I do it in a spirit of love, Fam.

Sunshine Penn: I Luv that PSA

Tann Smith: Jea!! Smooth!!:) I didn't see you put a lotta bobby pins in. Not needed? Pretty

Zz Asè: Wow u kinda look like the rapper megan the stallion , btw this style is bomb

missjoshlee: The rudest thing you can say to a woman

Golden Girl: Did you already post the giveaway

Gian John: What products did you use in you hair

Tyesha Hinds: What's The Name Of The Intro Song ?

Aquana: Do you dye your hair jet black?

Slimtinaa Turner.: Do u need a best friend? Asking for a friend

Deanna love: Wow... smh people are so rude

J. Green: Poppin'

TEMI LONDON: cuteeeeee

StylezBy ROBIN:

POOHBEE BROWN: We're u shop baby need Money lol cute cute cute

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