How To Achieve Golden Hair W. No Hair Dye |For The Summer Ft. Wowafrican Wig

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150% Density 360 Lace Wig Silky Straight Brazilian Virgin Hair [TLW21]

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Style: Silky Straight

Hair Color: Natural black

Hair Length:18in

Cap Construction: 360 lace around, front 4in lace ,back 2 in lace & wefts at crown

Wig Density: 150%

Hairline: Pre-plucked

Baby hair: Around

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Hey, hey guys, welcome back to my channel and if you're new to my channel hello and while you're at it be sure to like and subscribe and hit that little bell notification button. So you guys know when i post so yeah. So in this video i'm pretty much going to show you guys how i got this color yeah, i usually don't go for colors. I was just like i always do. Black rocks, fan and um try switching it up step outside your comfort zone and at first i felt like i looked like a lion, but now this hair is really falling into me. It'S super cute, so i'm going to show you guys how i bleach this hair to get this look, and this is just bleach, no hair dye, so how i bleach the hair to get all these like um, low light highlights and whatnot, and then i am going To be showing you guys how i got this cute little hairstyle at the end of the video, let's get started so today for this video, i'm working with this pretty little wig and it's from wow african, it's okay! So i want you guys to be able to see the wig before i bleach it and do what i do with it in its natural state. So this wig is also a 360 lace round wig, which is awesome and before i start the bleaching process, i am going to get started and i'm going to cut the lace off and get right into it. So, first off we're going to start off by sectioning the parts i had two smaller parts in the front and then two larger parts on the side. So i just did the regular the same amount of bleach. I did bleach with 40 developer and i first started off with the center smaller pieces because i wanted them to be um a lot lighter and then the ones on the side to be a little darker. So it kind of has like the different effects. Type of thing to it, if you guys get me um, yes, i don't have gloves on it's because i ran out of gloves and i already prepared the bleach and everything i was not gon na just go run and get some bleed. I mean some some gloves. So i'm doing i'm doing this with no gloves, but i know how to handle it where i don't ruin my hands or anything. So, but please, if you have gloves, please use gloves, especially if you're the first, if you're not used to dealing with bleach, my mom does hair, i bleached hair many times before, so i'm, okay. So once i'm done with that, i just put in the aluminum foil and then i wrap it up um, i didn't show you guys the other side, because i kept covering myself like a little idiot. So i'm showing you guys this side, because it's easier, so you guys can see what i'm doing. I am brushing the bleach through to make sure i get it on all the parts and to kind of create like that ombre effect at the top, and then i go back with more bleach and i really just try to spread out the hair as much as I can to make sure everything is super super saturated and with the 40 developer it it like literally starts like bleaching super super fast, so i didn't even have to go anywhere. I literally just waited like what 10 minutes and it was already super super bleached. So i am going to go ahead and start rinsing them out, so they can stop the bleaching process. So, as you guys can see, i kind of started on the side first so because i wanted the like the middle one to be lighter than the sides. Okay, but then i realized it's not going to bleach anymore. I pretty much did what it was going to do, so i ended up just rinsing it out. So now i am starting um bleaching, the rest of the wig. So what i pretty much did this is like my easier version of it. What i did was i sectioned the part. Then i took bleach and i just put a bunch of bleach all over the wig just bleach, bleach, bleach bleach, please different places, big chunks of bleach and once i finished doing that, i would brush it through, because you know i kind of want like that. Low light highlight effect, so the bleach will kind of clump together and it will show a little bit of black and a little bit of the blonde. It'S like a bunch of multi colors, okay, so once i like brush it through, i checked the sections that i felt like: oh my god they're, not even, and they need a little more bleach and a little more to the loving care. And then i went and i added more bleach and i repeated the process brush brush brush, add more bleach brush brush brush until i felt like it was more or less the same consistency all around that section then, with the top. I did pretty much the same thing. I just added bleach bleach bleach and i brushed it through and i let it sit for a little bit see like. I said i'm going back with some more because i want it to get a little lighter and i don't want little blotches because it's really hard to do that. But the key is to just make sure you put bleach like don't leave any sections. You'Re gon na have to repeat this process, especially in the top, because that's what everybody's gon na see so at the top, you wan na make sure you really saturate it with the bleach and then go back and re-brush it out. So this is how it looks, and now i am going to go and rinse it out um, i let the bleach i let it i let it sit for like about 20 minutes 20 to 25 minutes and that's the results that i got so i'm rinsing everything Out to stop the bleaching process and i'm going to be using the shimmer lights, um uh, tony shampoo. By the way guys i got the bottle. I know i'm not doing the bootleg version anymore, so yeah. I did that and i rinsed it out and then i just did the normal shenanigans and i used conditioner for the hair. Actually, i didn't use conditioner because i was gon na. I was gon na bleach. It again so i didn't use conditioner and then i i'm gon na be bleaching the hair again, because i was like this will look really cute with some highlights, so i kind of went back with some highlights. Well, obviously, i i air dried it first, like i blow dried it and then i'm doing the highlights. So since everything kind of came out like this exact same color, i went back with the front piece because i want it to be lighter. I want it to be lighter than the rest of my hair, so i'm going back with some bleach in 40 developer again and i'm doing the same thing to the front, adding more bleach and then i'm going to be folding the aluminum foil. Let it do its thing and then we're going to start hitting the different sections. So this is the best part like since we're going back again, i'm able to do little corrections that i probably missed the first time, which is like some of the little um spots that you can see. Is that kind of blunt like it's missing some bleach. So i just went and touched that up so now what i'm doing i got a section from the side. I'M gon na be doing a section from the side, the back and the other side, and i'm doing like pretty much like three or four little um strands and i'm bleaching that to make it a little lighter literally the whole key to this is like low lights And highlights low lights at highlights, low lights and highlights so then again, i'm doing the same thing in the back, taking the smaller section from the from the from the crown of my head. I'M not doing this all over my hair, because i'm going to be showing you guys a little trick that i do that actually helps with the whole low light. Highlights things without all like doing highlights legitimate highlights to the entire way, because i that's a lot of time and it's a lot of work and it's a lot of money, because it's bleach so yeah, i'm gon na, show you what i did instead, okay. So this is when i finished the highlights and then in one second, i forgot to show you guys what i did, but, as you guys can see, i have little strings. I literally just rushed the brush with bleach and i just made like literally straight line streaks. All over the hair, from the top all the way to the bottom streak, streak streaks, as you guys, can kind of see, and that actually also adds a little dimension to the hair. So right now i went based upon which one was kind of developing the fastest. So bleaching, the fast is my bad, so i'm just rinsing them out really quick and when i'm doing that, i'm literally just rinsing out the parts that have the um highlights and giving it a little more time to those little streaks that i did on the way To kind of like get a little bit lighter, it's not going to be a lot, but just a little bit as you guys can see, ooh look at that color, so pretty so at this time. At this part, i literally am just rinsing out each of the highlight strands and i'm just repeating the process using my blue shimmer lace, um shampoo, and then i followed it with some conditioner since i'm not bleaching the hair anymore, and then i blow dried. The hair dry so right now i'm putting on the wig and, as you guys can see it's um. It needs a little more love and care, but i was so shook when i first put it on. I was like oh my god i messed up like. I look like a lion, but after i started working with it, i was like really really feeling it like. I really really was so right now, i'm just taking my like flat iron, it flat my flat iron and i'm just flattening the hair right now. Okay, so i i have this obsession with half up half down and for this wig, i'm not gluing it down either. This is like something like oh you're, going somewhere real, quick, just a quick sleigh that it looks natural. So i literally take two little parts from the sides and i'm trying to pin it up, and this is when i have the two little streaks in the front that i left out, and it just looks super super cute like this and then i'm just gon na Finish it off by straightening it just to make it even more like on point, and this is pretty much the finishing product. So this is the final look that i did since i love i love. I love my half house half dollars so yeah super highlights and stuff like that. I hope you guys like it and i hope i see you guys next time, bye, guys

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