Girrrrl...I Tried To Install A Non Customized Wig | No Bleached Knots | No Plucking..Yay Or Nay?!

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I am back with another video! Todays video is on this bob that ive been rocking for some time now! If you follow me on IG (@ItsGlamByTai) you've seen plenty of pics of this wig. This is a fake scalp wig thats super easy for beginners. I know a few of all get discouraged about getting wigs when it comes to actually putting it on. Some say they have no idea how to bleach or pluck the knots well guess what sis?! This video I took the wig straight on the box & onto my head! I didnt bleach the knots, pluck the lace..hell, I didnt even tint the lace. I hope this video can help all my beginner ladies that are just tired of spending so much money on getting they wigs done & can invest in one wig that can be applied easily. Be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button for more wig hack videos. Mwaaah

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What is Fake Scalp? Fake Scalp Wig is comes with a fake scalp constructed. It's a new method that addresses the stiffness caused by the glue method and makes it reusable with no washing problems. With the Fake Scalp, you don't have to do cornrows, to use wig caps, to do bald cap method or fake scalp method.

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Length : 12 inches

Cap construction :13X6

Cap size: medium 22.5inches

Density: 150%

Coupon: use “GBT10” to save the money !!

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Imma, kick it off like this? I ain't come for a hug head straight for kids. Don'T come for my face cause! I'M talking about my head. I'M gon na need all of my kisses down there one hand on my neck, one pulling on my house right into the video. Today'S wig is um, i'm not saying if i'm not sure if i'm saying her name right, ass sisters of sisters of sisters, i'll have everything linked in the description below so y'all go ahead and check them out, but i love their hair. They have really some good quality hair and today i'm actually excited because i'm doing a fresh out just completely unboxing and putting it on my head type like i'm, not gon na customize, it um, i'm not sure if i'm gon na pluck it, it all depends. But i want to do this, video specifically dedicated to just me, taking out the box and putting it on my head and just seeing what it does and if it's gon na work, when you first open up the box, they were kind enough to put me over The cap in there - and they also did put up an adjustable, strap in there, which i'm definitely going to use because i have a little tiny, wig construction. This reminds me so much of a fake scalp kind of wig um, but just because the inside of it is mesh like i was a fix. That would be so, as i could see. Really, this part is just your parting lace um. You can part this wig anywhere any direction or you know any side you want, but keep in mind that this is what is the really the lace? This is just a mesh, so hopefully this works out um, i'm not 100 sure of how this look is going to turn out um yeah, i'm going to try to make it really cute for you guys, i'm going to start off by putting the adjustable strap in It and then um coming back to you guys when i'm actually ready to show you what it looks like on my head. Initially, i already went ahead and attached the adjustable band. Now the band looks kind of like a bra, strap babies like y'all know what i'm talking about um and then i just clipped it onto the sides and put them together. Let'S see: okay, oh she's, not bad she's, not bad y'all she's, not bad! I'M so scared about how this is going to turn out. Y'All know i always need to plug out. We need the customers, my wigs before i put them on. I just i don't know how i'm going to feel about this one, just not customizing it and just see so yeah. This is what it looks like and just to show you guys, really quick if i wasn't departed on this side. If this is what this button looks like, i feel like it was a little bit of plugging. It would be perfect, i'm not going to pluck because i just like i said i want to take this wig fresh out the box and show you guys what she's working with um. I believe that she is 10 inches. I want to say she's, yeah, she's, 10 inches 10 to 12 inches i'll. Make sure that i have everything in the description, so you guys will be confused, but her hairline looks like this um, like i said like that, kills me the fact that you can see the knives but yeah we're gon na make it work. Okay, we're gon na make it work because for those of you at home that just buy a wig and you're like oh, my goodness, what i do now, i don't know how to do tonight: okay, well, here's a wig that you can just buy and not know How to do nothing and still slay it, so hopefully, this video turns out good. What i'm going to do now is: go ahead and cut these ear tabs off and come back to you guys when i'm ready to start laying my way. Okay. So now that i went ahead and cut the ear tabs off, this is what it's looking like. It is making me nervous, because the hairline is a little thick, but we're gon na finesse it and first things. First, i'm gon na take my lot of bodies. The wrapping foam and i'm gon na use that to just like brush these hairs back because clearly they styled this wig to be one way and one right now. I want to be sure that i could part the hair in whatever direction i want. I want to manipulate the hair, so i'm going to use it plus. I'M gon na have my hair out of my way when i'm trying to leave my lips right. Okay: okay, now i'm going to do a little thing thing, i'm going to do where i cut like the lace and sections. I think this makes it well. I don't think i know that makes it easier for me to actually go ahead. We be struggling without doing this okay, so basically i just tied the half of my hair up and now i'm just gon na mark, where my leg is going to lay i'm using these little dots as just basically my guide. I would actually stop. Oh, that's a big thought. I didn't expect these to be that dark. Okay, um all right! Once we have marked up our wig, it was exactly where it is going to lay on our heads. Okay, i'm going to take this ghostbund xl lace, glue of on the verge about this y'all. I don't really know um i've used bolt holes before and um. It was good, but i don't know i i have. I have pros and cons with it, but this time i'm going to be trying um the ghostbusters, i'm only going to be using a little itty bitty baby anybody. But if you drops of this, because if you guys know volvo ghost bomb they're, no joke, they are like glue glue. Okay, then you need blending. This is how you rip your edges out if you use this wrong. Okay, so i'm going to take a little bit and i'll show you guys how much i'm taking out how much i'm using and how i apply it and actually use it. So that way, y'all going ahead and use it and it doesn't harm your hair um. I'Ve used plenty of lace, glues in the past so far, so good. I'Ve never had a problem with my edges, falling out or breaking off whatever it may be, but yeah you guys um, i'm gon na start rambling and i'm gon na show you guys how to work it. All i did was just take like a little like wrinkly thing piece of cardboard and i'm gon na pour it on there. I'M gon na pour it on there, like so look how little that is. Okay, just a little i'm going to put my wig back and i'm going to take just like this little makeup brush. I'M specifically using this for the lace glue on my face on my face: do you're going to want to use either cool or medium heat um? So you know you could be high or low, whatever your preference is, but just to make sure that you use cool to medium heat, and so eventually it's supposed to look clear like this, you don't really see it. You can't really tell that i put lace glue on that's what you want. That'S what you're going for. So i'm going to take my second layer, the same thing, another product that i'm going to combine with the ghost bun. Is this my own dynasties collection of their base and now sense right? I feel like this just works perfectly with the specific lace. So i feel like that. Putting on this putting putting this on top is not gon na hurt anything um. It can only help it's what i think. So i put a little bit and remind you: you guys have to use this with cool heat, no hot heat, okay, no medium heat, cool, cold heat all right, so i'm gon na pull it all the way up into where my dot is i'm going to speed Up these two side sections, because it's not really going to be slowing it down and explaining everything all over again, you guys know the two products that i'm using is the ghost bond and the my omganis. These lace melted spray. I'M gon na have those products in the description below so you guys can check those out, but let's just stop talking anyway child. I was trying to turn this into a whole talk through, so y'all could literally talk through and walk through with me, but yeah after i got out of the shower. The shower just kept dripping and you could hear it in the back of my video. So i was like uh: no we're gon na have to do a voiceover, so just like you guys see me do with the middle section, i'm doing the same thing over here on the right section. Um now, if you're scared, like you know, just to put this initially on your head, make sure that you have your bald cap method on it's completely done nice, fresh um mines isn't fresh. I'Ve had a wig on it, probably for like uh three four days before i put this wig on, so it's not fresh, but it's still getting the job done as y'all can see. I'M literally waiting until the glue turns completely clear before i go on ahead and add another layer. People think that the more you add the longer it's going to stay or the longer it's going to hold your wig, which is completely false. The more product you ask, is you just creating a mess? You can create a glob, so you don't need that much. You only need a little bit a thin layer and a few sprits of the melting spray and you good so just quick another. You know little reminder, please please, please, please. I can't trust this enough use cold to cool heat um. You do not - and i repeat, do not want to use hot heat when it comes to the melting lacing spray, so i just use cold heat for that. In the ghost pond, so i went ahead and finished, laying my wig off camera. So now what you guys are seeing me do is cut my lace, i'm cutting in little zigzag parts and maybe a little confusing to understand, but you guys have seen me do this. Numerous of times i was super scared because i'm just like once i cut this lace, you don't see how thick the hairline is, but everything turned out to work just finds us, oh and don't worry. I got rid of those white dots with um a makeup. Remover wipe so as soon as i did that i went on ahead and took out the sections for my baby hair and, as you all can see now, i'm cutting um. You know just cutting the little pieces of hair to turn them into baby hairs. I was super scared because i'm like oh child, this just might look like the beauty supply store, wig that i finessed a while ago, and i might just have to create my own type of baby hairs. But luckily, even when i did add baby hairs onto this unit, the hairline didn't like go away or it didn't fade away. I'M not sure if i mentioned this before, but i'm using my lotta bodies wrapping foam to do my edges and y'all. I did my edges in 2.5 with this wig like i did them super fast compared to all the times where i'm struggling, and you know flicking at a wrist a few times this time i got all my baby hairs, but besides that specific one, i got them All on the first try, so your girl is getting way better at this uh baby hair newborn so boom once everything's laid i'm going to keep my scarf on for about like 5-10 minutes and then i'll come back to y'all. When i'm ready to show you guys the result, so this is what she's looking like only thing that i do not like about this wig, i love the cut. I love how the back is shorter than the front. I love all of that, but, as you guys can see like the front pieces of the hair are super thin like they're super thin, even when i straighten it to create a middle part, you will see like you, can almost kind of see my face through the Front of the hair, i don't like that. I, like my hair to be thick. The back is going to be thick. The front needs to be just as thick so yeah, that's that's the only um. That'S the only down part or con with this wig supplement says that i have completely straightened the wig. This is what she looks like once again. I did not bleach the knot i did not pluck. I didn't do nothing but take her out the box and put her on for you. Guys and y'all are my witness. She looks bomb, she could be a little thicker. You know on his sides, but we're not gon na complain for her to be a non-customized wig. She looks good sis so make sure y'all go ahead and check out half sister's hair or ask sisters wig i'll, have everything in the description below, but thank you so much for watching bye, guys,

Mari Xo: Just from you putting it on your head Its a YES for me

Jessica Anderson: It's a YES for me sis‼️

l0lariannaaa: you look good in everythingg

Naisa Love: The trick is not to add any baby hairs and just conceal the parting. The closure days taught me this

bey bey: yess yu did that

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