Wig Unboxing! Rylee In Pastel Lavendar *Exclusive Color* | Rene Of Paris

I purchased this wig from Uptown wigs (a subsect of Vogue wigs, apparently!)

This is a Vogue Wigs exclusive color along with Pastel Rainbow, Fancy 5-3-1, and Deep Ocean.

These exclusive colors are available for Rylee, Taylor, Angelica, and Evanna. (links below)







Rene of Paris has since released many more colorful, non-exclusive wig colors with their regular collection available in wigs like Jaden, Angelica PM, Evanna and more!


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Okay, guys, I just wanted to come on here, really quick and do a wig unboxing, so I ordered a wig the other day and I am so so excited. I thought I might as well film unboxing it. So this is not going to be a complete review that will that video will come very shortly after I post this one. But this is just gon na be the unboxing because I feel like I'm just so excited to try this one, because it's a very, very unique color, which you will see in a minute. So I wanted to actually film, like my legitimate reactions, but I will post a full review very soon. It'S probably a wig that you, many of you if you know wigs, are already familiar with. So let's get into it. So I didn't even open the box stamp at all, so I bought this wig from uptown awakes, which is a sight I've never ordered from before. It is a brand that I've tried many times before, which you will see in a minute as well. It'S probably in the freaking description of the video, but you know it's fine, I'm trying to be like suspenseful, but like the title of the video already ruins it. So here it is, you guys are done. I don't think I'm ready with my order. Information! That'S nice! Yes, this is a wig seller that I've never had it's so funny. That'S um, my wig company, you know hold on a second, so I ordered from uptown. Wigs and apparently I didn't know this. This is actually so interesting. Uptown winks, it's actually a subset of vogue. Wigs, which explains a lot because the wig color that I bought today was a vogue wigs exclusive. Then, when I was looking it up on Google, I saw that this other website uptown wigs, had it as well, and the reason I bought it from uptown wigs is because they had like a 30 % off discount off the price. So I was okay. Of course, I'm gon na buy it from the sleppy discounted one, but I was wondering why another website had the vogue, wigs exclusive color, and that explains so much okay, that's really cool! Actually, that's awesome that answers. Like all my questions but yeah. This says wig scribe today we scription to learn more here at vogue: wigs comm, slash, wig scribes, obviously, unless they were affiliated with book wigs, they wouldn't be putting this in the mail. But, as you guys know, I recognized this model because I've actually worked with her before because, as you guys may or may no I'm the spokesperson for a Duran's wigs, which is Rene of Paris, amour and Noriko and a couple other ones. But I do some of their a more catalogue sometimes and I've modeled with her before so I recognized her as one of their models. So, even though this isn't like a Renee of Paris specific, like mailer they're, sending out, I guess, they're using that models photo for this particular promotion, which is cool okay. So yes, obviously um. I I can't be suspenseful here because I'm sure the name of the wig isn't the title, but this is a Renee of Paris wig and it's actually Reilly, which is a style. I have not tried in an exclusive color and the reason I wanted to try it, because it's a very vibrant color and I freaking love brytewave. Okay, I feel, like my heart rate, just like sped up a little, I'm so excited purple hair. I'M like tearing a little purple hair has always been my dream hair, but for the longest time, like good-quality WIC sites, didn't sell, bright colors up until recently, Renee of Paris and a Duran system haven't really seeing all these amazing colors, and this is one of them. I think this is was only one of the exclusive colors like a limited release, one, but oh my god, I don't mind you. I just want to give a disclaimer if it seems shiny. It'S because I have this really really bright, like professional lighting on it. So that's gon na make it look way shinier than like any other light ever so, but I have to put it to the test and like natural light and everything too. But again this isn't a review. It'S just the unboxing guys. This color is so dynamic. It'S got like blues Silver's, lavenders darker purples, the roots are like kind of blue-black. Oh, oh, my god. This is incredible. So any time I've ever wanted to have like a nicer quality but bright wig. I would have to take one of my like retired wigs, that I stopped wearing cuz. It was kind of like at the end of its lifespan, and I would die that using the f/w Inc wig dyeing method, which is a way to die. Synthetic wigs and I've been on a couple times and it's actually a really easy process. It'S really like it has really good results, and I've done that with a bunch of my old Cody's, because I used to her Cody back in the day a lot, and I love doing that. But I never want to risk doing it too, like a brand new wig cause, I feel like just in case. I mess it up. That would be horrible, so it's way cooler for the wig to already come pre dyed and like in a much more dynamic way than I would ever be able to do with, like the F diluting method. So let me just show you guys this color. Oh, my gosh, I lowered the ring light a little, so it's a little less shiny, but Wow. Also, I've just been like dying to try Riley in general, so this is like doubly exciting. Okay, I need to try this out and like immediately my head: isn't like sweaty, it's so I'm here I have my fan off, so I can record without it being noisy in the back whoa. Okay again, this is not going to be the full week review, but the cap fits really nicely good. First impressions, mind you so, even though I'm the spokesperson for a Doran's - and they do sometimes send me wigs, but this one I bought myself, because I just really was dying to try this color and again it was like a limited release exclusive for both wigs, so They'Ve since released a bunch of other gorgeous bright colors with their recent either Renee, F, Paris or Noriko catalogue releases, which I also have yet to try, which I'm dying to try as well. And this isn't one of those colors. But I was dying to try this one specifically cuz. I love purple hair. Also like look how cute that is behind the ear, like sometimes certain wigs you can't put behind the ear, because it just looks like we gear, but this is like it goes very naturally behind the ear, oh, my god, I'm so happy right now holy crap! Oh, my god, I'm gon na, like cry so exciting, so this is the color before I forget to tell you the name of the color. By the way this is pastel lavender. So again, I think this only comes from vogue, wigs one of their exclusive colors, and it only comes in a handful of styles. It comes in this and it comes in god. I don't remember all the ones, but I will list them below or on the screen over here, so I was very tempted to get it in some of the other styles and I'm a straight image to try some of the other colors as well. But this is the one I was most drawn to because I love purple hair. This picture right here is another one, who's extremely drawn to the real curly wig, which was, I think, Jayden. Maybe I can't totally remember - and I think that was seafoam - that I'm still dying to try and I honestly might go ahead and buy that next, because I'm so happy with this color that I feel like I just want to buy all of these exclusive wigs. In all the exclusive colors, so the Winx themselves aren't exclusive and they actually are sold like they're listed as two different wigs kind of on the website. The ones are, the exclusive colors are listed like totally separately. This is so pretty. Does it really go with the shirt that well, but it goes with like mine, aesthetic of my room it those with like the tapestry. Okay, I'm gon na stop this video now before. I accidentally turn it into a wig review because it's just a wig unboxing, but I will give before view of this soon, maybe after a couple of wears that you can see how it looks in a few days. But I just got ta say I'm obsessed with like the flow of the hair. It looks very realistic, like arguably brighter colored hair is automatically going to get a lot more questions like oh, my god. It'S not a wig, not because it looks fake, but because it's so nicely colored and so pretty and like so outrageous that people might be more inclined to suit to assume it's a wig, because, like wow did you really die your whole hair? That color? Did you really commit to that color uh-huh, whereas, like it's, not that the wig looks fake? It'S that people will just automatically ask you more questions if it's a brightly, colored wig, if that makes any sense but yeah. I am so obsessed with this. I cannot get over it. Okay, I'm gon na end. This video now love you guys. So much don't forget to subscribe. If you want to see my review, which will be coming out very very soon - and let me know you think of this color and I'll see you guys in the next video you

claudianowakowski: That color is fabulous. I love the mango sunrise too. Just wow.

Blondine vloggt: it looks amazing on you :) i could never pull off colorful hair like that but i LOVE it on other people

Lori M: I ordered my Rylee last week in the color plumberry jam LR..after I watched your review on that particular color..she should be in this week..ooh..Rylee is SO pretty...I'm so excited for her!!

Tina Allen: I love rylee such a beautiful wig and that color is pretty

Staci Heart: Love it! What I’d give to be half my age so I could wear all these bright colors.

wlixmary: it makes the green in your eyes really POP!

Heart_Journey_LMC: You look beautiful in that color. I’m a new subscriber and new to wearing wigs. I think the Tatum by Amore would be perfect for me. Do you have any recommendations for the best website to buy wigs by Amore?

Lisa Jackson: So cute!

Suzanne Dawson: OMG! It’s gorgeous! I’m still debating if I should get this or not since I’m 65. Well I’m a piano teacher and artist but still...... I want it, I’m just not sure how much I’d actually wear it. I usually get many compliments when wearing an unusual wig color. Btw, does that purple meld into a soft pink at the bottom? Or is it just a lighter purple?

max_nordest: I follow Andrew Camarata, I found you browsing among his subscribers; I must say that your positivity is cool. you are a prodigy, fantastic

Ashleyyy: I’d be curious to see this color straightened out.

Douglas Ward: Very Nice Abby :)

Rachel D: Ate you gonna be at the NY Ren Fair this year? I was watching your renaissance outfit video and realized it was the same ren fair I go to!

Julia Lyberger: Im gonna be honest, the color itself is very pretty but it’s way too shiny, and makes it look fake. With my synthetic wigs, to reduce the shine I spray dry shampoo into them.

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