Janet Collection Synthetic Hair Color Me Lace Front Wig - Daily --/Wigtypes.Com

Janet Collection Synthetic Hair Color Me Lace Front Wig - DAILY --/WIGTYPES.COM



*Lace front

*6" deep part

*Heat resistant

*Medium cap size

*Can be washed

*Light yaki texture












Hey guys, so I'm here with another one another one of the giant collection Cullum me wigs and she's called daily. She I'm wearing her in the color, PB gray, /l dot rainbow, and I I was talking about this color in my previous review and I loved interview - and I remember I reviewed the princi in the same color, so I got it back. Basically, you get dark roots like a 1b and more one of the roots comes out into a great color up top and then there's rainbow at the bottom. No I'll put a clip up somewhere. You see okay, I'll put a clip up here of when I had the hair on like um when I just put it on, and I turn around like that's how I keep making separate. I don't know why they made the little ponytail at the back like why they separated it upfront but um yeah. I wasn't about to wear it like that, but regardless it comes like that. Just in case you probably might want to work like that. Like kind of half up half down, maybe you can tighten the ponytail a little bit and at the back and wear it like that, but it's really up to you, but it came like that. I was just. I just wanted to show you guys how it came to check out the box. You know, but it comes with a lot of baby. Here is that's one thing. These weeks comes with a lot of baby hairs, so you can definitely use it. The parking space was clear enough straight out: the box didn't have to tweeze it, but I did use some heat. I use a flat iron, a t-table up to 360 degrees 360. So I use the heat and threatened apart a little bit tone, although it wasn't needed. I just I just felt like doing it, so I did it. Okay and I added thought her to the part, but that's basically all I did know the hair was surprisingly soft and when I say surprisingly decided I wasn't expecting it to be soft. Is that I wasn't expecting it to be so soft? It'S like extremely soft. I expected to get like a few snags, maybe especially I hope, early, because it's great, I kind of expected it to be, like you know, over processed and feeling like they're, all four or something like that, but it was extremely extremely soft. No, I can't speak for what do you got, but I can speak for what I got it for this year. It was extremely soft, so I loved that snow. It comes in a lot of other colors as well. You guys, you know. Oh, it comes in the olive green as well. I never noticed that with this one, but anyway, this is what the stock cut looks. Like you see the olive green up there. It looks pretty at the bottom right here. This is some of the other colors that it comes in really pretty colors and I'll make sure to leave them in the description box down below. So you can check it out now I'll leave the link to the student as well. Just in case you want to purchased it, you can definitely do that um. The link will be in the description box down below, so you can go. Click on the link above. Take you directly to this unit. You can choose a color purchase from there. Now I got ta finish turns from this, not so sure if it was because of me cutting the leaves too close to the hairline, I'm not too sure it was just a few shares. I came out when I was brushing it out and that was it so yeah it wasn't anything so excessive. Nothing really to talk about. Like I said, I didn't get any snags any time going, because it's extremely soft and in terms of the cap, I would say this one as they got friendly as well. It comes with two combs up front, one of the back adjustable shots and it's a basic 1/2 construction. But it's super comfortable and, like I said I would say they got burning as well, because my hair is imprinted underneath and it's if it's pretty good actually feels like it could fit a larger, even larger, head size. So I would definitely say that this is bigger from me. Alright, but anyway, this is the year. This is a color um. If you have any questions about this, leave it in the comment section down below I'll, be sure to answer it as soon as possible. Like subscribe, follow us on all social media accounts. Everything is that, like test and I'll see you guys soon right,

Phonche TV: I’m in LOVE with this unit The color is bomb

Tierra M: I love the rainbow colors! If the gray was blonde it would be

Nicolemc Anderson: The color blend is very unique and beautiful

Summer Breeze: I like it The DR makes it work for me . Love the color plus the rainbow colors are not overly visible.

Alexis Dykes: If the gray was blonde, this would be really cute! It's OK though..not too bad and the length is good. TFS Din Din! ❤

iam_Eva33 Gibson: Love this wig love the color

michelle jackson: I love the colors!

Yvette Shanelle: I like the fact that this rainbow color is subtle, I can do this one.

Katie123: I don’t know why but I think of Easter when I see this wig. Cute.

Jewel Norman: I wouldn't wear this color combo, but I like the style!

Deva19xx Dee Jones: *first* this color is different but cute. Surprisingly I actually like it and definitely love thd style of this unit...

Qgyrl: It's pretty, but I've never worn rainbow colors.

Jay J: Love how it’s different

Brittany Schorzman: Cute! Don’t know how I feel about the yellow an greenbut loving the top color!!

Queen-lee Mi...: I love this I would look so cute in her..

LaShell Butler: In love with the color

april G: Now this color is bomb

Nikki Laniece: It's cute, I have this one in a different color but it didn't come with the ponytail lol :)

Alison Cleary: This color is sooooooooo pretty

Strawberry eatz Temple: I just ❤️ this unit I claim this wig

megajustme09: Love the color.

JoJo: Looks nice... I wouldn't be able to pull it off though. I like the long layers

ninabbbj: Love love it

Tammy G: This unit looks pretty..but not sure about this color. Thanks for reviewing

rajirasmom: I love the different colors look like a rainbow

Shawana Jackson: Love the style but the color is so so

A D: I love this color

PRETTYBROWNSUGAR76: I bet it's pretty in Sugar Brown

Aretha Robinson: Those are some pretty colors

Chasi Jonte: Love that peekaboo color at the bottom

Nikkema Reid: Cute

V A: Hmmm I'm in the middle I like it but not to crazy about the multiple colors. But in a way it could work for me.

Karolyn Stinnett: This is cute unit

Cee Jay: I like the dark roots and grey color on you...but not feeling the rainbow!

SheBroke BeautyOnABudget:

Enas Abdulhameed: She is beautiful

Curly Q: It’s ok, I’m not s big fan of the colors. I like the length tho.

Jasmine Ross: ❤

Mskaybeauty: Cute

JoSoFab's Chocolate World: I am not feeling this color. Not a fan of this one TFS xoxo

foomur: Yesss you’re cute

Thick2013: Like her.

SKIN BY AMANDA: First comment ❤☝️

TarantulaCandy: looks very PARTY CITY...long black roots look quite fake and the "rainbow" pieces add to the whole fake look of it. Janet Collection better go back to the drawing board.

Nellie Miller: Cute

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