Zury Jill Wig Review In Tint-Tip Blue

Watch my review of Zury Hollywood's Jill unit in the color tint-tip blue

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like the short blue wig I'm wearing?: https://youtu.be/UAfuCyKldVI

watch Jill in tint-tip orange: https://youtu.be/FkRqP4bzskY


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Hi babies welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Tanya M and K in Diablo per day. Thank you for joining us and don't forget to hit that subscribe button down below if you're interested in seeing more fabulous, colorful, wig reviews and more awesome easy makes. Makeup tutorials also hit the notification bells. Let me notify any time I upload new content, so today's wig that I'm currently doing is very interesting. I think it is it's. I don't know this popular. I haven't got my reviews yet, but it's by Lori before we get into it. If you like to like that, I am wearing right now and you want to see the review go ahead and click this click the card above I also will, I think, it's on this side, whatever I'll, also put a link in the description box in case you're, Watching this before I get to put get a chance to put the card up: okay, okay, so today's wig is by Rory, and I've already cut the lace and right. This way is called Jill, and this is how she looks on the stock card and just FYI, because I know y'all was looking. I do have this in this color too, and I will be doing her giving a review for her tomorrow. Once I'm out of my bleep face, I'm in my blue face at a time right. We do wan na make up an autumn, so I'm just gon na. Stick with wigs that can complement what I'm wearing and my makeup. So she is a 360 three-part lace, wig. Here'S 13 by 4 inch lace, fronts raised front, so deep and wide lace, and I have this in the color today I have four in the color tips tip blue. It does show you that you can't sleep her back in the ponytail, although I can see this is um like a thesis in baby ears and the okay alright, and this is the South car showing you the different colors that it comes in. So I happen in this color right now. I believe you're doing a review for this. One later comes in a pink, a nice purple, aqua and a green. The green looks scary. The opera's looks okay, but I like the bloom, warm the Aqua, which is like a more warmer and a lighter. The pink is cute, but orange is cute yeah. I got it in colors. I think of the cute purple is cute too, but I'm not really into purple like that. So you know. Let me go ahead and take this one off and throw this one and we can start styling her and whatnot. I have hurt one and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I thought I was going to be disappointed by the hair texture because, after taking it out of the box, it felt really silky. So I automatically was like this is going to be tangler, she's gon na think. I'M really bad, but the hair is really really soft and nice um. I think those are baby ears. I think I cut the hair yeah. These are baby ears, but maybe here's huh. I really would like. Oh my gosh I'm pushing this way. It looks so okay because she is one silky. You can't fill the tracks in the back, but I don't think you could see them. Let me, let me know you can see them he's not touching it so y'all can look. I don't think you can see it, but definitely the hair line looks really awesome. I'M really impressed by the hair line she's, shutting only because I did butcher it earlier, but the hair is really soft and silky. The hair line looks good. I don't I'm kind of confused by this whole 360 ordeal because it looks like it looks like they put the lace like only behind the ears, or else this cap is just really huge, I'm not sure which I'm not sure which one it is, I'm not. It could be that the cap is really huge, because I mean it's my ear and a bit. That'S how much lace is behind my hair. I might have to wear her in the middle, although I do want to try her as a side, part um, and then it doesn't come back with the lace in the back sort. It like a little bit lace in the back, but it's only just so. Your company, though, is only a 360 if all the lace goes behind and connects, and only the middle is tracks. Okay, that's a 360 okay! Now because you put a bit a little bit, I came to speak, not because you put a little bit of lace in the back. That is not making a 360 okay. We lookin like our deep reading, I'm cardi B in that Bruno Mars, video and she wore her braided wig in the Bruno Mars, video you can see that they like covered her ear. I guess because the cat was to be is covered her ear with the girl. That'S what I'm doing and that's what I mother do: okay, alright, so I went ahead and cut the corners, so I can, it would be more comfortable, but this hairline is really donkey. I think I think, like this hair is just meant for bigger people with bigger heads. I think that they try to give it this more like realistic, look with with the not so straight hairline, and it just it doesn't fit. You know it's not one. Size fits all you know, so that that's for me, that is a con. It could work for. Somebody like I said if you have a bigger head, I don't see this being an issue for you at all. I want to add, in this lay some of the baby hairs, the ones I provided were kind of thick. So this looks a little bit thick on me, but the baby hair is as far the ones that they provided. We really think I didn't cut them down. Our tweeze amount - I didn't have time to do all that. I wasn't about to do all that. But as far as the color like I love the color, I think it's really Bom Bom Bom, I'm a little disappointed that I can't wear it like. I wear my other wave, my other lace, frontal, wigs, it's just I'm not gon na - be able to wear it like that, and I can't even like talk about on my ear because you're going to see the lace flap, it's a cute, wig, otherwise you're just gon Na have any careful like I could have laid it all the way here on this side, maybe - and it would have - I can push it back behind there, but this side know. Is this just the way the hairline is it's a big mouth, but it's really cute. Even like little bumps at the end aren't so much so it still looks nice. How much you think that you get any of these colors yet are excited for the orange review. Yeah. Tell me what you think: okay, don't forget to subscribe, to. Follow me on Instagram for more pictures. All of the all the links to my social media will be down in the description box below bye,

Arneisha Nicole: I like this color way more than the orange one. It looks really cute on you!!

Nikki Laniece: This is cute and the color is very pretty!

Tiaa_bee: This color though this one is definitely my fav you rock blue so well

michele6813virgolady: I love playing with colors i never thought I would wear some of them but its so fun and you look

DaniaaDee: Very cute wig. I love the color

Lightnluvli Beauty: This is soooooooo pretty!!!!!

IsThatYourHairrr: This color is everything!

Jasmine Smith: This is a beautiful color on you I got it in Orange and purple

Artkatsil: So would you say it's big head friendly? I have a big head and a lot of hair so this would help me Also, may you do a tutorial of how hide your edges? I noticed yours were coming out on this wig and I always have that problem especially with my sideburns. It would really help a ton:)

Kimira Jewels: I have been waiting for this one

La'Joia Creary: I’m loving the colors on you I see what you mean with the hairline cause girl I have a short head

Reese LaFleur: This cap looks so good and natural. Right why did Cardi put it over her damn ear lol

Troy: Omggggg yessss I need this one

tiacherell: This gorgeous

Damiyanna Berry: Aquamarine vibes all the way thru!!

Fee-Bee Romero: I love this color

Yolanda Echols: Slayed sis

Viola Maria: Wow

Cha cha Alston: Yaaaas sis slay girl..love the Al B Sure

Schatze Lady: That is too cute on you, Aqua ❤️

stacked_4show: The intro music tho! ! ! This my jam I love this song

Magikalblackness: Yup kilt it u win best jill review Clicks add to cart

Megan858: Where is your outfit from?

TKraxNHk WreCC: I'm ya biggest fan you sno

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