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New colour alert! SOLSTICE by Jon Renau - S18-60/102RO

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Blonde Ombré from Cascading Colours collection shown here on Alessandra

Solstice comes with a long light mousy brown root and lightened with white and platinum blonde, creating a striking fashionable contrast.

Now about Alessandra : Wow! This wig! I have finally laid my hands on this one!

If you have not tried this baby here’s why you may be missing out:

- extended lace front

- full monofilament top

- smaller average open cap construction with minimal permatease

- soft and silky synthetic hair

Purchased with my own funds from Aspire Hair ❤️

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My head measurements are:

Circumference - 21.5" (Average)

Front to back - 12" (Petite)

Ear to ear - 12" (Petite)

Neck - 4"

Face - 8.5"

Height - 5.1

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Hi everyone welcome. This is Ted from teswick Emporium. Today, I'm having a look at Alessandra in a brand new cascading color by John Renault called Solstice in color code s, 1860, 102 uh. Oh, so stay tuned guys! This week has been on my list for such a long time, so when the new cascading colors came out, I've decided now it's the time to try this week out. Let me give you a spin first, so this is my right hand, side from the back and my left, okay guys. So before we move on to Alessandra, let's break down this beautiful new ombre shade, we are getting a long route of number 18, which is like a very neutral light. Mousy Brown. It is not, however, a very flat color. There is still few streaks of that platinum. Blonde so it's very multi-dimensional, it looks super super natural. It actually matches my bio hair perfectly so about Midway. That color starts being lightened, really really dramatically. With white and platinum. Blonde white is number 60 and platinum blonde is number 102.. Now it is super super striking, color guys and my biggest difficult. He was to find a suitable clothing to be able to show this color off for you guys so I've gone with black, because that really um creates that beautiful contrast when wearing um Solstice. It does stand out a lot and this is perfect for special occasions. This is perfect for party hair and especially for New Year party. Let'S talk about Alessandra, so what do I love about this? The most definitely the layers they frame your face, beautifully cascading down. They are very choppy and separated right at the bottom and in this particular color. It just looks okay, proper fashion statement piece now. When you get her straight out of the box, you might find that the front pieces flop fold just a tad as usual. What you need to do with um styles, like that is use the heat from your fingers and just press it down until those layers are trained to stay on the side. Now let me just give you the measurements, so the banks measure eight and a half inches from Crown it measures 13 and three quarters sides measure ten and a half and the nape measures 13 and three quarters as well. Overall, we are getting a 23 inches long piece, so she is super long. Really sexy really feminine piece, absolutely gorgeous guys now. Alessandra weighs 5.3 ounces which, on the face of it, would signify quite a dense style, and if I show you guys what the ponytail looks, it is quite thick right at the name, but then because of this layers, it gets slightly thinner towards the bottom making. It look very believable, very natural, looking um cut, it is very, very Sleek as well. There are some permatees right here on the top. They are very, very minimal. You can hardly feel and the payment he's on a top. They just give you that tiny little lift here at the top now the amazing thing about Alessandra is that she comes with a lace front which is extended. This is what the lace front looks like and because of this very light protein, the knots are basically invisible. Guys, the full monofilament top gives you that advantage that you can Pat your hair wherever you like. You can definitely pick your favorite side, it Parts really easy. The coverage and the extended lace front is really really great. It hits me right about here where the ear tabs end. They are quite firm against my temples, so that will make sure that those e tabs stay in place. Really nice, here's the other side. The lace is extended. I only wish it was extended slightly further down foreign here guys. As you can see, I really wish they followed with slightly deeper, extended lace. This is synthetic fiber. It is super super smooth and silky. As you can see, I can run my fingers through those layers with very minimal tangling. She is super easy to comb through very beautiful Style. As far as the fit goes, this is an average size cup. It is, I would say, slightly leaning towards smaller average. However, there is plenty of stretch in those wefts to allow for a larger circumference head. The only thing I would say is that it feels a little bit low on the back of my ear, so I do have to occasionally push the wig cap away from the back of my ear. It is tackable quite easy, no problem there, because the density is really natural, and although this is a quite heavy wig and I feel like it, looks very believable Alessandra offers such a huge variety of different looks with those beautiful layer layers around the face. You can create just some amazing, looking Style, Just sadly pinned at the back. It looks so soft and feminine. I just love this one. You can of course go with the classic ponytail, definitely and go with a side ponytail. You can introduce a little braid as well. Isn'T that cute user claw clip like this to bring all of the hair up and away from your neck? This is such a cutie with a headband. Let'S have a look at the cup construction. Next, we've got an extended lace, full monofilament top, and here are the permate is located just under that netting material. Air temps are covered with a very soft felted material. Then the open wefting around the sides in the back and an extended felted nape with my favorite velcro type Adjusters. There is definitely loads of stretch in here. It feels super comfortable, definitely a beautiful cup construction guys would I recommend Alessandra most definitely. Yes, she makes me feel like million dollars, guys this is just beautiful, although she's not the most affordable piece from this. My latest collection, I feel like the quality and the finish of Alessandra, is just amazing. I hope that you find this helpful. Please give me a thumbs up if you did. Thank you so much for watching guys, and I will see you next time. Bye,

Beautiful You Wig Reviews : Great review, Ted! I loved Alessandra when I reviewed her! She’s so pretty on you!

T2the_heyy: Stunning, Ted. xx

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