Straightening Tapered Natural Hair

  • Posted on 19 February, 2014
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Thank for watching. This video is showing how I straighten my tapered hair. I have kind of grown bored with my hair and wanted to do something different. For me, straightening your hair is all about protection. I apply my heat protectant twice to make sure that my hair is protected. I also use my flat iron on a low-heat setting because I attempt to do most of my straightening in the blow drying process. I hope you enjoy and all products are listed below.

Products Used:

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-in Conditioning Cream

Fantasia IC Heat Protector Straightening Serum

Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer (for slicking down sides and back)

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Hey guys and welcome to naturallyme chronicles in this video i'm going to basically be straightening, my hair uh for the month of january. I straightened my hair every other week, so i straightened my hair about three times between the beginning of january and the beginning of february. I just recently decided not to do it anymore, so this video is just basically going to show you the process that i took to protect my hair and to straighten it. So right now i've applied my leave-in and i'm just sectioning my hair into four sections. To then apply my heat protectant for a heat protectant, i'm using the fantasia ic straightening serum, it's the one that comes in the pink bottle now i bought this years ago. So when i bought it, it was fairly cheap. It'S now eight dollars a bottle yeah, but i like it. It leaves my hair super shiny and also very protected. I haven't had any form of heat damage and i've straightened. My hair, like i said about three times in the past month, so this is the dryer that i'll be using. This is um. I forgot what kind of a dryer it was. I believe it's a remington dry dryer. If i'm not mistaken and i'm showing you the settings uh, it has three heat settings and three fan set two fan setting settings actually, and it also has a cool shot. So i'm using it basically on high, because even though it is a high on a high setting, it doesn't produce a lot of heat. It takes a while to blow dry your hair, so i'm using the tension method, i'm using the tension method where i basically uh using a brush and i'm brushing down my hair and applying heat over my hair to basically straighten it. So now i'm just finishing up my straightening. Oh sorry, my blow drying, so all i'm doing now is just going over. It uh the last section of my hair in the front with the blow dryer and the brush after this. What i'll be doing is just running through my hair, basically with it on cool shot, the cool shot feature so basically kind of cool down the heat that i applied in my hair. So that's what i'm doing now, i'm just moving the blow dryer through with it on a cool, shot and cooling down the heat from my hair. Before i begin the straightening process to straighten my hair, i'm basically going to do what you guys just saw me. Do first i'm going to separate the back part of my my cut because it's the shorter part of my hair and it's easy for me to just get that done first, so i'm gon na flat iron, this flat iron, is a remixing flat iron and i've had It for years i usually flat iron, my hair at 340 degrees. I i don't go any higher, so i either use that 320 or 340, but i don't go no higher than 340.. I'Ve already done the back of my hair at this point and i'm once again applying my heat protectant, which is the icy fantasia heat protectant, and i'm going to go over my hair with the flat iron. I do not do the comb chase method, i just don't. I can't do it so what i normally do is i first part my hair into a small section. I comb through it good with a fine-tuned tooth comb. I straighten my hair once and if i feel that it needs to go over again i'll, just take the comb comb through that section again with a even finer tooth comb and then i'll straighten it again. But i i don't. I can't hold both the comb and the flat iron at the same time, just maybe when my hair is a little bit longer throughout the straightening of my hair. You guys are going to see dandruff, i don't know what happens after i did those box braids in my hair. My scalp just had a bad reaction to it, but i'll be doing another video going more into depth about the dryness of my scalp and other changes to my hair in the very near future. Okay guys, so i have basically completely straightened my hair and i'm applying the finishing touches. What i do to the sides of my hair, the areas that are cut low as i use the elastic mango butter mango and olive oil butter cream moisturizer. You guys know what i'm talking about i'll show you guys, but i used that, and i just basically used that to mold down my sides. Uh, it actually does provide the hole that i need just to softly hold down the sides in the back of my hair and it's not hard, it doesn't flake and it lays down perfectly - and it gives me shine. So that's basically what i use. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and stay tuned for more thanks for watching bye.

Reservechic: Love the finished results! You did an awesome job straightening your hair.

LaToya TV: No problem I love how your confident in yourself and your hair journey

ecw141685: Great job,natural hair is so versatile. This is why relaxer sales are declining. Who needs them when you get results like this.

mochhame: Great tutorial, and I'll definitely now start using a heat protection oil!

TwistedNaturally: You did a good job, it looks wonderful!

ItsKing: I'm stalking all your videos! !(: your so beautiful, I want your tapered look but I'm scared I will mess it up

Karla Butler: You have a very beautiful texture of hair....& your hair turned out GREAT!!!!!

Keke 2510: Great vid! Ur hair looks beautiful

Zay's_mommy ily: Love it!

epie orchid: Love your hair like this!

Katherine Brown: That style is beautiful

WildOneBetz: Love the end result! You have the sweetest voice

zigg_33: very professional look well done

Badgurlbeauty: this cut looks cute on you straightened or curly. 

karen jones: What was the stuff you used to lay down the really short areas of you hair?

blahblahblahjjjjcccc: What did you have on your hair at the start of the video? The product that gave your hair the sheen

Baryl: You helped me! I need pix of the products you used though...

Stormy Gomez: Your voice my goodness!!!!.... (no homo)... Watch I get heat for saying no homo... Nice, we have the same hair texture and I did the BC in Jan and this will my first time straighten it come Wednesday, so I hope it works....

LaToya TV: Did you start with long hair and then cut it let me know thanks new sub

LaToya TV: I love your hair coco

_ llcoolpj: what's your hair type? 3b?

LaToya TV: xoxo that's what it was supposed to say lol

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