How To Take Out A Cotton Hair Wrap - The Easy Way!!

A short video tutorial to help you take out a cotton hair-wrap. Some people cut them off at the root, but this will leave you with a short hair-tuft for months! Unwinding them takes a little bit longer, but it's far better for your hair. I will show you how to take them out easily.

Hi I'm Amber - and this is just a short video to show you how to take out a wrapped-around-the-hair hairwrap.. What you'll need is a pair of sharp scissors with a pointy-end., So either nail-scissors or embroidery scissors., And this is a seam-cutter. Okay.. So, first, what you need to do, ... is chop the end. Bead off. Then remove any other beads.. Then you need to unwind it up. The hair. # Music, plays Placebo, -'This Picture' #

Lindsey Glod: I got a hair wrap a bit ago and I have been trying to take it out knot by not with a push works, but I really should have searched this up before, I could have saved three days of having a hold done hair wrap!

emfliss duckjones: this really helped me take out my hair wrap thx :)

hpnerd malfoy: i did a hair wrap using ur tutorial about a month and a bit ago and i swim about 3-4 times a week so its getting a bit tatty! so glad u hve this video on how 2 take them out, will probably take it out 2day:)

Myra Pole: how long did the hair wrap take to come out, really need to know, if possible can you get back to me, thanks heaps

Skater Girl: I did mine on myself...and did it wrong. now it seems to be stuck!! I think I will be able to unravel it, but it will take a while.

Maddy May: Thanks!!

Keira Jadeee: Hey, you were in Tenby when I got mine done! On the top of mine its got all white... is that normal? (P.S. I was the one in the green coat who was sick.)

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