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Okay, guys welcome to my channel if you're new or if you're new here i just want to say thank you for watching this video, but do me a favor watching all the way to the end before we get started. Do me a favor and subscribe to my youtube channel like and at the end of this video, if you like, the content that i've posted make sure you give me a thumbs up and drop me a little comment. So today i am going to be styling. This crimped wig that i got from the supply store now. This is the first time that i have ever worn a synthetic wig so bear with me. This is the first time y'all watching this and the first time i'm doing it so we're gon na get this together. We don't see how it turned out. Okay, i'll show y'all the name of the wig and the package that it came in. This is a crimped waves with hd lace and it's bad bad magic lace. Okay, so this is how it look. Color is dusty, pink, i saw it on the mannequin head and i'm like. Okay, i, like the color, i usually just wear black. So, oh, this is new to me. Synthetic wigs, a whole lot of different colors, but we're gon na. Do it so yeah. This is what it is. Don'T matter. This is so yeah. This is the packaging. Okay! You see it came in that and, like i said, the color is dusty. Pink now you can get it close. You can see the little pink shimmery lights open now: okay, lace! This is the you know the inside of the wig. The only thing is that i didn't pay attention to is like it's a full front lace, but it's like you can't change the party, so this is the only part you're going to get cluster that's anyway, so we're going to get started. Okay, so usually i swear guys, it seems like every time i start recording. I can get everything i'm supposed to do. I forget all the steps and i just do everything wrong. It'S crazy, so i don't want to cut these off. So i'm still going to just like take both sides and i'm gon na tie it in the back and like not a real tight knife. But you know just to keep it back there, because i like to have something back there to grip my wig, because i'm all here, okay! So now i'm going to use this. This is a ruby, kisses mineral powder, i'm just going to throw some of this. On top of my lace, you know just to have a darker color. Now all these steps right here is the same steps that i would do or i would take if i was putting on a human hair wig. So i'm not doing nothing, no different, trying not to cut no corners and usually with my human hair, wigs i don't even really glue those down. Sometimes i will but most time i just use like the little temporary sprays just to hold it in place for like two days. Maybe three. I don't have to do too much with the the lace because i'm gon na go in with this sensor spray and i'm gon na spray. The inside of this lace right here, spray this. Oh, she fancy she dark, skin, she's dark and i'm not bleaching. No knots not doing that with no synthetic wigs, so so yeah, that's it so you can see. You know that it's a hole, my wrists. Yes, i forgot to mention because i'm looking at the wig right now it don't have no combs in the inside. So the only thing it has is these little straps, so you need to go ahead and you know adjust it as tight or as loose as you want it to be. That'S weird: we don't have no cones in it. So i like my wig to be tight. Okay, i want to make sure today is not going nowhere and i'm gon na make sure i link everything that i use in the description uh box below the name of the wig and all the products that i use. So once i get it in place - and i get everything like this okay, so once i get my part like centered, where i want it to be - i'm just going to pull this lace backwards. Okay and i'm gon na spray. This on my head, i'm gon na take this whack stick, and i want this all this to go back, not a lot. I'M gon na put something in the middle too, because i'm gon na use my flat iron right here. Take this thing the same little thing that i had on earlier and i'm gon na wrap this around my. So i don't know how much heat i could put up on this thing. Sizzler all right, so this middle part is bothering me so i'm gon na take my concealer. This is la girl, pro concealer and fun. I'M gon na take this and i need to open up this person. Go ahead. Take this off all right. So let me go ahead, cut this off, i'm doing my baby hairs. First, so pull these down it's glueless, and then it said that so yeah we trying to we're trying to make it work. I cut my baby hairs down to like an angle and then i'm going to use this auto body mousse. Hopefully this work on synthetic. I usually use this on. Maybe i can use some real gel. I think i'm gon na have to use this. There'S got to be cream stuff baby. There we go yes, okay, all right, i'm seeing it i'm a blow dryer. Let me damn this thing: come down, i'm gon na take my ruby kisses powder. I need this thing to try to give me some scalpiana. Okay. So now to actually get into the hair part, i'm using this. It'S called on natural uh wave incurrow actually see. Oh, i like it all right, y'all. It is to finesse it as much as i can finesse it and okay. So here's my honest opinion about this. Wig right here, um, the hair itself is beautiful. The texture is beautiful. The camera honestly is not giving it justice. As far as the color, like you all, can't see the color, like i said in the beginning of the video, it's a dusty pink, so you'll get you know it's black at the roots. It has blonde and pink streaks. So i really really like the color. I really like the hair pattern. Um. It actually feels good. Now. What i don't like about this wig is that this is it like? You cannot change the part, but that's my fault. I should have paid attention when i get it um, but that's not. You know. That'S not the the deal breaker. I can work with that need to find out how to finesse the wig a little more, because i wanted like some volume up here or something, and it seemed like it's just giving me flat and what else? What else? Oh the fact that there is no combs on the inside of the wig. That kind of bothers me a little bit because i like, i really only use the backcomb well i'll. Take that back. I use the backcomb and the sag because i like to you know, secure the wig under right here and then i definitely like to secure it under the back, but other than that. I really really like the the wig. I really like the texture of it like the color is amazing for this to be my first time honestly, it was fairly simple. You know it wasn't the hardest thing, especially if you already installed like the human hair wig, there's really no difference i'll. I personally wouldn't use um a full bonding glue like bold hold or ghost bond me personally. I wouldn't use those glues with this type of wig, because it's synthetic, so this is something that i want to be able to put on and take off at nighttime. That way, i can spray it with my detangler. I can hang it up, you know and it'll keep. You know, it'll keep that fresh look. I definitely wouldn't want to sleep in anything like this, but this is a good way for a i'm running out the house. I'M going somewhere, i want to look cute real, quick, all, but just a whole completely different. Look. This is definitely definitely it. I love it. So, thank you all for watching this video. Like i said this is my first time installing a synthetic wig um and i like it so subscribe to my channel like and comment subscribe, subscribe subscribe, because i got a few more synthetic wigs that i'm gon na post. I'M gon na try on and i'm gon na, let you all see how they look. So thank you for watching bye,

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