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Welcome back to my channel loves.. I always wanted to experiment with rainbow colors so I decide to do a temporary color on my synthetic wig. I used a colored hair spray to achieve this mermaid‍♀️/ unicorn/ rainbow look. I used 3 colors by Jerome Russell B wild line, jaguar green, bengal blue and panther purple.

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Last month, 32, you guys welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, welcome, thank you for subscribing make him up a back hug me Danica. You know I always help me here. I didn't have new hair look at what nothing new there old hair did. I transform these others. Can you not see these colors and they say I with a purple some green and some blue? If you can see kind of round the blue, but I did a temporary color spray can't figure them. They move right now, but I will put it in the description box or I will let you know doing my tutorial. Do you like it? Let me know: photo myself right now, fellows offices. Look at this look at this. I was kind of fun, a unicorn textile field, even though I'm not big on colours, I'm not that hot pink neon type person look at this, the dark, the dark purple dark! Green blue! That'S more! My bad! If you guys want to see how I did this about stay tuned, okay, you guys, I'm gon na, be a chunk in this on camera, with you guys to try to get some type of hair colors on this. This hair that I have on is something that I I had for a while is. I was actually a full wig that I cut and made this top part. I will put the link somewhere up there of the red-colored, my fists on how I actually did this style and we can go from there. So I was researching on arm YouTube by the unicorn thing. Look colors and all of that - and I always say, would never do all these different colors and stuff. I feel, like my glasses, have the glare all these colors and stuff on my hair. So I look and then I say: okay, let me just try this. It'S not my real hair, it's synthetic hair! If I don't like it, I can take it off and we can keep moving. Now I went to the store yesterday and I've got three colors I bought. What is this the B while Girona muscle breathe, I'm not sure? Well, this says B while on the front - and this is the blue - and this is in bingo blue. This is a spray-on washout spray. Now I think this puzzle only laughs like a dais uh so, but who knows? I just want to try this. It looks like, and then I have this one right here and this one, it's the Panther purple and then I have this one, and this is the Jaguar green. Now this green, I don't know about because I actually I actually the wig that I cut this from. I should start spraying some just to see what it would look like. So this is the blue. You guys can see it's still wet. This is the blue. This is the green, I'm thinking the green might be too much. I don't know I don't know, I don't know I kind of want it like a darker green. Instead of this, this more looks like a Halloween green and then I have where's the purple. This is the purple, can barely see it because I didn't spray a lot on so I'm liking the purple and I'm liking the blood I don't know like. I said you guys are gon na see me attempt this on camera and I'm gon na be looking right here, because I have a mirror right here, so I can actually see, but you guys will be able to see in the camera. Okay, so fascinating, and I'm gon na start with this blue here, I'm so nervous, I'm so mad. Okay, like I said, let me get up. I had to get my clips and then they also say I'll get some hairspray to actually set this in. So I'm gon na section this off right here, but this little section I don't want to just start spraying and just have it everywhere cuz. I still want to have my hints of black in here, so this is one section, so I'm gon na start out spraying. This look I'm assuming on black hair. You would have to use a lot of it all right. So let me section off another piece. I like the black. I said I like the blue section again, I'm sure it's gon na have to try and I don't want to use all over this on this side. So let me go, I think I'm gon na make use majority of the blue. So let me go to this other side. Make sure you guys when you, when you spray this stuff, I'm in my bathroom, even though I but I have my door open and then I have a fan, blowing cuz this stuff can't get kind of chalky. You know what I mean like it's just like: never clean the oven, and you do this stuff that you spray on it to clean the oven. That'S what well! It'S not bad, but it's not that I feel like I something ventilated and wibble, and it's ventilated in here. This blue looks like when I comb it. Can you see that it's very faint my make sure you somewhere? That'S the I'm in my bathroom, but my shower curtain is white, and so I covered it up just so. I wouldn't get this stuff on it. I might end up cooking some more these ends. Like I said I had. I had this leg for a while. I did this for the first time on my birthday. I hope I'm not sure too sure about that green. Yet I don't know again, like I said. Oh one day, you know that certain color spray, the wax. You know you can't go wrong with it so and then let me get this piece of it. What I'm digging this, then what it is, and I'm gon na have my bill dry out too. So I'm gon na sit under the bull driver, color and then comb. This out a little bit, I'm gon na blow drive it a little bit to once I put once I put on, would not fall off what I don't know so much. Can you see that, though I don't know like I feel, like you fix me, the tickets, not that five friends on black hair I'm gon na comb it again and spray it, because I'm over here I'm gon na. Let that sit a little bit mine don't touch it. Then you need a few bottles, but really everyone alright, so that's it a little bit. I actually have some hairspray. This is some X hole. I am the spray little bit up there. What is said now? It'S perfect out, I'm gon na go in purple, but it was not. You can see it. Can you guys see that blue right there? You can see it like. So I'm gon na open my hair up and I'm gon na go in and take bits pieces of this. I might do that with the green versus cream. This one. I don't know why that green, that you mean is pretty laughs. You guys, oh gosh, I'm like a Mac. Do this like spurts, I'm not gon na show it like. I did the blue cuz. I just wouldn't want this purple to be. Like I almost like on the highlight, I pushed it a little. That'S purple she's get some more in here somewhere, so I'm gon na comb in it to see where I am as far as look of it all right. So I'm gon na comb, this to the middle I got in a little weathers hair. Try to see what it looks like looks like I'm gon na have two clips one of these hands on this hair October, and my problem won't be. This set set this hair until it completely dries, because I normally have a molded look. My hair spray and I leave it in a certain area - see that hope you guys miss. It is fish. You can see you diggin it. I wish I had someone blue love. I don't know about that. Green though I don't know - maybe I maybe I I don't know I don't know - I said remember about that green. Maybe if I can I'm gon na, maybe I will get just me just like. Oh I love it. I don't know well, maybe I should just keep it these colors. Are you guess I'm gon na work with this off-camera and then I'm gon na come back and show you guys what nice I came up with so finished result of this half, I'm so loving. It look at it, look at it. Look at that purple. In that light we could back hit outside on the green. I did just a little bit. You should add a little green in the front and I have a hint in the center. The bull still sit a little bit kind of fades away. Cuz that purple is so vibrant. Let me know what to make us complete. Please continue. Please come please, please. Please continue to watch my videos like comment subscribe. If you want to see more of these videos. Well, I just try simple stuff. This night this week was limited. This week was a cheap style. This was wig was, I think, was like 20 bucks off of Amazon. Yes, Amazon, Amazon and we see the whole way of the length up. That'S somebody's hunt. You know how to cook out all the curls and all that is to suck this time. Shame will mean that I didn't posts how to do this black installed, but I did post how to do the red again it would be listed above. I would put it in in the scripts mom I'll put the specs up this hair and you description along with the colors. Okay again, I can't say this enough. You guys, like comment, subscribe, hit the notification button, so you get more these styles for me. Yes, until next time, nice

HopeLanay: This is a simple and easy change to your hair. Trying wild colors made simple at home with No bleaching. If you want to try the mermaid look try Jerome Russell wild colors line..

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ItsBibi: Your vibe is contagious

Ms. Tara: Fantabulous , so You are giving Me Life with all of these Amazing Styles! Exactly what hair did you use to create this masterpiece? Is it a wig that you cut? Please details of

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