My 18 Yr Old Reacts To My 6 New Zury Sis Wigs - Zury Sis Ramon Colorpoint Rainbow Stripes

This review is for the brand new wig by Zury Sis - Zury Sis Sassy Lively Spirit Synthetic Wig - FW-RAMON. These are fun colorful wigs, but definitely more costume than realistic. But for $20, it's all good. I show 6 colors of this Zury Sis Ramon wig: FF Rainbow, FF GG, FF Red/1B, FF Pink Blonde, Som Honey Blonde, and FF Cafe. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

If you google Zury Sis Ramon wig, you will see quite a few options now. The site I got them from is out of a lot of colors, but here is the link:


00:00 Intro

01:11 FF Rainbow

06:38 FF Rainbow 360

08:13 FF GG

12:02 FF GG 360 view

12:36 FF Red/1B

16:04 FF Red/1B 360 view

17:07 FF Pink Blonde

20:04 FF Pink Blonde 360 view


23:24 SOM HONEY BLONDE 360 view

24:04 FF CAFE

27:10 FF CAFE 360 view

27:41 Final Thoughts

Hey lazy, girl, proof fam. I am back today with another wig review and, as you can see, i have a guest host today. This is my spawn alex. They are going to help me today. Well, they don't like bob's, and so i wanted them to help me. Try them on, but i understand i understand everybody has their own style, so they're just going to. Let me know what they think about these: these wigs, these colors. What have you so, i would say everybody say hi to alex, but we can't hear you so so today is one of the ones that i posted. I was waiting for. It is a new uh style from missouri sis and these are fun colors, they're kind of ones that i don't expect to look very realistic, but they're just fun. So, let's get into it. I have six colors for you guys today, so we're going to start with the ff rainbow, so this is zurich, fw ramon and the color is ff rainbow see. If my camera will behave itself there we go so let's get her out and see what she looks like all right here is the card. Please excuse my nails again, i'm still moving or unpacking. I should say i'm not moving anymore and i broke one today. So that's why i'm not getting them done because uh, why am i gon na pay or have they're gon na? Do my nails from now on, but i don't want to waste it and then just break it. So that's where we're at don't judge all right here is what she's, looking like out of the package got a cute little rainbow stripe on each side got some bangs got a bright bright blue, let's check out inside the cap, and she does have two combs in The front and a one in the back, that's pretty large, the large cone and, of course, the elastic adjusters and the cap, is that soft um. I don't know what they call it on this recess. Um one of the combs is coming off, which is i've never had happen before so i know, there's stuff happens um, but it is like that sort of like that meta, fresh cap, that, like bobby boss, has i don't know what theirs is called. That'S the same thing, but that's what it's like, let's get her on. I already know alex is gon na, be like. Oh, that's, not really my thing huh now again, these are not ones. I expect to look like a real hair, they're, just fun they're. Just fine probably should have put a wig cap on, because this is short little piano, so it is soft. Has some texture? It was pretty soft help me. Thank you. I i don't know if i like this length bob, because i think of grandma. Whenever i see this, oh goodness, uh my mom is a special one for those of y'all who don't know we're not gon na, go there uh. I think it's cute, though the bob is cute the cut, and it's done well, it's not like one side isn't longer or weirder weirder than the other, and i got these from elevate styles and it was and seventy cents they were all twenty dollars and seventy cents There was a discount, they were twenty five dollars and eighty eight cents - and i had one of those - you know twenty five percent off or something everything in the store. Something like that. So i mean for twenty bucks, i would say: she's pretty good she's, not party city she's, not as bad as party city, okay. I think this is probably the worst the the top here. That'S you need to put more bang room yeah, because so this is where it should be on me yeah like because if you don't put it up like low enough with the hairline low enough it'll, just like fly off yeah and then it starts showing your hairline. It'S like oh, no, yeah, because technically so i'm gon na have to if this is where it's supposed to be. I would cut the bangs and it would be like that yeah. So that's a valid point there and it does look cuter, though, that length, if it would so technically, i probably can't really cut the bangs too much huh that stinks um. It does have the combs and it is tight. It'S not tight-ish like it's tight-ish as in. I don't think it's going anywhere. I do so. I let me take my my headband off, because sometimes it makes it feel different. Put this back on. Yes, it makes it feel a little tighter when i have that on. I mean it's still: it's stupid stretchy like so, you can get a big head in there. You have a big head. Try it on be my big head, chester yeah! So because you have a bigger head, you got ta, try one of them, one shot each other and the black one. Okay, okay, we'll get you so so. As far as lazy girl approve goes technically, you could throw her on your head and go um, because i mean it is a little looser now like you're gon na, have to either put that comb in there pretty good or do something i see my hair's. So fine it like these combs is like a joke. It all comes not just these, but i mean she's fun, she's, no one's gon na think this is your real hair, but she's fun, she's only 20 bucks, the party city ones, are like 50 for these type of wigs. It'S weird, so you let me know what you guys think um she's soft. You can technically throw her on and go she's. I i don't want to go, say all the way big head friendly, there's a ton of stretch in there, but it will be tight period. So if you get headaches from tight ones, i mean we'll let we'll let alex say whether it's big head, like all the other colors. So let's go to the next color, which is ffgg, and i didn't realize this was red with some black. I'M actually kind of happy that i got this one. I like red, weather red, is going to look good on me. This red, that's a whole other story, but you know let's get her out and see what she looks like all right. There is the car y'all. She does not want to focus all right, get do something i'll zoom in on it and there are the colors still out there, but y'all get it. So this one has green in it, which i did not. You can't see in the packaging. It is a fiery red for sure um and it's got some green and black on the side there. So let's look at the cap, there's a lighter cap and it's got the two combs in the front and the one big one in the back and the elastic adjusters with my broken nails. So let's get her on. Do you want to put this one on or the black one still black oh come on alex, it looks like a christmas dream. Why would you say that red and green? Oh, my okay, that see this is what i'm talking about when me and red. It has to be the right red because i feel like i look like raggedy anne right now or something, oh god. Oh i'm, the wendy's mascot chick. So what you call those mascots! I don't know what you call the wendy's, so look. I already know this is gon na look amazing on some of y'all. It does not look amazing on me, but the color is. It is red. It is very red, very red, and i think i think gucci is red, green black, pretty sure pretty sure you can tell. I don't have anything gucci. This girl likes guests. It'S just simple, i guess yeah, not the best one on me, oh, like just one better than blue. Really, yes on me or just period, see that's what i'm saying you guys i'd be like. Oh that looks horrible and you guys even say no. That looks great on you and it i can't say it doesn't i can't say it looks less wiggy, but it kind of looks like a little a little since it's lighter it's hard to see the shine yeah. I was about to say, i feel like color theory was alex. Alex is an artist by the way so, and actually i should link to your no. Why yeah your friends will be like no. No, why you're good the things that i post i mean they watch me and i talk about stuff. Okay, so um yeah we'll get a 360 for you guys and show you and then so, let's go to the next color, which is uh ffred 1b and my spawn alex will be showing this one to us today sounds groovy all right. Let'S keep this out so that alex can show us what it looks like whoa all right, it's out of the package, i'm telling you the camera just does whatever it wants. You'Ve already seen it. So you know just that color, and this is what it's looking like. It is definitely more alex than the others emo emo. Oh, where did that? Come from your head, they're over here doing doing stuff on the camera, i'm gon na look back and be like. Oh, you do can alex two combs in the front. It is a black cap which makes sense because it is blacker, one large comb in the back and, of course, the elastic adjusters and oh yeah. We need to get you a wig, cappy huh. Oh please, you guys it looks so cute. Don'T you think it looks cute? It'S okay, okay, yeah! What do you mean? Okay, it's so cute. It is so cute. This is your texture too. Oops! Sorry break your glasses. I'Ve hooked their eyeball out y'all. Is that a car thunder? I don't know me thunder car car, you were big head people, so it is technically not big head family. I mean you can, but then the wind goes. Oh, no! Look at your wig cap, so technically not big, head friendly or just be aware. Beware, it's so! Cute though it's so emo, so it's like so cute, i love it. What does the top look like so yeah? I mean, i guess, because it's more natural colors, which is pop of red. It looks a little bit more real, a tiny bit. It'S cosplay everything yeah. I mean it's 20 bucks, so i think it's cute. I like it. I like it, you guys got ta. Let me know what you think i like it and i think it's super them um. I don't think that they will try on these other colors. So, okay, you don't want to try on um somebody honey blonde. How about fx cafe all right, all right, all right, so she has him, so they have confirmed that it is not technically big kid friendly um. It is very hard for me to actually judge sometimes sometimes it's totally obvious - and i put it on i'm like oh my gosh, there's so much room. It is definitely big head friendly. This one was kind of weird and it has bangs and yeah. So i'm getting a headache. Oh so it's definitely not be kid-friendly. Okay, that's not good! What is it like having a big head on everything? Okay enough of my babylonian um, the next one is ff pink blonde. Oh, i thought this one was the red, that's cool. I like pink better, i like it the better. I don't know how the blonde's gon na look, because it is a very, very six. That'S six! Thirteen of these. I don't know what why they call it that, but okay, this is being damaged all right. Let'S get this one out and see what it looks like here's the card here is what she looks like the very very s lightly. What is the word? I'M looking for subtle, subtle, pink, subtle, pink straight one in the back and the elastic adjusters, and we will get her on my head. I don't think this color is going to look great y'all, but it's just you know. Sometimes i surprise myself jesus, oh god, lord. I told you this color was probably not gon na be good on me. Oh god, and you can't hide the the dark hair in this one under this one. Oh, my all right, so some of y'all out there - oh that's, not cool the other ones didn't shut at all that looks like it. Just came right out, didn't even pull hard uh. Some of you. This will look amazing on you. I am not that one. I am not that one your face says it all. It says it all y'all. So if you like this, this is not to knock you. This is. I am laughing at what this looks like on me. Okay, uh! No, no, i feel like you either. I don't know, but i don't yeah, not not, it got it and it's the same same as the others. Sometimes caps are different between colors, but not so far with these i'll get you guys a 360 of her, and then we can move on to the next color very quickly. All right, we're just gon na go with the other blonde. Next, it's uh. It is a sombre, honey blonde, so it is different. It'S still always risky for me to do these colors, but got ta give the people what they want. Huh, let's get her out of the package. Okay here is the card for her. I know right, i'm telling you she just does whatever she wants. I call this camera as she because she's just she does what she wants when she wants. Okay, this has some actually cute little highlights in it. It'S pretty sparkly, pretty sparkly alex's favorite color, i'm kidding, sarcasm um. There are two combs in the front. It'S hot here y'all. It'S like a hundred dig on degrees, dig on a large comb in the back and the elastic adjusters. Okay, do you like it? No, oh! What yep yep, i feel like a karen right now, what real? Doesn'T it look like a carrot on me? It wouldn't look like a carrot on everybody, but it looks like you care on me. Don'T worry, i won't consider it if you say yes, oh yeah. Okay, so i'm gon na say like for someone. This will be great um coloring. It really will um not for me, though i mean it's got, these blondes the. I don't even know what you call it: it's not 6 13, but then it's got some caramels and some ashes and it's got some dark roots again, not the most realistic, looking wig, but it does look a little bit. It keeps getting a little bit more realistic as it's not a crazy color. Just definitely not my color for real. I don't know what else to say: um same same cap as the others. Oh hair, just stabbed me a lot. Okay, even she doesn't want to be on my head. It does not want to be on my head: y'all, okay, so we're just gon na move on to the last the final color, which is ff cafe. I hope this looks good because it is a darker natural color, but you know these aren't meant to be the most realistic. Looking so we'll see, we'll see what she looks like all right, let's get the ff cafe out and see what she looks like all right. The last one ff cafe it started to do it. What are you doing? Camera? Okay, that's good enough! It'S trying to focus on you! No okay! Let'S you guys have seen the card if you watch the other colors okay, this one is not at all what i thought it would be. I thought it was gon na be like chunky highlights. It'S like a one tiny baby baby highlight so look at that. Oh, i guess i just seem silly, i'm just silly, because that's what it looks like. Oh my gosh i'll just pop it on the screen all right. Let'S see what the inside of the cap looks like. I always get silly when i've done like three colors or more and one two comes in the front. One came in the back and the adjusters, as always, let's get karen off of my head. What is this one called? I just went to starbucks and spent 40 dollars on a cup. I don't need, oh okay, oh god. This is like um. This is what i don't want to say. This is what the wigs look like when i go to the wig sites that are geared. You know towards white women like me, um and i pay too much like i pay over a hundred dollars, and this is what they look like. That'S why the other day i was like dude, i could pay 20 and get this for that other wig. It'S not the worst, but it's not i've. Seen worse, trust me um, but you know like i like the idea of this. It'S the hairline for me, though, and uh like the bomb, is kind of actually cute um kind of matches my eyes, but that hairline is um. Not it is not it um and at least my real hair is closer to this color. So if it pops out - and you can see it under here - it's not so bad. So so do we say this, i mean technically, it's lazy girl approved because you can pop it on your head and go that's the whole thing of it. Do i am i in love with this no um. I did not have high expectations just because you know it looked like a costumey type wig in the pictures, but i like colors. So what is your consensus? Alex thumbs up or thumbs down down? Stay hairline yeah, the hairline's pretty bad. So if you are looking for a costume wig that you don't want - and you don't expect anyone to think it's your real hair, this is thumbs up. If you're trying to to wear this as your hair thumbs down um yeah, i mean there's really nothing. You can do it's not like some of the lace fronts or the other ones where you can put powder in the part. There'S no word i mean there's nothing to put powder in you can't like this one. What do you do? Root it and then what root the highlight so yeah um and it's not big head friendly alex - has proven that to us. Thank you alex. So i mean take all this information from this this video and make the decision, and as always as always as always thank you for spending time with me and hanging out with me and i'll, see you again soon bye and thanks to alex. For being my co-host. I'M sure you will see them again. That'S your signature! All right, bye, guys,

imjustavessle!: I think that black and red fit ur daughter perfectly!!!!!! Sooooo cute!!! New subbie love that u try alot of affordable wigs and do it in a fun way.

Kimberly Johnson: They r all nice wigs I think

NiGHTS: I have a gigantic head and this fits me just fine

NiGHTS: And I perform on stage

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