The Perfect Drop Fade Haircut Tutorial!

  • Posted on 01 January, 2023
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What up guys it's Marty, blunts back with another Cinema tutorial and today, we've got a super clean, mid-drop fader run through, so let's get into it now. First off you want to comb through the entire canvas and make sure your hair is sitting in its natural position. Next, with the preferred trimmer create a baseline, eventually dropping it towards the occipital area, try keeping it as low as possible to get the best out of the darkness and remember not to dig in work patiently and Contour the shape of the head when doing so foreign. Now you want to remove everything left underneath, remember, to lay the blade out on the scalp to avoid any Nicks or cuts for a cleaner look. You may shave down all the stubble using a shaver. This step can also help with the contrast of the final product. So keep that in mind all right with the one and a half star, debulking I'll move up another two inches from the Baseline you just created. We do this to get a nice flush surface. While we blend note that the bulking also lets you see your guidelines a bit clearer, so it definitely has its perks. As you can see, we don't want to leave harsh Lines within the dark area, which is why flake out a tad bit at the end of every stroke. Next was the lever fully open, create a half inch guideline all around. In this case, I am going for a compressed blend, but if you want something a bit more stretched out just simply create bigger guidelines. Foreign guiding your guidelines with one side of the Clipper allows you to have more control over how your fade will turn out. Most importantly, be sure to Shadow and Trace the bass line. Okay, close up the lever now and Scoot through halfway of the first guideline, removing the Baseline, open up a notch and gradually move up on the guideline. Your trimmer will help you remove the Baseline if it's still visible and to finish off this guide. Typically, you want to end up at the third notch on your Clipper until moving on to the next guide. Thank you. You now want to open up fully with your number two guard and move up. Another half an inch above the one and a half guide we made earlier same goes for the number three. In this case. I just moved up another half an inch. You cannotice the process is basically a ladder of numbers once reaching the top portion of the parado ridge clip over comb. If you can still see any imperfections, foreign fully open create a half inch guideline once done grab the number one guard open and move up. Another half an inch to clear up the line within the dark and light area foreign, if you're, still able to see too much Darkness. Allow yourself to come back and over with the one and a half and touch up foreign to finish up with the blend itself. Open up fully without a garden use your Corners to erase that last visible line. You'Re able to see. Remember you don't want to dig in with your entire blade, just tease your Corners into it until the fade looks complete foreign. There will be certain spots where you'll need more touch-up work than the norm, but just keep that in mind - and just like you see here, don't hesitate to reuse numbers throughout the process. In this case, my client's hair type was blending in well, but in some cases you will need more detail than the usual because of the hair, texture and hair growth, foreign foreign shears, to get the best transition within the dark portion of our canvas foreign. You guys the other side is the exact same process, but I choose to run through one side for demonstration purposes. Only personally, if you are starting to craft the barbering, I suggest you work on each step all around the head. Thank you with. That being said, don't be rushed to finish any haircut or feel pressured to meet any client's expectations. Try your best and no consistency is one of the most important factors of barbering. I do want to take time to say I appreciate every single one of you for all the love and support foreign. If you happen to like the way these translucent guards look visit, to check out your favorite color to match that station to yours, and also remember that if you are shopping, anything babyless use Marty 10 to save a load of cash foreign foreign foreign. Now you can skip this step if you prefer to go natural, but in some cases hair fibers can enhance the look of your cut tremendously, especially before lining up foreign ing up start in the middle and work your way off to the corners once you're ready to Razor stretch the skin and raise her against the direction you're pulling to here is a beautiful, finished product and if you didn't enjoy the tutorial make sure to like and most importantly subscribe to, keep up with the channel. That'S been it for me: I'm Marty, blendz and I'm out peace, foreign

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