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Welcome to my channel! I sure hope you're ready to hear about Selene. She is the epitome of glamour. Please watch the entire video for all the details including my recommendation.

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Maybe that should be her name Prestige. I can see that happening. Foreign foreign friends welcome back to my channel. I am Nicole Renee, but I just always go by Nikki. Maybe I should change my name, we'll leave it for now, but anyway. If this is your first time here, thank you so much for dropping by, as I always say, join the party meaning subscribe, click the button down below, as well as the little bell. So that way you will get notified and not miss any of my uploads, because I bring you a lot of wig reviews. New drops all these but goodies all the ones in between either way you're not going to want to miss them so just hit that subscribe button, and if you already have thank you so much, I greatly do appreciate it. So yeah wig review time again. This girl just dropped, and, oh my God, you know I got lots to say I had lots to say you don't want to miss a single thing that I'm going to tell you about her, which I will tell you everything you need to know. So please watch all the way through and please go down the comments to give me your respectful feedback. I always love to hear your thoughts and I also do take requests. So if there's a wig you'd like me to review, let me know - and I will definitely look into it for you and please also check out my Poshmark closets lots of wigs for sale in there. You can get a great deal so check it out. Link is in the description box, but we're going to talk about her and first though you know, I got to show you what I'm wearing for my eyeshadow look. I also so today I am wearing the giant wolves palette from Odin's eye here. It is a very cute little palette and then I am also wearing this glitter gel from Ray Fantasyland and it is in the shade, Cupid easy peasy all right. So are you ready? Let'S do it today I have a wig for mootray. I'Ve got Celine. She is a HD, a lace front from melted, hairline collection. I have her in the color, a dr4, slash, Honey brown. You know she comes available in several colors. They list them right down here on the bottom. They show a photo of the special colors here on the back and I'll. Just tell you a little bit about her, just in case you're, not familiar with this collection uh. Let'S see she has a five inch deep parting. It says she has a completely pre-plugged, hairline and sideburns. You know just because it says it doesn't necessarily mean it has it. We will definitely be looking into it uh. It also says she has a pre-attached elastic band natural baby hairs and she is also heat safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I picked her up from Elevate styles for 46.88, and here she is. Why do I feel like this Southern Country, Club type of housewife? You know I'm just getting those types of Vibes, but either way what I'm definitely feeling is: glamor, opulence and just prestige. Maybe that should be her name Prestige. I can see that happening, but just really beautiful she's got that volume. She is just all about the glamor. I can definitely see that it just oh. This is special occasion here. You know that for sure, but some of us just like to have her hair look like special occasion, hair or just go to the grocery store. It doesn't matter. Everybody has their own taste, but no matter where it is you're going. You are going to look fabulous in this wig. That'S is, for sure, definitely look fabulous. I just love the waves that she has by the way she did come with these little doohickeys. Whatever you want to call them, I call them doohickeys, whatchamacallits thingamabobs, you know uh just to kind of help and keep her shape, uh, which I think is doing really good. Here I mean look at that. That curl is stunning and just everything about this is stunning. I love that word. It can never be overused right. Stunning just goes along with a lot of things, but anyway she is 22 inches long. I think that's a great length for her. As you can see, she's like right at breast level, I'm five five beautifully done layers. I think her density is perfect, but she has the volume she's pumping it up all right, but I honestly don't classify her as being overwhelming. Really I even though she does have a lot of volume - she's not like that, I'm not seeing that um, but I do think it's very natural type of volume and uh her color beautiful beautiful. Even if it's colors I've reviewed a million times before. I still always show it to you because you never know if you've never seen it before but um. Sorry, my chair is broken. I got ta scooch in it's on my Christmas list to get a new one, but you start off with the number four root. I love the rooting, it's not super harsh uh, meaning it doesn't go down too far and it's not looking like a bunch of outgrowth. So I think that it's perfect and it's Blended, really nice. So just trickles down perfectly it's a great blend and then this Honey brown, oh stunning, I love a nice light. Brown, just kind of looks like caramel really uh. Maybe caramel brown would have been a good name for it, but I didn't come up with it. Utre did uh, but either way it's a beautiful, beautiful brown. I just love it. It really catches the light nicely wonderful natural luster, as you would expect to see her texture is yaki. It'S not really like the Nisha line. It'S just a little bit softer than that and I'll be honest with you. I didn't notice it right away that that was her texture just from looking at the photo, because I've been trying to avoid uh certain textures just because I'm trying to go more like with ones that are Multicultural. But if it's a style that really stands out to me like this, I mean come on speechless speechless. I I will pick it up and not only that too, but I am a wig reviewer, so I review wigs that are more suitable for other people too. At times, but um it does definitely have to be those two criteria for me to pick it up, and I think she Fells into that category category, because a lot of people are going to want to know about her. So that is my job. I'M here to tell you about her, but I absolutely love it uh. So, even though I wouldn't really classify as Multicultural still gorgeous very very soft, I really do like this texture. It feels very natural and realistic, and I definitely am here for it definitely here for it uh, let's uh, take a look at her from the side and the back whoops almost took my necklace with it shoot. At least the spinny thing works. Just fine. It'S the wheels that are broken. I honestly think it's because of all the wig hair got trapped in it and the whale thing it's just uh, something I need to be more careful of, but all right, you didn't really need to know that I'm just making Chit Chat uh. So all the hair back to the front, uh she's one, I think, looks really beautiful down the back. I definitely would wear her down that way, sometimes too, but I really am here for this too this swoop. I love a good spoop. You guys know that, and if you don't now you do, I love a good smooth. I just don't like it when it goes in the eye and then you're constantly having to pull it out of the way or it messes with your lashes. This is not it's just perfect because, as you can see, she does swoop right over the eye, but her volume - I don't know if you cannotice this or not I'm kind of trying to get in the right angle, but it poofs out a little bit. So you have that Gap there, so it's not like actually laying on your face, so I really love that. Definitely do so. Just to me this is very dramatic and glamorous. So that's why I really like a good swoop. She'S got a good swoop. I will say so: um and she's not really much of a tangler uh. This type of texture, usually doesn't that's one thing. I love about it uh, but yeah just running my fingers through her here. I always do this for you, so you can see how the tangling situation is, or lack thereof, and just Glides right on through, of course, there's going to be a slight little bit of Tangles here and there, but they're very minor, and they come out very easily. So she is pretty easy to manage, I would say she is low maintenance, even though she doesn't look like it. She looks like a high maintenance kind of girl, but she is not very easy to take care of. She will last you a lot longer too, and I am only using my fingers for her. I just feel with this type of style. It'S just easier that way, but you know everybody has their own preference with that, I'm just telling you mine. I think that's really. All she needs just two fingers believe it or not. Fingers are like the best tool for combing out wig hair. It'S just how I see it, but anyway, moving on yeah very easy that way, and I haven't noticed anything excessive with shedding either now the melted hairline collection, like I said, always advertises as being pre-plot. So we're going to take a look at this hairline, but first we're gon na look at the part. I always show you the part, so I love The Parting space. I think it's really good. Normally, you can really see my wig cap. Maybe you can a little bit, but it's not too prominent. So that's why sometimes I won't even wear one, but I am wearing one today very easy to blend. I think this part looks very natural and she is laying very flat to the Head. She does have some baby hairs too, which I think are nice. Some of them are kind of hidden up in here, but I have no complaints about the baby hair. I think that this still looks extremely natural, but of course you can do what you want with baby hair. You can also pull out some of your own if you would prefer to do that um, but here's where it gets tricky for some reason: the melted, hairline collection isn't as pre-plucked as the perfect hairline collection is even though they both say that they're pre-plucked. Sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough with this collection and it is but usually not, and sadly this is not. So I think at this point we're kind of used to the fact that they tell us, but we know what to expect. So I would not say this is pre-plucked at all um I mean it's not bad. I mean take a look there, that that doesn't look too bad and I did not apply any um powder to the lace, but I think that it Blends still pretty decently. Yet I think they could have done a little bit of a better job with that, but I do like the edges and how it is and also too let me just pull this out a little bit better. There we go, you can see what I'm talking about there uh. Obviously, this just kind of covers that up anyway, so I'm not too concerned about it um and also too, with this collection. Usually you do have to melt it down now, necessarily you don't have to do that with any wig per se, but with this specific collection, usually you do I didn't have to with her I mean I didn't. I didn't really feel the need. I mean look. Barely any lift up - and I do like this side better - I think it looks a little bit more natural. I says this in my opinion on the matter, but you can see those baby hairs there. You can see it's a perfect fit around the edges as well, and it's above each ear too, which is good. Sometimes you can find them actually going a little too far um, but with this one I did use the elastic band. Normally, I'm not a big fan of it. Lately, I've just been cutting it off, but this unit - I I actually did use it and it's very comfortable and it's kind of helping a little bit keep the wig in place along with the Combs, and, I would say, she's very comfortable to wear, and I also Would say too, that she's larger head friendly again, I always save that for last. I can't help it. I have my routine with things but yeah. That is basically everything in a nutshell with Miss Celine here I just uh. I can't get over how gorgeous she is. She is gorgeous, I think, that she was uh compared to Leticia on somebody else's Channel. I can't remember who but uh Leticia from Sensational, and I can see that I did review her as well, and I I can definitely see where they're coming from with that. But Celine is just slightly different and I love it. I just love it. So you know I'm gon na give her a thumbs up thumbs up all the way, highly recommend this unit. I think you are going to love her sorry squeaky door again. My daughter always ends up leaving or coming home right during filming, so sorry for that distraction, um, but we're right here on the end anyway, so yeah. That is how I feel about Miss Celine, and please make sure you tell me down in the comments your thoughts if you have her already, I definitely want to know about it and if you decide to go pick her up after watching this review, I definitely want To know that too, so there you have it. I got nothing more on her, but thank you of course, for watching. I always appreciate it and I guess I'll just catch you next time in my next video so until next time, bye

Simply B: Yass Ma'am! You and Selene are the dream team!

Clara: Really pretty x

Utopia K.: i get where youre coming from nichole. about this wig tho. to be honest , all i see is neesha, but upgraded. like i like the neeshas but theyre always slightly too snug on me. i might go head and get this one. she is a beaut!


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