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In this video I have black hair. The end :)

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The purpose of these con rows is not for this video. However, the fact that I'm wearing them, specifically in this video is gon na make my life a lot easier, because today, I'm gon na wear a wig. I want to show you how you could rock black. So a question that I get asked personally, the most is: how do you actually walk back here? Because there are so many different and really really awesome, hair designs like black and grey or just black? It looks so amazing, but the thing that people are most scared of is simply how do you know if it's gon na suit you or not, because black is one of those colors that it's either a hit or a Miss sort of and I'll get to that Later, people generally get really really scared winning camps simply to black. Now, one thing that they don't realize is black is actually very versatile in the sense that you don't specifically have to have a certain complexion to be able to rock it. This is really really black. Hair - and this is the thing that most people are scared to rock I'm - just gon na point it out there that I feel I look better with black hair regarding my complexion than I do with my natural hair. In the sense I'm an actual blonde - and I prefer the way black looks on me, so I got this specific week from Eva hair calm. I don't know what it's called the specific way, but I will definitely link it down below and you can get your own if you so want to. Might I just say, although this is a synthetic wig, it feels just really soft like it doesn't even have that plastic uhmm yeah, so I feel so Kylie Jenner right now, once they actually have your black hair or in my case your black wig. What'S the first thing so actually rocking it, so you're not first thing that I'm going to start with is eyebrows. The eyebrows are probably one of the first thing that you have to fix whenever you have really dark here. If you only have dark eyebrows, which I do not, then you are fine: you're cool, you're, okay! First, I'm going to be filling them in regularly with my brow pomade. This is in the shade brunette ie, it's just a brown color. Then I am going to wing it and because I don't have a brown or a black broke maid, I am going to very lightly run over the hairs at the front and with the top of my eyebrow with a black eyeliner. This is a pencil liner and I'm very lightly, going to almost just feather it over the eyebrows, eyebrow goals. Sure yep, okay, coupe set once you have your eyebrows on fleek um points. Does anyone use that anymore, or is that, like 2015, probably next, eyeballs black hair? Actually looks good with every single eye color that there is simply because black is, as I said, a very versatile color. So I'm keeping it simple today and going straight for a simple eyeliner, because keeping it classy here, black eyeliner by NYX, mixes nice psychics. I look like Taylor Swift with huh. I just realized, I'm secretly recreating Taylor Swift's, look from her music video. Yes, this bowl art! This is some Picasso Neville. Okay, next mascara, hmm, I'm keeping it fairly simple, but even though I kept it very minimal, there's still enough attitude in the ice itself. So yes, next, when you have black here, you got ta, have a sharp face to go with it. Now I'm saying I kind of want to channel Angelina Jolie kind of shop contour. Basically, I want to kind of dig a hole into the side of your face kind of a contour and then last but not least, there's nothing more, that screams power active huge and on a dense, then red, lipstick, specifically rooby-roo by Mac. This lipstick right over here is godless. Now, the very last thing you would need in order to rock black hair, simply confidence. It'S black here, the gorgeous color, but it is intense and it is the Mon thing that is at least just how I reason with it. Maybe you just square it, however, the you want, because in reality you could do that too cool. Well, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you want to know where I got my link, I will put the exact description: the script, the exact link down below em and also put the website so check them out down there cool I'll, put my social media on the screen. So you check out behind the scenes and photos and extra footage over there. I hope you enjoyed this video and enjoy rocking your back here, because it is seriously so cool cool, I'll, see you in my next video

LVR: You look BY FAR a lot better with black hair. The contrast between your light eyes & skin complexion & the black hair looks so exotic . I LOVE BLACK HAIR. I'm a natural brunette but I feel more like myself with black hair. I too have light eyes so black hair, I feel, suits me better. Loved your video

Sara mamedova: I've been dying my hair jet black since high school and everyone seems to compliment me on my hair so once you go black you never go back

Bela Hernandez: I love when she hypes up her makeup/self because that's the confidence I want lol

Ildikó Németh: I colour my hair black, and I feel like the two most important things are 1, make your skin look flawless and fresh, preferable dewy, and 2, put colour on you face, be it blush, or lip. I think the darkness of the hair tends to make blemishes look worse then they actually are, and if you're pale, like I am, need some colour to the face. Love the simple look of some blush, highlight, mascara and a berry lip. :)

Victoria: Black hair looks amazing with blue eyes

Miranda Richard: Just dyed my hair blue black. Love it. Brown hair is so boring

Poppy Rendall: The first colour I dyed my hair was natural black (i.e. not blue black) it looks so good, makes your hair really shiny and means I can wear darker eye makeup and brows which I can always embrace ;)

Jordyn Taylor: step 1: already be hot as fuck

Bradleigh B: you should dye your hair black, it looks so good on you!

Makayla B: I have natural dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I got so sick and tired of being blonde and dyed my hair all black and I absolutely love it! it makes great contrast with my eyes and freckles

nathalie silverio: You really helped me alooooot I just dyed my hair blue black and it was my first time. I always dyed my hair brown shades. So yes. Now im surely gonna love and appreciate my black hair. Thanks for the idea ❤️

Wolf Whitlock: I have dyed grey hair currently and I've been debating on dying it black, I've been really nervous but you've inspired me! I have a similar skin tone as yours so maybe it will look ok on me let's hope you're absolutely beautiful btw!!

Jocelyn López: I love this video and I recently got my hair black and l love it, it looks so classy!:) And you look soooo pretty with black hair, girl!

Ani A-Smutts: The struggle for me as a naturally raven-haired girl-thank you so much for this xxx

Luisina Gimenez Nazar: I've been wanting to dye my hair black for some time now and the last time I went for a really dark brown/almost black colour... I loved it! I think I'll try black next time :)

queen anabelle: Red lips black hair perfect thing

Carli Greeff: My hair is light brown but my eyebrows are black so I dyed my hair almost black and now my eyebrows are finally the same colour as my hair my blue eyes also stand out so much more

imt23_: Hi, i've been dying my hair black for the past 12 years, and i think it looks good on me because i have green eyes and the black makes them pop a lot. My skin color is medium beige with yellow undertones. The thing is that I've always heard from other people that black hair makes you look older, and makes you look harsh accentuating expression lines on your face is this true?

K B: You suit black hair so much! So gorgeous this has given me the courage to actually dye my hair black! ❤️

Vanity Rose: when your born with black hair you want every other color, once you dye it you go back to black... it's a love hate relationship with any hair color but sometimes it's best to just go for it love it or hate at least you went for it

Kira Herusingu: Hi! I really like your video, few days ago I dyed my hair black again, because it looks very natural on me and I don't have to dye my hair every month, because my natural color is brown-black and your video helped me to style it! You rock the black hair btw.! :D

Irish_eyes: I'm a natural blonde too! been dying my hair black for 13 years now, I'm super pale like casper pale! but I find it looks just as good with my pale skin as it does when I wear tan, I've never seen anybody not suit black hair. p.s. you are beautiful xx

Gabby Wong: Dude, this hair color looks so good on you! (As does every fricken color you try )

somhayhita Cc: I love the way you do your eyebrows so simple! Not like other videos ... so confusing lol

Kaitlyn Robbins: Black hair looks so good on you! I’m so glad I discovered you you’re hilarious lol.

Chronic Cutie: I have a wig that looks almost the same as yours, and I paid $41 You look really good with black hair!

🕳: Omg thanks for making this! I had noooo idea how to wear this wild color!

allycatwild: AWESOME! I have pretty much the same wig but from amazon..its so it!

Ila Grace: I've had blonde hair my whole life and I want to go darker! It's such a hard decision!

Karen McCann: I do dye my hair black and one reason is I just always loved black hair and the other reason or reasons is to look different, stand out and Be dramatic even if I only put my eyebrows on with it!

Naomi Nishimura: black hair looks good on both light and dark skin it’s so pretty

Hafsahh: I have natural black hair and for me its a big struggle. I can't dye them without bleaching, dandruff is clearly visible, hairstyles especially braided ones aren't visible they heat up real fast and i feel like they are really boring. I hope someone can relate...

Abdul Noor: lmaooo I'm Asian and I naturally have pitch black hair and I'm pretty sure I rock obviously not including those bad hair days uno what I mean

Analía Calmejane: You look gorgeous !!! I'm a raven-haired since I was born and I love it

liisi.p: I’m a 15 year old mixed (Asian) girl and had warm brown hair. I wanted dark brown hair for a while so I went to the salon and chose a color I thought was like a warm dark brown. But when I actually got I dyed I realized it was completely black… I’ve been crying and all cause I’m not sure if I like it. So here I am.

Lushia Lucia: I've got black hair and you make me feel proud of it. ( sorry if my English sucks)

rich btch ♡: My hair is naturally black-ish,it's actually brown but reallllllllllyy dark,I always wished I had light brown..thanks for this,helps me feel more comfortable in my hair colour

Özlem: * draws perfect wing * ART you're like a camelion every hair colour looks good on you damn

Laura Austin: Fabulous hair & effortlessly beautiful make up application

Ella Winberg: You look AMAZING with black hair!!

Nicole R.: That's a fabulous wig, you are rocking it well.

Kamilla Iqbal: I've dyed my hair black for it

Radina K: I have naturally black hair and it was such a struggle to bleach it because i feel like black hair makes me look 30 years older. Another thing that bothered me is that when i felt like doing a little braid or braiding my hair in general while with black hair you couldn't be able to tell that i had a braid in my hair because you basically can't see it on black hair.

Silvia Khan: Be careful matching too light skin/coo/pale skin with harsh dark hair all of a sudden. It can look real bad on many. On this girl it does look nice!

Tattt ii: I'm in a black hair and pulling off red lips almost every day since I was 17. Can't imagine any better color for me

Rose Love: I just dyed my hair my hair black for the third time in my life. I like it more now then ever because I recently cut my hair short as well

Rose of Darkness: You are totally beautiful and sweet even without make up. ♥

MegaBadUnicorn: Omg I just dyed my hair black! Lol

ojosverdesPR: I love black hair. Now I have a blonde copper color and I like it but with dark hair I feel exotic. I have light skin, hazel eyes and when I dye my hair black I receive compliments all the time.

Regina Rodriguez: ....I'm watching this as i sit on the couch, in scrubs, no makeup, large glasses, and jet black hair. I look like a bum lol! i didnt think people thought having black hair was that big of a deal haha. I just stumbled upon your video, the wig looks amazing on you! I like the black hair better on you! (:

NoOne Really: How to rock black hair: do everything you normally do ❤ lol

princess lyns: i think one of the weirdest things that's happened to me with my black hair, is this: back in middle school i had short, just-below-the-shoulders length jet black hair. and it looked horrible on me. it washed me out, and i just didn't look right at all. i went back to my natural hair color (blonde, for anyone who's wondering) for awhile. recently, i decided i wanted to go back to black. my hair is almost to my butt now, since I've dyed it black. it looks amazing, and i have a blonde/white streak on my right ear. i never really understood why it looked so horrible at the time, but now it's the best hair color I've had so far. it's so weird to me.

Ana L: I went to the hair salon and asked for brown hair and ended up with black frikking hair!!! So here I am thanks for this video!! ❤

ariaarmani: This video made me feel good about my naturally black hair haha

Carly Smith: You really do look awesome with black hair, I think that red lipstick actually kinda ruined it a bit tho, the eye makeup with your natural lip coloured looked really good, I also have black hair and am super pale, makes my blue eyes stand out but I think black looks better on someone with a warmer skin tone like you have, I just look like a ghost lol but I do also love how shiny and soft my and everyone else with black hair looks, my blonde looked so dull and dry no matter how well I took care of it.. It doesbt reflect light as good as black.

Elena Chen: You look so beautiful without makeup


PurpleJaden: i rocked black hair for moe than a year, loved it! but it's a pain to keep it when you have light hair yourself. had to paint my hair every 3 weeks!

Alba Pinilla Pérez: I love the combination of black hair, pale skin and blue/green eyes, but in my case I have black hair, pale skin and really daaark green eyes (in fact they look brown), and I thinks that maybe in my case that contrast is too much :( What are your thoughts about that? Any suggestion or tip?

Gia Rose: I've got brown eyes. Yellow (russian) skin and I've just used a demi permanent black hair dye. It doesnt suit me as much as my brown hair but... I love it rn...

Patricia Star: I love my black hair!! I hated my blonde hair though like I went to get my hair dyed and they told them I wanted my hair blonde but I really definitely didn't but with me I feel bad saying no so I went with it and I hated it

GodDamn Preacher: died my hair black in 5th grade, and i haven't changed it since. Love your hair btw

Jessica L: How to rock black hair: Have dark eyes , olive skin and tick eyebrows. It will look natural and make your face pop up. People with blonde traits , light eyes and thin hair and eyebrows look just fake or gothic with black hair.

Dante Velasquez: The black looks great on you. Black and red are the hardest for people more because of what they give off; red=volitility and black=danger and mystery. As you have demonstrated its all in the make-up

Peep: I had blue hair for 2 Years! Then i dyed them Black and i feel so gothic xD But i still love it :3

DreamerForever: Wow I think the eyeliner really brought the look together!! You're so pretty and your complexion is so radiant and beautiful!

Sam Boriboun: I'm a hairdresser so If u dont want to damage yr hair; use semi permanent demi colour it's so hard to go back light with permanent

Leah spiders: you're so gorgeous! and i adore your videos

РЕХМА: Stella, I just watched you here in the video for the very first time and I totally loved you! <3 xx

payden king: I dyed my hair black & regretted so much . At first it looked really good but did make me look really pale , then my roots started to come in ... it looked so ugly with my brown roots & every body loved to point out my weird root look . I was done with black ! I had to bleach my hair 3 times for it to have no orange in it , which was really damaging . It doesn't fade like other hair dyes to , I should of done my research before I did it

H J: I've naturally had black hair my whole life and I still don't know how to slay it

NoOne Really: I had burgundy hair and looked pale for about 2 weeks and dyed it black last night , and automatically turned Mexican again lol you can see my natural tan now :p

ShayRebornMommy XOXO: Love your hair black! I too, have blonde hair naturally, and I prefer my hair to be black. ♡♡

Wolffenhaus: there's a simple way to mattify a too shiny synthetic wig to make it appear more natural.

ᚨᛉᚨᛉᛖᛚ: Black hair and pale skin is just the most beautiful combination ever (for me)

Girls AndGhouls: You look literally perfect with black hair

Have a magical day: I really want to dye my hair black, I have naturally dark blonde hair. It looks almost brown

Ash: Girl you inspired me, you making me buy that black wig, thanks love

Tracy D: I always had black hair and I always loved lit on me. Now that I'm much older it doesn't look well on me. It washes me out and I look older. I'm dark brown now. I've noticed the further you go from your own natural hair you have to ware more makeup.

Ilary Perry: You rock with every hair color. Is it possible? ... wow!

JTrang•: You are damn pretty with black hair! You rocking it baby <3

Kathy DiOrio: you are very entertaining. and look stunning in both hair colors

Hayley Storms: Yup, just made up my mind. I will dye my hair black again this winter. Just Subscribed :)

Kayt Collett: Girl I am way too dark to wear being red lips. Any other colors? I love this makeup look but I can't rock red lips (NOT that I haven't tried)

Nara Barreto: OMG!! I'm in love with you... You're so beautiful ! ❤ I love this hair color on you :) Kisses, from Paraguay !


thebxsketcxse: I'm very pale with naturally black hair, and my whole life everyone told me it washed me out and made me look even paler. Now that I'm older, everyone says black hair would look better on me, and when I tell them my hair is naturally black, they're so shocked lmao.

ayu okay: I am Korean and I think that you slay black hair just like every other person with black hair cause damnnnn your makeup on fleek gurlll

Genesis Fernandez: im pale & i feel like black is definitely a miss on me! i dont feel like i can rock it

الوسيط INFP: Qualities of black haired people: They have a special attraction and they quickly catch the eye as well. They like to meditate and think about everything that happens. They are also mysterious, quick to anger and also loyal, also they quickly adapt to difficulties, and they have confidence in themselves and have a leadership spirit and also they make others trust them because they seem familiar.

الوسيط INFP: Qualities of black haired people: They have a special attraction and they quickly catch the eye as well. They like to meditate and think about everything that happens. They are also mysterious, quick to anger and also loyal, also they quickly adapt to difficulties, and they have confidence in themselves and have a leadership spirit and also they make others trust them because they seem familiar.

Sloth Icecream: This was the video that made me dye my hair black lol

Alison Rmdt: Did you do anything to the wig? I just received mine and it just doesn't look like yours ahah You're stunning with black hair btw

alessandra ambrosio: you look like a mix of taylor swift and megan fox i love your tutorials

Pingcess GJ194: My natural hair is Jet black and anyone who knws me totally admires it

Deepest Blue: This video should in fact be called how I Stella Cini rock every freaking hairstyle and haircolor XD

Gazing Nightsky: Gorgeous! always, stella.

Karser: Black Hair White/Light Skin Blue eyes = Perfect girl

Ignis Coepi: You are so freaking gorgeous, just throwing that out there!

Lorenza F.: You look like a mix of Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson

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