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Hey everybody, it's alyssa welcome back to my channel and in today's video i am going to be trying on some wigs and just showing you the wigs that i got. I do apologize for the lighting. It is supposed to thunderstorm all day today, of course, the day that i decide, i'm going to film and yeah, i'm just using one little ring light. So i'm sorry if the lighting is kind of bad, but i kind of like the vibe that it's giving off right now, seven wigs to show you guys - and this company actually sent me these wigs, i'm not too sure how to pronounce the website. So i'll put it on the screen, i think it's like ooh box or woo box. I have no idea how to say it, but they have some really cute wigs and clothing and accessories and stuff on their website. So i'm going to review them and show you guys they're, not paying me to review these they're literally. They just sent me the wigs. So the first thing i do have to say is that these wigs took two months to get here. They ordered them. On april 23rd - and it is now june 19th - so almost two months it took for these wigs to get from where they came from to here in america. I'M not too sure where this package came from it's either like china or hong kong, i'm not too sure which one because i it doesn't say which one and i don't recognize the like letters and stuff, because i don't study that language so um yeah. I came from a different country and i already took the wigs out of the box, but, as you can see, the box was literally destroyed when it got here. Luckily, it's just wigs, so they're not gon na. You know bend or break or anything like that. But there's the packaging, so it was very destroyed and it did take two months to get here. I know it's not the company's fault for the shipping taking so long, but just keep that in mind. So yeah i'm going to go ahead and show you guys all of the wigs that i picked out. One of them is for my sister, and i will show you that one as well and we're just gon na try them on see the quality and see if they're good, like right out of the box without having to cut bangs or anything like that. All right. So i'll get started with the one that my sister picked out. So this is the lolita cherry, pink, double ponytail wig and it came in a long size and a short size, so long, hair and short hair and she chose short hair and this wig is 35. Us dollars so let's go ahead and see what it looks like in the box. It does come with a wig cap. I personally don't like these type of wig caps, so i'm just going to put on the one that i wear every single day. Now that my hair is starting to get longer, i do have to wear these wig caps now, because my natural hair will start sticking out underneath the wig when before, since my hair was basically bald, i didn't have to do that all right. There we go usually like these little hairs kind of stick out a little bit because i can't get them to go inside of the wig cap, but so it's packaged very nicely. We have this black like netting surrounding the wig. There is paper inside of it, so the inside of it is looks like this. It'S kind of like a yellow color, so it looks like pretty nice quality on the inside and the hair actually feels pretty nice. Actually, as you can see, it's kind of like curled like that and it's this really nice rose goldish at the bottom and then like this nice blonde at the top. I really like this wig, the bangs look like they're gon na be super super long, but i'm not going to be styling them just because it's for my sister and i don't want to style her wig for her. So you might want to do something else completely different with it. Let'S go ahead and put it on all right. Here is the first one and with a little bit of styling, i think it would look a lot better. I personally wouldn't pick out this way because it's not my style, it's definitely more of my sister's style um. The curls at the bottom are super super cute, but i don't know if you could tell at the top, but it's all kinds of funky up here. It'S like puffy, so it definitely needs to be like plucked up here and it's really really bumpy back here. It'S like my head doesn't fit the wig very well, but once you cut the bangs shorter and style the wig a little bit better, i think it definitely has potential to look a lot better than it does. But up here the hairline does not feel or look very, very flattering, and the bangs are just so so long like i don't even have the wig pulled all the way down to my hairline and the wigs. The bangs are still super long yeah. I don't know about this one personally for me, i think my sister will make it look really good, because she's really good at styling, wigs for cosplay and stuff like that, and it definitely has potential to look good if it's styled, but straight out of the bag. Not my favorite i'll, probably give it like a two out of five stars honestly, but the color and the cut is really cute. It just needs a little bit of something so yeah, here's the first one all right. Next, i see a blue one, which i actually only own one blueish type wig, but it's actually kind of gray. So i wanted to try another blue color, because i did have my hair blue at one time um. So this is the blue purple long straight wig and it is 44. which is actually kind of expensive to me. I wouldn't say that these wigs are very cheap. I feel like they're kind of in the middle, not super expensive, but not super cheap either. Once again, we have another wig cap, so here is what it looks like straight out of the bag. So i chose one that didn't have front bangs because in the last wig video i did, i got all wigs with bangs and you couldn't really see what the hairline would look like if you didn't get it. So i did get this one. That does not have front bangs, but it does kind of have these like side swept bangs, and this is a really really pretty color. I really like it. Actually it's very long. I love the look of long wigs, but they get tangled so easily so yeah. I need to brush this out real fast and then, let's put it on once again on the inside. We have this netting material, oh no, the hairline is so bad. What is this? Is there anything you do about it? Okay, guys here is the wig and the styling is really pretty like the layers and everything are really nice, but look at the hairline look at that. That is horrible, like it's super super thick right here and it like goes up really. Strangely it. It definitely has potential to look nice, but it is super super thick right here. It does not look natural at all, as you can see from my hair and it's super puffy up here, so it needs a lot of plucking and, like i understand that a lot of wigs need to be styled to look. You know how like how you want it to look, but i just feel like they should have done a little bit better on this hairline, because that looks a little rough. This part right here looks super natural and i like that, but i don't know why they made it look kind of weird right there. So these are one of those wigs that you would wear with like a hat, so you can see the bottom part and from far away it looks really cute, but up close, it needs to be fixed up here and i think i can fix it um if You guys want me to do a video on like how to fix cheap looking wigs, then definitely let me know because i'm definitely going to be doing it to this wig for sure i won't be doing it for the video, but it has potential like if you Put a hat on it would look really really cute and i really like the color and the style and the length and everything, but the hairline is really bad yeah. Do i think it's worth the money? Um? Yes, and no. If you want to style your own wig, i would give this probably like a three and a half out of five stars just because of the hairline, but it's a really really pretty color, and i really like the waves in it. I do think it's really pretty, but it's just so puffy up here and i wish it was just it just looked a little bit better. So far, these wigs aren't looking very good, but we still have five more, so i'm not gon na give up the next. We have this one, i'm not too sure which one it is yet. So let me just take it out and show you, so this is the black silver gray, long straight wig. It is 43 and it does have bangs. So it is half black half silver hair, which i have always loved - that style, the black and silver. It'S always just been one of my favorite types of hair colors together, it's just so so pretty the bangs will probably be too long, so i probably will cut them for this video. Just because i want to see what it would look like. So here's what the bangs look like without being cut they're just a little long, so let me cut them real fast. I don't know if you guys can see this, but it's like the hair was bent in packaging or something because it's like wavy right here right at the hairline, so it makes the hair look really really puffy and cheap up at the hairline, which is not ideal. Okay, here it is after cutting the bangs and this one's definitely my favorite out of all of the three, but it's still not that nice um. Once again the hairline is super puffy and it's dented and bent so i'm going to have to. I don't even know if i can use a hair straightener on this to make it look nicer. Yeah that looks so cheap. It'S like, obviously, a wig when you look at it, but i do like the feeling of the hair and i do like the colors, and i think that is really nice. I just think the issues with all of these wigs is the hairline. That'S pretty much it like the rest of the hair looks really nice and the like the netting on the inside, and everything is really nice quality. It'S just this part right here that looks bad in all of these wigs. So i really like the way it looks, though it reminds me of like um, a kpop idol. I feel like it's just really pretty. I like the way that it looks, and i'm sure it looks really good in pictures as well, and the bangs cut really nicely and stuff too so just got ta make this part look better myself and try to straighten this part right here, yeah so so far Out of the three, this one is definitely my favorite. I will give this a four out of five just because the denting is really noticeable. I tried to take a picture and in the picture all you could see was my dented head right here. It'S not as noticeable on camera as it is in real life, but all right, so here is the next one, i'm not too sure which one this one is. So, let's take it out real fast. Once again, it looks like these all come with the same type of wig cap, so i think this is the lolita cream blonde long straight wig, and it's not very straight: it's actually wavy um and in the picture it looks like it should be straight. So it's a very pretty color. I really like this almost ginger hair color. This is the hair color i had when i was a kid. It was like almost ginger. It was like a blonde color. Now my natural hair is more dark than this, but this wig is super long super not straight and wavy, even though in the listing it says straight, okay, out of all the wigs, this one is actually really cute. I think i like this one better than the last one um the bangs are a little smooshed in. They just need to be styled a little bit better, but i don't have to cut them or anything they're a good length and the color is pretty. I really like the way it lays like. I really like the color. It looks really nice um, but once again the listing said it was straight hair. This is definitely not straight. This is more wavy in my opinion, but it's still really really cute. So i'm not gon na complain about that and out of all of the puffy, you know hair lines right here. This one is the least puffy still could use a little bit of plucking and styling here at the bang area. So i'll give it like a four and a half out of five um. It'S not really shedding too much there's a little bit of hair that came out just now, but i did just brush it yeah with a little bit of styling. I think this wig definitely has potential. It reminds me of asuna from sword online or asuna. However, you say it yeah sword online was one of my favorite animes, because it was the first one i ever watched. So don't come for me, but it reminds me of her hair color, so i feel like if you wanted to buy this to cosplay her. This would be a really cute anime, cosplay wig, because it it's so long, it has so much potential to style it in different ways. Yeah, it's really cute. I really like it actually all right. So here is the next one. It'S almost the same color as the last one. That'S why i'm not too sure if i got the right listing or not um compared to the last one. So let's just see and make sure that i didn't mistake. The two listings and the other one was supposed to be wavy and i was just confused okay, so i definitely was not confused like i thought i was so this next one right here is the lolita long curly wig and it is 39 and it has bangs Um, this is more of my natural hair color. I guess you could say it's kind of like this dirty blonde color, so i actually really really like this color and the style i really like the curliness to. It definitely reminds me of like lolita, japanese street fashion, but once again the bangs are dented in right here, as you can see, so the bangs are probably going to lay on my face very poorly and not look good. So i don't know why their wigs all do that. I'Ve never had an issue with wigs like that before, where the bangs are all like, dented and awkward looking. So i don't know if it's the way they package it or the way that it is made, or i'm not too sure, but yeah. The inside of this wig is a lot nicer. Quality too. These bangs are so long. They look like a doll like a haunted. Doll so the bangs that come straight out of the box. Look how like bad, they look. I don't know if you can see them they're like choppy and they're, just not good, like i'm just gon na be honest with you guys, like i'm reviewing these, because i want to give you the quality so like everything else in these wigs are so great and Then the bangs just fall so short. So let me go ahead and cut these a little bit just so we can see all right. So i cut the bangs, but once again, they're still like super straight and awkward and dented, and it's really bad. It needs some styling. It would look good if you took a hair straightener and you curled it in a little bit, so the bangs kind of curled in like the rest of the hair, but this bottom bit of the wig is so pretty. It reminds me of like those old like victorian, haunted, looking dolls, if i ever did a makeover where i turned myself into like a lolita style. I would definitely wear this wig for it, because this wig is like the epitome of lolita style. It'S absolutely stunning, honestly um, it just needs a little bit of styling up here, like all the rest of them. I feel like i'm just repeating myself over and over again. Alright, we've got two more wigs. I'M gon na save the purple one for last, because i have not bought a purple wig yet and i really want a purple wig. I believe this one is kind of purple as well. It looks more black to me, but in the listing it says black purple, big wavy long curly wig and it is 38. It looks a bit purple, but it looks more black to me. You can barely see the purple in it. So it's super tangled as you can see, but it did brush out pretty easily. I normally like to use a comb on these wigs because brushing kind of damages the ends of them, but it takes forever to comb out these wigs. So, for the sake of the video, i am using a hairbrush, but there is tons of shedding and in the light you can definitely see that it's purple. You definitely cannot see it on camera, but in real life. You can definitely see that it is like a really really really dark. Pretty purple. I used to have my hair, this color a while back and i really loved it yeah. The ends are all tangled together and it does have bangs once again. So let's go ahead and put this baby on, i'm really hoping that this looks better than the other ones. Okay, so here it is straight out of the bag, no cutting bangs or anything like that. So out of you know all the wigs we've shown this one's probably the best when it comes to the hairline. It'S not dented and it looks pretty good. It just needs a couple of plucking to make it look more natural up here. So let me cut these bangs real fast just so i can see - and i think this wig has a lot more potential than the others do to be a wig that i would wear okay, so here are the bangs cut a little bit and i actually really Like this wig, it's um very tangled at the bottom down here, i'm not even gon na bother trying to brush it out anymore. The color is pretty, it's not dented, and all i needed to do was cut it and pluck it a little bit, and it's really pretty - i like it. Actually, this is probably one of the better ones out of the whole group yeah. I really love long wigs. They just get tangled so easily. I don't even know like if anybody watching this has super super long hair like this. Does your natural hair get tangled like this, because i don't know how you deal with it? It would drive me absolutely insane, but i think it's my favorite so far, so i'll give this a four and a half out of five. The only reason why i'm taking off that half star is because it tangles super easily and it's shedding quite a bit but other than that this wig is actually really pretty. I like this one, all right and lastly, we have this purple one, i'm hoping this one looks good, because this is the one that i wanted the most. So this is an air bangs purple wig. It was 42 dollars. It is like kind of medium length, and it is straight. I'Ve noticed that my favorite types of wigs to wear are like medium to short length, just because they don't get all tangled and they're, not so hot, to wear alright. So here we have it. It'S not completely straight because of the way that it was packaged. It is dented, so it would need to be kind of straightened a little bit. However, you can do that. I'Ve honestly never looked up how to straighten a synthetic wig, so you can use any type of straightener. You would probably need to use it if you want this to be completely straight um. Let'S look at the bangs, it does look like. It is not really that dented at the bang area, so that's really good and it's a really cute length in color um. It does look a little bit darker in person than it does look on the listing. It'S still a really pretty purple color. I used to have my hair purple for so long, as many of you guys, probably remember so. Purple is one of my favorite colors. So here's what it looks like straight out of the bag. I cannot see you because the bangs are too long. So let me cut them a little bit just so. I can actually see what it looks like on me uh. Once again, i can already see uh look how horrible this hairline looks. It makes my head go pointed into like this weird triangle shape like i feel, like patrick starr, like what what the hell is this. What is this? What i am so annoyed right now like who all right so here's what it looks like after just cutting it? A little bit um yeah, like i've, said with every other wig that i have showed you. The bottom bit looks cute and then you look closer to the top and i look like pinhead. So it's really disappointing, honestly um that you would have to do so much styling to all of these wigs just to get them to look semi-natural. You know what i mean and they all have potential to look so much better like a little bit of plucking up here, and you know some styling of the bangs and straightening the hair a little bit and it would look like it would look in the listing. But none of these wigs actually look like they would look in the listing, except for this last one that i showed you and probably this long curly one as well. Those looked pretty good but the rest of them. They weren't what they said they were and they were dented in the hair. It'S really hard for you to see on camera like just how poorly this is, but it's so thick up here that, like no one's natural hair, is going to look like that because, like your hair is not normally that thick up there, it's just like really awkward. Looking so i really like the length of this wig though, and i'm definitely going to style it and wear it um, often, because i really like the color, i like the how light it is and the shape of it and everything it just. It just needs little things. All of these wigs just need a little something to make it look better, and this company's probably never ever gon na, send me wigs ever again and i'm completely fine with that. But they sent me these to give you an honest review and honestly, i don't feel like these wigs are worth the money that they are and yeah, hopefully um. I don't get in trouble for posting this video, but i just wanted to give my like full opinion that other brands that i have tried are better than these wigs and these wigs are kind of expensive for how poor the quality is. Do what you will with that? They do have really cute clothes and accessories and stuff on their website as well. So i will still put the links down below to all of the wigs that you are seeing in this video and their website down below. If you do want to check them out, but i personally would not buy from this website just because from all of the wigs that i have seen, i don't feel like they are worth the money. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and you know you got kind of an idea of what these wigs look like, because they have so much potential and if you guys want me to do a video on me, making these wigs look better, then i will definitely Do that because that's what i normally do anyway, but make sure to check out my other channels and my other social medias down below, and i will also have links down below for this website. I love you guys so much and i'll see you next time. Bye guys, foreign

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