Sensationnel Human Hair Blend What Lace 13X6 Frontal Hd Wig - Raveena 28 +Giveaway --/Wigtypes.Com

Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Cloud 9 Swiss Lace What Lace 13x6 Frontal HD Lace Wig - RAVEENA 28 +GIVEAWAY --/WIGTYPES.COM



BONTWIST Edge Control Braid Gel - Extreme Hold

Ebin New York 10X Quick Dry Tinted Lace Spray 3.38oz


Esha Slick Slay 2 in 1 Braid & Edge Gel Ultra-Extreme Hold 5.7oz

Ebin New York 24 Hour Ebin Sleek Extreme Firm Hold Hair Wax Stick 0.53oz


Ebin New York Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray Extreme Firm Hold 2.82oz

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum 5.1oz

Red by Kiss HH05 Chrome Edge Brush Pin Tail

Ruby Kisses Matte Finish Fini Mat Powder Foundation #RMPFXX


Magic Collection #12322 Dual End Hair Cutter With Comb Razor Comb

Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse 8.4oz

*HD lace front

*13x6 lace frontal

*Pre-plucked natural density

*Medium cap size

*Human hair blend

*Heat safe up to 400F

*Light yaki texture






0:00 Intro + Wig Install + 360

1:15 Wig Features

4:19 Giveaway Rules + Wrap Up







Um, let's go this is. I know this is hey guys, happy Monday. Welcome back to our Channel guys. Today I have some really pretty units for you. I'M very excited about this. I'M very excited about all the colors that I've gotten and everything like that. So I'm going to start off with this first one by Sensational. This is one of the know: what lace units so the new one lace units that they came out with is human hair and synthetic blend. So this is one of them. She'S called rivina, and I have her in the color color melt, Hazel, she's, 28 inches long and guys from the momentum. I saw this one, the color and everything the style it's kind of given me um Vice unit 15 Vibes remember if I've seen it 15 that I reviewed last week. It was the same, almost the same type of color blend and stuff, like that it looks really pretty, but this is what it's given me. I think this one has more of a wavier um style to it or wavier Texture um. The vice unit 15 wasn't as wavy as this, but regardless this one is a 13x6 frontal, so you could part its left right or Center. It actually came parted down the middle, so I decided to leave it as because I didn't have to switch it up. I didn't have to um use heat on it, because I mean it is heat safe because it's a human hair blend, but I didn't have to add any heat on it because I left it, as is. It was flat enough straight out the box, so I just left it like that and I added powder to the part - and I did go in with my even New York, lace and spray underneath as well just to thin the lace a little bit. So it Blends in better with my skin complexion and it comes with baby hairs along the entire hairline. You can use it if you want to um the baby hairs and the hairline is pre-plugged. But again, if you want to make it look a little bit more natural, you could go in and twist it some more, but it is pre-blocked for the most part um. So, apart from the 13x6 front to let you get up front, you do have two Foams on the side, one at the back, the adjustable straps. You have an elastic band in the wig as well, not an adjustable one, just a regular one. You have a stretchable mesh, knit material cap, so it's about medium to large in capsized, I would say you could fit any head size, it's very comfortable and I have it adjusted um pretty tightly, but it's still, you know comfortable and it feels like there's extra room In there - and I know that stretch and everything so like I said, I'm pretty sure it could fit a larger head size. The texture now is a very light. Yaki hair texture - it's super duper soft. I didn't have any snags. I thought it would have been like tangling a lot because when I took it out - and I put it on it - kind of looked like it looked kind of frizzy. So I was like. Oh my God. This is gon na tangle. It'S gon na snag, but it didn't it's actually very soft. I did get a little bit of strands from it. So keep that in mind you will get some shedding but, like I said it's very soft once you comb it through and stuff like that, so um. This comes in a lot of other color melts colors that I will leave in the description box down below once you click on the link that I leave for this wig down there. You will be able to um go right to this unit on the website, and you can see all the colors that it comes in um. You can choose a color from there and you know, purchase and stuff like that. Of course it comes in one One. V number two 613 as well, but there's a bunch of um color melt, colors that it comes in and you can get to choose from this, but I really love this color, though the color melt Hazel. This is a really pretty color blend. I love it, but anyway guys. Let me know how you feel about this in the comment section down below. I think I'm gon na make this into a giveaway. If you guys want to win yourself, this beautiful unit please participate in the giveaway. The rules will be pinned in the comment section down below once you follow the rules you'll be automatically entered into the giveaway, and the winner will be announced this upcoming Friday in the giveaway announcement video that will be up at 6 PM sharp. So once you participate in any of the giveaways this week just make sure to watch the giveaway announcement, video that will be up um on Friday. Okay, thank you guys so much for watching. Don'T forget to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section, but thank you again so much for watching like subscribe, follow us on all our social media accounts. Everything is at Wake, Tech and I'll see you soon. Bye,

WigTypes Official: Giveaway Rules: (1) LIKE this video (2) Must be SUBSCRIBED to this channel (3) DO NOT reply to this comment (4) Comment below. Loving the waves or nah?? Once you’ve commented, you’ll be automatically entered into the giveaway. Winner will be announced this upcoming Friday. GOOD LUCK!!!

Msnetnet Jones: Definitely feeling the waves and color! Probably one of the best wave patterns I've seen as of late on a synthetic unit.

She Was Chosen: Yes loving the waves and color. She is really cute. I'm always wearing straight units. Your videos got me out of my 1B phase. I'm into colors now. She looks really good on you. Matches your skin tone ❤

Christina G: So pretty! This one looks like a great way to ease into wearing lighter colors <3

Jalessa Dorsey: Wig looks so soft. The color blend is nice and the unit is perfect for spring!

Louise M: LOVING the waves! Loving the color!! Loving pretty much everything!!!

lneal2800: Wow this is Gorgeous and well constructed all the way around to the curls length , color! and style so beautiful i would most definitely rock this one!! Right up my alley❤❤

BeautynGrace byDesign: Ohhhhhhkay waves, come on through! This unit is so, so pretty! I love the color blend too! Must buy this one!

Melanin Queen: Super cute unit ❤ I love the colors and the wave pattern

MeChelle Belle: ❤I absolutely ❤ love this unit on you- the color suits you very nicely!!! It's very natural looking on you! As always, many thanks for your thorough review!!!

Ms. Mommie: I absolutely love this unit. Very pretty color and waves. It's a winner for me.

Alexis Dykes: I REALLY like this!!!! The waves, color, and the density are perfect!

Phonche TV: ive never seen waves look this good on a unit recently shes so pretty!!!

Pamela Thomas: Loving the waves and color blend. Nice unit!

Lightship Harris: I am absolutely in love with this one and it's because of the waves

Kay: I'm loving the !!! The color looks cute with this style wig also!❤

Love Yourself: Happy Monday This is really pretty and love the color blend and waves. Nice long and laying flat flat. Have a Blessed Week

DD: Yes I am definitely loving the waves they are so pretty and perfect for the spring time

Marguerita: Love this unit, the wave pattern is beautiful

Que Grubbs: This wig is fire, the color is on point and the waves are soo pretty :)

Xtremly Blessed: This looks really great and yes loving the waves

Heather Dubrow's Leftover Sushi: Yea I thought of that vice unit when I saw this as well. This one's even prettier, I'm digging this dipped look ❤

kennisha simmons: L❤VE the color blend!!! It's giving summertime

teairra o: Definitely loving the waves! And the color is beautiful

Tierney Washington: I am loving the color and the waves. It’s gorgeous

Delphine M.: The waves are so pretty and the coloring goes well with the style

Sew Vintage: Im loving the units with waves lately I love a good deep wave but this is a nice switch up the color is bomb

Miyyjanaee: I’m definitely feeling thissss! Loving the waves and color!

Kimberly Pender: I like the style and ombre color. I love 13x6 wigs. The waves are gorgeous.

MissKim: I’m always a fan of waves and the color makes it look even better

ablckdiamd1: Love the waves on this unit!

Jet Brief: Beautiful. The install is quick and simple.

Beautiful_Ayanna: I love the waves and the color is nicely blended.

Toxic Chocolate 🍫: I’m loving the waves…it’s very pretty and the color is giving me lioness vibes

PeekabooGirl: Gorgeous color, loving the wavy style.

Abu Amirah: I’m really loving the waves and the color blend

Stefanie Smith: The waves are gorgeous and give it volume ❤

Denetria Arias: Loving the color and the look of the texture of this one

Jasmine Jones: The color is so pretty and I love me a long wig the waves are beautiful.. I would definitely make it a side part

Tammy O: Waves are gorgeous, so is color, lovely unit, enough parting space for a good style.

Ria Bossa: This as a side part i love the color combo and transition

charlene jamison: I like how the waves of this lewk are very free form and carefree.

Pretty Byrd: I love the boho pretty ❤

Shaday Beauty: I definitely love the waves ❤❤❤

christina gutierrez: Super cute love the length and color blend.

Victoria G: She’s a cutie! Hopefully with it being a blend she won’t tangle quick

MzMorningStarz: Very cute. I love the waves!

Ms T: The color and the wave are so cute!

Trudy: Love the waves and the colour blend.

Cierra Shannon: Sooooo cute ❤ I’m loving these waves

Felisa Hyman: Love the waves and the color.. very pretty and summery

DonnDiva: I am loving these waves and the color

Ms.DoubleO's: Yessss!!!! Loving the waves and colors ❤️

Nellie Miller: Loving those long gorgeous waves

Cameron Gray: I thought this was the same unit as well when I first saw it. I really do love the color blend.

Shenice Crooks: Love the waves, it's so natural

Alima Wilson: The waves are cute! Like the color blend. These new colors are

Erica22: I love the waves it gives human hair vibes!

Avianc'e Gainey: This is the one!! I loooove the color and the waaaves! It’s the perfect volume for me.

Patricia Mcmoore: She is so pretty with the waves. It has a healthy luster.

Keyetta Monts: This wig is everything . Love the color


ULuvMyWeird: I love the length, waves, and color.

Rose tish: I'm always loving the waves

Melinda Hall: Hey miss lady. Loves how flat tis lays. She is beautiful. Love the length and fullness. Super super pretty

Qgyrl: Okay Sensationnel ❤️. I really like the color and I love how flat it sits. The color

Malibu Jackson: Beautiful, love the waves and the color

Ty D: Waves are actually really cute with the tri color ombré

Elle Williams: Ok, really love the ombre on this one, it's a three-tone!

BeNicole: Yes! I need this one right here ❤

Glamma's Beauty Reviews: This is beautiful and the colors are very pretty

dmca301: I think the unit is beautiful and I love the waves

Candice Barton: ❤ This color is great and the wave is nice

Kiheenia Pelius: I love the waves and the color would love to get this unit

Renita Blackwell: Yes, I'm Loving The Wave and The Color....

Shan Weigt: Loving the waves ❤

Sucre Jewel: Love the color and style!

The Art Of Soothe: Love the density and waves

Ashley Scissor Hands: Cuteeee. Love this unit. I'm not sure if it's for me though

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Yes love the waves and color of this unit

Flawless_Meee_: Loving the waves ❤❤❤

Adria Janae: Cute color blend!

vincika palmer: Hell Ya I am feeling the waves it's giving fall

Sheree Murphy: Oh yes I love the pretty waves!

Mariah Madrid: I’m living for the waves

MoonGoddess773: It's the waves & color for me. Those the two colors that fit my complexion the best as well

2Cole4U: Whew chilleee.... I seen your thumbnail and I was like yessss!!! Yes I love the Loose waves!!!

Kinksgalore: I need to try sensationnel human hair blend.‍♀️

Haze78: I am really feeling this color ❤

iam_Eva33 Gibson: I'm loving the waves it's cute

Debbie Howard: Love this unit to cute

ThatHoodGurl2 The Hood: This one is so pretty.

Nekii: It's doing what needs to be done ✅

Angelique Graham: The waves are nice. I like that color too

jin B: I love the waves and ombre color

That90schick: Looks so lush

Glam4Me: Oooo Yesssss this unit is Gorgeous ✨✨

SuperSkinandHairCare: Universe…this wig is for me! Thanks

tori jefferson: Waves galore love it

She's Lawnie: I am eating the waves up!!

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