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Wig in Video:

Length & Density: 18 inch & 180%

Lace Type: Invisible HD Lace

Wig Cap Construction:13x6 Lace Front Wig

HD Lace color: Cappuccino

Cap Size: Small


-True-scalp Tape & Fake scalp Method

-Multi-color & Invisible HD Lace

-Anti-slip Elastic Band

-Clean bleached knots

-Pre-plucked Hairline


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All right guys, I would like to thank your baby for sponsoring today's video hair BB was gracious enough to send me over this beautiful unit. Let me give you a little bit of the Deeds before we get into the install and the review so guys they sent me over this beautiful 18 inch unit. The density on the unit is 180.. This is a Swiss lace unit, the true scalp method, and so I'm going to show you how I did this extremely beautiful, realistic install. So if you guys want to see how I got this super sexy glamorous look then keep on watching all right guys. I just wanted to show you a close-up of the lace. I wanted to show you that the knots are pre-bleached and the hairline is pre-plucked, so you will not need to do any customizations. I also wanted to show you that my lace came in the color cappuccino. So I did not have to do a ball method. You'Ll be able to choose your Swiss lace in two different colors, the first color I'm demonstrating is mocha and then the second is cappuccino within your box. You will also receive hair BB's revolutionary, true scalp tape. I did receive a total of six tapes, five in the color cappuccino and one in the color mocha. Your unit will also come with this non-slip elastic band. This band is going to give you more security with the glueless install and it's going to prevent the wig from slipping all right guys. The true tape is extremely easy to install. The first step that I took was to measure the tape against the lace. I then cut the tape in half and simply laid it on the actual lace. It was such an easy process and the look is extremely realistic foreign. There is no gel, there is no hair spray. There is literally nothing adhering this wig to my head other than the secured hair BB wig strap as well as the Combs. The only thing that I'm going to do is have the I'm actually going to have the lace trimmed from around the unit and then we're going to do a little bit of styling y'all. Look at this length. This is such a conservative length guys look at look at the true tape. This actually is giving scalp realness. I actually started the true tape a little bit further back, but even with starting the true take a little further back away from my scalp and away from the edge of the wig you can it's still. It is still a look. How seamless that is absolutely gorgeous foreign look at this look at that beautiful hairline, and so this is again a glueless install, but what I did want to show you is that if you wanted that little extra security, you can just add a little bit of spray. What I'm gon na do is use my 24 hour hold, and this is the iso plus 24 hour holding spray. I'M just going to use a little bit of this, but what I'm gon na do is use a little bit just behind the hairline, and so I'm just going to rub it in and I'm gon na use a little bit under the ear flap. Look how easy it is to flatten this hairline. Oh my gosh! This is a beautiful unit. I am, I am very impressed guys look at that. Look has look at how gorgeous this is. So I am actually going to add a few curls. Give it a little bit of volume and when I come back I'll, give you my final thoughts and review on this beautiful unit foreign guys. I just wanted to come back and give you my final view. This is a beautiful wig guys. I absolutely love this. So let me give you just a few more details that you would probably appreciate about this unit. This unit has a pre-plucked hairline, meaning that you will not have to do any customization to this hairline at all other than cutting the very realistic Swiss lace. The knots are clean and they are bleached again that way, you will not have to do any additional customizations. It also has the fake scalp method, and that's where I showed you guys how to actually install the true tape also has the multi-color invisible lace. It also has the anti-slip piano key elastic band in the back. That also helps you not have to use any type of wig adhesive. Another thing that I wanted to add is that the Swiss lace - it is actually more realistic than your traditional or ordinary lace. I would absolutely love to thank hair BB for sending me over this beautiful hair. I am so so under that they gave me the opportunity to review this beautiful unit so guys if you would like more information about ordering your hair BB unit, especially this one that I'm wearing I'm going to make sure that I link all of the details below. So make sure you head over to Hair beauty and you get your gorgeous realistic unit today,

sharesa smothers: Congratulations on 10K The hair is Bomb!!! Your blouse is absolutely stunning. Gone girl!!!!!!

Steph’Ne Adrienne: I love this wig - cute Vlog I love doing wig tutorials and watching them❤ . Beautiful as always Rochelle’s

Kwanza Jackson: You are truly blessed beyond measure Congrats on 10k ❤ I see great abundance of wealth, health and success coming your way Rochelle absolutely. When things get hard just keep on pushing never give up. You got what it takes to be a champion and stay winning all the time. That wig was breath takingly gorgeous on you. So beautiful. I want to start wearing wigs as well and I want mines to look very natural as well. Keep on giving us amazing content thanks for sharing and take care pretty lady. ❤

Lisa Bradshaw: It's a beautiful unit on you. You might consider wearing it in a low ponytail also! It's giving!

Candy Lady: Congratulations Doll❣10k and beyond ❣ That unit is gorgeous on you and I love your presentation Very professional and classy,as THE Head Bombshell in charge should be❣

Brittney K01: GORGEOUS! You wear it well!

Mrs. Shirley Hunt: 10K Bombchelles10K Bombchelles Hi Rochelle! This unit is luxurious and very classy! It looks so beautiful on you! I absolutely love it!! Congratulations!!❤

Ty Monia: Yasss that looks so good!

L.C Smalls: Yes ma’am the wig is amazing and you are amazing and beautiful❤ Yes for the 10K

pdubstuff: Hello fellow Capricorn sister that is a nice looking wig that is the length of my natural hair but I do get sick of doing my hair so that wig would make a nice protective style giving my hair a break. I used to do my hair videos here on My Curlypdub channel. I am a old lady now and my hair has gotten thinner and my gray comes straight from my roots only which I have to keep dying my roots and not my strands anyway never mind all that I think it’s a beautiful wig also I love all your videos you have me cracking up.

Unita Burns: Yesss Rochelle Yesss That hair is gorgeous on you ❤

Kae Chelle: Beautiful sis ❤

Kay Kay: Too pretty

Our Soul Songs: 10,000 Congratulations I need that wig it’s beautiful

Ranelvia J: I have a couple of their wigs and sisssssss I love Hairvivi Wigs

Lisa Bradshaw: Congrats on 10K subscribers!

QueenJDior: You look Preeeety (in your voice) ⚘

alisha478: Very lovely

The DOM Life: Hey Girl you look cute ❤

firstborn Love: Yasss!!

Sharon Robinson: Hello sis beautiful.

Jadafayez: Yaaasssssssssssssss

Acacia Ridgeway: I looooooove how feminine you are

sharesa smothers:

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