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Hey guys welcome back to my tutorials, so I just filmed this video on this mmm style. I don't know what to call it. It'S like an old-school style that I'd give to get my little girl, but I understand it's now back trending, so I went ahead and tried it out. Let me know what you guys think on the inside. If you guys are interested in this tutorial, if you guys are interested in this, is really key, alright y'all. So this is what the wig looks like I've already put my makeup on delays, and this is just a 360 week from best lace. Wigs, I didn't do the install video I'm only doing this styling video - please don't be mad at me, but I have tons and tons of install videos. So the first thing that I've already done if I parted the hair, I'm going to be doing like a half up, half off style but meaning, like smaller less with the sides and more with just the middle piece of my hair. So I'm gon na go ahead and I'm just going to be putting that into a little bun. I'M just gon na be putting that into a little boy, and now I'm going to begin doing my baby earth. If you guys don't know by now, I use cheese bombs, bong goo, all my baby hairs and that's the gel that I'm gon na be using. I know I never usually cut my baby hands with scissors, but your girl blades was not sharp, so I had to use scissors and I'm going in with my gel, which is the bar of goo and I'm just gon na go ahead and zoom our baby. So now that I've finished putting up doing my baby hairs, I'm gon na be putting the back of my hair in a ponytail and I'm gon na leave the top out. So I can begin styling it and I'm just as you can see, I'm gon na brush out my ponytail just so that everything is combed out in neat yeah, certain parts. You know I can't really see the back of my head, so certain parts do end up getting left behind, but I'm going to be covering my tracks with some of the ears and then I'm going to be flattening it out with the hot comb. So he can be flat and smooth. Now, I'm going to begin to part my hair. Basically, I'm going, I don't know what to really call this style, but I'm basically gon na be parting, my hair, putting them in little boxes with rubber bands. I'M gon na be doing, I think, rows. I think I did four rows of three and that's basically what I'm gon na do, I'm using regular black rubber bands and I'm just going to continue the process and after I do the rubber band. I like to pull split the hair in two and pull it just to make it tighter. If you notice me doing that y'all, this hairstyle is so tiring. Like I swear, I didn't know what take as long. So this part got a little bit confusing. I'M trying to connect them to each other now, but I think I should have did maybe like a row of three but going by like six or maybe even five, because after I connected the front two, I didn't really have nowhere else to connect the rows on Each side - that's something I should have had two more rows or one more row on each side, so they could have crossed with each other, but I still found a way to make it work alright, y'all, so I would just go ahead and mark this hair. So I have a freaking fail and I'm just gon na go ahead and just put this thing in a ponytail, because I was definitely now that I'm looking at a picture, I think I was also doing more boxes way more boxes, but this top 16 I'm like I'M tired: I started at 11. It'S not 124. Okay, one point an apartment in a train in some time, but not today, I'm gon na try again on a person, so I could actually see better. I'M sorry! So I can let the JIT, with this hairstyle too long, I'm gon na go ahead and take a piece from the back 22, just a small piece right here and I'm going to spray with my eyes, she's stressing out the whole piece. One left me. So we just strip the tail all right. So that's what it looks like and now I'm going to take here out of the ponytail. Now I'm gon na go and wet my hip all right ciao. So this is what the final look is. Looking like and um, I want to say it it's a little bit high up here, but besides that, I'm actually feeling the look up on up a little kid. But you know whatever. So this hair is from bestnice waves and I am wearing a 24 inch. If I'm not mistaken, it's natural curly, if it's not natural, curly it'll, be natural wave, but it's not that it'll be listed right here in the description box, so you guys can see the pattern and see how it looks. I love it. I feel like a loo. Thank you guys for watching

Briana Smith: You are a master with the baby hairs I can’t never get mine to look like urs

Shameekia Scott: Another slay!! Love it !!

Martina: Still another day another slay sis !!!! You need a hair tour‍♀️

Shelly Ford: Beautiful so beautiful I love it

Mosi Robinson: This is pretty!

Chena Hill: Super cute char!!!

Shameeka Simone: Those baby hairs

Karen RZ: I was directed here to your site by your gf but I forgot her name lol. She said your videos rock...and she was right!!

Charnell, Purple and Peach: You have tons and tons of install videos BUT I still wanna seee *crying* jk, NICE JOB!!!

Dani Berg: Wow

Deborah: Hey are there any dupes I can use because I am from London and we don’t have the same products u have over there

Ray Ray: Love

zlande Salomon: Trop cute

zlande Salomon: J'ai besoin de ce lace ,comment faire

Foodincolour: Them baby hairs tho

Zori Barlow: Issa queen


ritha leveille: I made a purchase on your website for one of your hair

Guide4Dem: whatsup sister how are doing

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