Trying On Cheap Wigs From Wish!

I bought a bunch of cheap wigs from the Wish app and today I'm trying them on to see how they look! Leave me a comment letting me know which ones you think suit me best!

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Hey guys, it's pretty ly saunas and welcome back to my channel now over the last few months. I have done a few wish related videos and I thought today I would do something a little bit different and I've gone and purchased a bunch of weeks of wish and we are going to try them on and see if there are any good. I think wigs are fun. It'S a good way to see what you look like with different hair colors without going to the effort of dyeing your hair, so I was going to get straight on to it. I hope you guys enjoy watching. As always, if you do don't forget to thumbs up subscribe to my channel, if you aren't already and if you are already subscribed, make sure you hit that little Bell button, so you get notified every time I post a video all right. So, first things: first, I am going to put my hair up, so it is out of the way the first week that I have here I can find the front of this is somewhat of a bulb kind of week with some curls and a bit of a Front fringe or bangs whatever you want to call it, I'm just gon na go right ahead and put this on and see how it looks and by the way I have no idea how much these were. I think some were like 15 bucks. Some might have been 20, I mean I'm gon na use them again, even if they're all I'll use them for a video where I play characters other than myself. Oh, yes, Wow! I look like Willy Wonka like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That'S what I'm getting those kind of fun? Yes, no I mean this is. This is fun I feel like. I definitely don't suit. The this I feel like this is making me look like a bit of a mushroom head. What do you guys think leave a comment below and tell me if any of these actually suit me or if I just look horrendous, I feel like this style is not my style like what is this? It'S literally a mushroom, and this is just so round what, if I go like this, that is even worse. Let'S just pretend that I didn't do that. I mean this is fun, but I don't think it's me. As for the color, it's fine - I mean you know, but not really, a fan of the style, but this is fun. That'S what this video is all about. It'S about time, all right! Moving on, let's go with this one here, which is a quite dark at the top and then like a belly. Oh Sh, this is belly, agile, hombre, I still don't know the difference. Is there a difference? I don't know this is what the weave looks like. It has a very big transition shade, like super dark at the top like almost black here to go. It'S got a middle part kind of looks like a real part, but not really. Let'S give it a go. This okay, I like this, doesn't look like a real part at all like this is pretty quality, not that I know anything about weeks. Well, how do we feel about this? This is horrendous, like the dark. Just really stops, it's not like a nice blend. That'S just like yeah: it stops it out there and then goes blonde. Look at me talking like I'm some sort of weak or hair critic professional. I mean no, this honestly like look where these dark color stops right there. It'S like two different wigs, this bit kind of looks nice, like kind of looks real, like a warm blonde at the ends here. I think that looks quite nice, but this they really just up on the top and what is with these, like streaks, just randomly up there if they had done this week in just all this color, I think I maybe would have liked it. It'S not the best. We got Pitts very like thick, you know what I mean: it's not like a flat to your head and yeah. Just not. This is no you internet hairdressers and ask for like an ombre belliard and you walked out with this you'd be pretty pissed off moving on. We are going to move on to this one which looks like an absolute mess. It'S a bit nicer. I will brush it out and give it a go. This one is pretty short in length and it is wavy, but I like that it doesn't have a fringe. It doesn't have bangs at the front. It'S just got eight middle part, so this might look better than the first one that I tried on. So let's give it a go. Shall we hey once again they've put a part in the middle, but it doesn't look very realistic at all. I mean why am I surprised, I'm buying these things from wish? Okay, what is this supposed to be? I can't imagine having this much hair. Oh, that kind of looks real. Why did I not bring bobby pins up here? Am I going to go downstairs and get bobby pins? I feel like. I should because that kind of looked cute for a sec like does this kind of look real when I do that it doesn't look very good when it's like this, it's too in my face, I mean bobby pins up here. You know I probably own about two bobby pins, but I think I've purchased around 7,000 in my life, like I don't know where they end up, but I have purchased a lot of bobby pins in my time. This one is Kyle right. I would never go in public with one of these because, let's be honest, can you guys see it apart, like it's just definitely a week, if you know what I mean, but I think the color is not too bad. Alright, the next one that I'm trying on for you guys, I already know, is the best one of them all. The reason for that is is because, as soon as it's arrived and I was waiting for all the others to arrive, I just had to get it out of its packet and try it on I've, really posted the Instagram photo wearing it, and it's so heavy like There'S so much weight in it I'll show you guys what it looks like on this low key makes me want to dye my hair pale pink like even the cat underneath it fits my head. So well like look how cool this looks is so thick like there is so much hair, but seriously check that out. It actually looks realistic from the front. It fits so well in my head and I can tell that a lot more time and effort was put into making this than the other ones that I've just tried on before and check out the length on. It is so nice and thick and heavy, and I love the color, like. I literally wish that I could have this hair color, but I couldn't do it because then I would not be able to wear so many clothing colors, but is why we have wigs. So we can wear them for fun. I don't think I never be game enough to wear this in public just saying, but it is a really cool week and I wish that my hair was like this because it's so beautiful. I actually feel a little sad to take this one off, because my hair just looks like poo compared to act. Ok, the next one that I have is another lace front wig. It feels pretty nice quality heavy like the one that I just tried on. So, let's give this a go, not I'm not quite understanding what the hairline is on this one, like what kind of shape that is supposed to be like it's very round like no hair comes forward, or I'm not quite sure what is going on there with the Shape of this hairline, it feels nice, I'm getting an Amy Lee from Evanescence vibes and this one hello. Can you see into my eyes like upin knows I don't know like? Is it the color that throws me off this because I just don't think I really suit super dark hair or is it the shape of the hairline like it's very oval? This would be a nice week if they'd put a little bit more effort into the hairline, because it really is just very round it's an unusual shape for a hairline like they should have made it a bit more. You know I even and but other than that, it's pretty nice do I suit this dark hair, or do I not? I just feel like Snow White, like I feel like it makes me, look very pale, very Evanescence, which is ok, because I loved Evanescence back in the day, but yeah I mean this one is alright. I need to brush it a bit better. It'S a bit naughty and then moving on to my last and final week, i am, i have a blonde bob kind of we get with a lot better of a dark route than the other blind one that we tried on. I don't think I suit Shorthair anyway. He goes it's just amazing like how much here these ones are like. I feel like the head bit underneath on the lace. Ones fix your head, so much better these ones. You really have to force it down onto your head and it feels like it wouldn't stay on. Oh, this is kind of cute, though I feel like it's a little longer on one side than the other. Am I supposed to move it across like that? So it's like off-center, oh, I kind of like this, like I'm digging, this cut normally I'll, be like no, I I would never cut my hair in a bob. Does this short hair make me look older? I don't know I'm kind of getting like Margot Robbie vibe. If this didn't have the regrowth - and it was just blonde Margot Robbie vibes, but this actually looks better than I thought I mean the part is pretty pretty average and it's very thick they're, like the lace front ones are just SuperDuper thin, but this is kind of Cute, like I kind of like this style, I wonder how many times I have said kind of in this video - probably a lot overall. This is actually a really cute week. It'S nice and soft. It'S thick enough. It'S not too thin. I like the color, and I actually really like this cut. Maybe when I'm all done, I'm like a mom, I can have a bob. I feel like it's a mom thing to get a bulb. Take the kids to school leave a comment down below which of these wigs do you like on me and which ones were just horrendous back to my hair. Now I almost feel like my hair, looks like a week now because I'm tried on it so many weeks anyway, guys those are all the wigs that I picked up from wish. I hope you have enjoyed watching me. Try them on. As always, don't forget to give this video a massive thumbs up for me if you did enjoy watching and I'll see you all in my next video, which would be sometime in the very near future, bye guys thanks guys,

Schoko Cookie: The first dark one with the bangs looks amazing on you

lfiiizzz: That first wig looked SOOOOO good on you! That color just fits you and that style made your eyes look amazing

jeclkiAJ: am i just imagining it or does she look so amazing with the first one? like the color plus the curliness and especially the bangs! it looks so amazing on her!

Amy Craig14: Dark hair suits you so much better than blonde! You look beautiful either way♥️

Amanda E.: Absolutely love the pale pink wig, i want to purchase it! Looks amazing on you

Jasmine H: I actually love that first wig on you omg so pretty

Kannibal Kandy: The first wig actually looked absolutely gorgeous on you!

Kristyna Brozova: Honestly, brown hair looks amazing on you, it makes your eyes pop!

xo dalal: The first wig looked so good on you , you seriously looked so good in that hair color

Michele Watson: I love watching try on wig video's! It's so fun to see what people look like with different hair colors and styles! I think the pink one looked pretty good on you but my fav was the blonde bob at the end! Also, I do agree that the parts look a bit funny and thick and too wig like!


Teuilaaa: I deadass love your videos because you literally review all the random stuff i want and I can see if its worth it or not

Monique Rice: Sis how could u not love the first wig it totally fits you

kristin: First one looks stunning, that colour really make you look x Don’t me wrong you’re stunning with blonde hair but the chocolate brown makes your eyes pop and your skin look flawless. For me if the third one had a blunt fringe it would be fantastic!!!

AK: I absolutely love the first, third and last wigs. They suit you so freakin well. You should actually consider styling your hair in one of those styles.

Shannon Perkins: The first wig, the colour looks amazing on you

Cassandra Hannah: How fun! You are so pretty and it was nice of you to put this together for all of us Wish-lovers who have been considering a wig them for a purchase, this has helped a lot. Stay glam!

diamondangel1969: The first one looked AMAZING on you. If you played with it, you would be able to wear it out and no one would know it's a wig. The pink was really cool too.

Lia Vanus: The first one with the bangs was actually the most sophisticated style. Very Parisian chic and it suited you very well, in my opinion.

Ruby Pickert: You honestly looked amazing in the dark colours

Tokyo Snow: I loveed tht first brown one wit bangs tht honestly looked the best on u

Stephanie George: The last pink wig looks amazing on you, you should definitely wear it out!

Broookie: the brown from the first wig looked so pretty on you I loved it!

Jerrika: Oh you totally rock those wigs! Especially the last one!!! Really suits you! New subscriber here and will continue watching your vids

Leah Hyland: Brittney, the first wig is actually really pretty and it highlights your eyes and the colour looks nice on u

Laura K: Is it weird that I was actually digging the dark bob on you

Kayla Snyder: The first wig looked SO good on you!

Shine Alday: Why does every hair color look sooo good on her! very impressed!

Brittany Leigh: the 2 dark bobs look amazing on you,especially the wavy one. and the blonde bob wasn't too bad either.

Taylor Stratton: Dark hair looks AMAZING on you!!

Jacinta: The first wig looks SO GOOD on you

Whitney Gracelyn: Both of the shorter dark ones looked amazing on u!! Dark hair REALLY suits u!!

Leslie Lagomarsino: You actually looked very pretty in all of the wigs :)

TK: You look amazing with dark hair!! It really highlights your eyes

hayleylsomerfield: The brown curly was cute when u pinned it back. The Bob actually really suits you. The pink thought does look so much better quality and pretty cool but you are right about clothing clashing.

Kayla Hammann: The "mushroom head" one was so cute on you! I love the pink one, the "Amy Lee" and the last one you tried. Those look really good!

Ayandra Ribeiro: The first brown wig looks beautiful on you !!

Kristyna Brozova: I actually think the first one looks amazing!

Ks: The first wig looks beautiful on you!

Adriana Caputo: you need to die your hair black! like wtf? its stunning. your eyes pop, your fave brightens. blonde does nothing to make your features pop. amazing

christine cervantes: I love the first one. The color is great on your skintone and I think a similar style would be super cute on you.

Alexandria Lambert: I think that colour looks amazing on you and the fringe definitely suits you

Isabel R.: The darker colors look soooooo good on you!!

SpokenbyJ: you look amaaaazing in dark hair. i loved all 3 on you and the short styles. Brings out your eyes. i think we are just used to seeing ourselves one way.

sapat: I really like the 1st one (dark with bangs). It reminds me of the 70's when girls in England wore mini-skirts and long thick bangs. Around the time of Twiggy, early Beatles. That vibe. Edited to add-- don't be so hard on yourself. You look great in the dark colors!!

Ashley Marie: You look stunning with dark hair!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Jynxxxycat: I have bought the lace front version of the wavy, middle part bob wig. You're the first person I've seen, to review that style, though it is common on the shopping sites! I'll let you know if it's better than the skin part version.

Angel Lynn: The first wig looks gorgeous on you!!!!

Robin Turnbull: The dark brown hair suites you. The pink wig and the blond bob wig looked so good on you.

Monja Stander: I love the 1st wig’s hair color and bangs on you. It really suits u!

Audreyona Powers: I honestly think the first wig looks very pretty on you really brings out your eyes you should definitely Rock it

Nancy Lane: You really look good in the first wig. The third one, great color on the bottom part. And the last one looks good too. It's a "cooler" look. That first one really brings out personality

Heather Dickey: You're beautiful, so naturally beautiful and sweet. Thanks for the reviews they are super helpful!

cooper: omg the first one actually looks so good!!

Aaliyah Foster: That black was everything I absolutely loved it, it made your eyes pop more

I stepped on my toes stranger things fan: I thought most of them looked great on you! The first one was gorgeous on you!

Oello👽: You’re SO beautiful and the pink one looks so good!, Oh and that Evanescence moment was glorious!

WhyJordie: I have the pink one! It’s my favorite wig I’ve ever bought. I got it from Amazon about three years ago!

drawer and gamer: Loved the pink and actually didn't mind the first one either !! Those would be my fav style/colours on you haha

Mallorie Blair: You looked good in the first one, the bangs actually do suit you well.

Liza Ray: fringe suits u soooo well! i really do like the first wig

Lauren Mason: For the hair line on the black one, you can cut it into your own shape, that's the joy of a lace front. And then you can pluck and trim to make the parting more realistic and you can create baby hair's :)

Rena End: I happen to think the 1st one looked adorable on you! The last one looked great too.

Liz_travels_theworld: Pink one suited you a lot! Of course this should all be for a 'reacting to hate comments' vid

Robin Lynn: Wig 1 looked great on you (and loved the bangs on you)! Loved the pink & the black one as well & blonde bob was ok, but I am personally not fond of the ombre' look.

Stephany Flanagan: Dark hair looks so good on you!

Amanda Schroeder: Thank you! I just went and purchased 2 wigs because of this video. I hope they are sponsoring you!

Timetravelinfool: Wig #1 is super cute on you. Wig #2 is just no. Wig #3 is super cute also. Maybe do the glitter part to hide that it's not real. Wig #4 is amazeballs! Wig #5 is good but kinda weird... Wig #6 is #goals for real hair. (Just my opinion)

Gray: as someone who has light pink hair (currently different to my pic) i can tell you that you can still wear every bit of clothing you want, it actually doesnt clash. not like if you've got bright or intense hair. also if i'd never seen you before and you started a video w one of those wigs i 100% wouldnt be able to tell!! except maybe the shitty balayage one lol

Norah B13: One of the best videos.. you rocks girl I can't stop laughing.. thanks for this

pixel: The third wig looked amazing on you

Alyssa Lesko: I love the first one on you it compliments your face shape and bags are amazing on you

Echo The Cat: I think you look stunning in the first dark wig. I know you think it looks like a mushroom but no it looks great.

liv johnson: you’re literally hilarious, also i loved the third one and the pink one omg

Hey Kay: That pink wig looks amazing!!

Leia Callier: Okay but you look great with the short hair ones!! Love them!!

Woah! It's Buttons.: Also you can tweeze the hairlines on lace front wigs just to get a more natural blend. Lots of other YouTubers have made great thorough videos on making wigs more customized and natural!!

Renée Willis: This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen! Thanks for a great belly laugh

Maya White: The bob is sooo nice you really suit it!

Amy Gillson: I love love LOVE the first wig!

Fumbling Sugar: Luv the wigs!! It’s fun to just change it up all the time!!!!

Vivien Eisler: The first one looked sooo good on you

Cai Mcintosh: not even lying, the first one really did suit you! loved it

lysa chandler: 100% you look good in all of them

Amanda Baker: Love her hair you sholuld do a tutorial on how to recreate this whole look so i can try with my zala hair extensions!

Samantha Morten: The first brown one and the black looks great on you, ps, you look awesome with black hair. The pink and the blonde bob is my favourite!!!

999MIHAELA999: I love the Pink one, and it looks awesome on you. If you could please provide us a link, it would be really helpful. There are dozens of Pink wigs on Wish, and they look almost identical (because they recycle the pics and use them for more than one product). A link would be great, thank you

Marie Anable: Love how she’s like “I can’t imagine having this much hair” when my hairs like triple that thickness lmao

Hannah Thomas: Your eyes pop so much with dark hair ! I’m keen for all the skits you can do now! So many characters

mschilepepper10: The first wig looks great on you especially the color really brought out your eyes. I would think it’s the closes to your natural hair color

Melissa Gerber: 1st wig looks great on u. The bangs and color for sure!!!

Athaya Syahrana: Im in love with the first wig!

Testing 5 Minecraft: The pink one looked soooooo good on you!!

JC: The whole point to lace front wigs is to look natural but so you can customize them by pulling out strands of hair from the hairline so it matches your own. The black one just needs some plucking but looked more natural than some of the others.

Valerie Damon: #1 is absolutely gorgeous on you

E: I love the first wig it really suited you xxxx

Esther François: i love the last wig , the short blond :) really nice on you =)


Kristina Newman: I love the first wig.

Iv1309: I was actually surprised to see that Wish has pretty okay quality wigs. Of course you'll always be a bit able to notice difference, but they look cute though. And as others already said, a bit foundation on the parting would help, the beautiful black one (with the Amy Lee vibe) has a weird shape though but would do fantastic in combination with a hat. The pink one I loved the most. The long black going halfway to blonde wasn't bad but isn't fitting with you somehow, I think dark skinned people will probably be able to rock a wig like that though. Furthermore the other dark shaded wigs did look nice on you. I think you can have almost anything on your head and make it look great, blonde, dark (just not dark and somewhere around the chin suddenly going extremely blonde)

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