New Born Free Curved Part Magic Lace Review

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Hey guys, I'm right, sir, today is going to be my first weeks my first week review. So I got so I got this the week of is Newport free, magic lace, curved part, lace, white weed in the style of magic lace, curve, part 2 up 3 and the item in LC 2, all three. So this is what the wait looks like on the stock card right. So this week does come in different colors and it comes at 1, 1 B, 2, 4, 6, 13, a 1 B aqua blue 1 feet brown, one be red wine for blind for rose gold for lime and for smokey, pink also for tangerine, which is this color And 1:30, so the stock car does come with some washing instructions and also some warnings and I'll also give you some pictures of the different colors that they have the coverage there. So what I think about this? Ok, so when I first got the wig out of the pack uh, it was almost okay. I did it. I still don't really like the curved part, which is like the bumper at the end, only because it flares out instead of like all going in, which is, I guess, it's okay, now like when I first when I first took it out. I do like it, but I actually like it like I did where this week work I was, I need, get a little hot, but I do work for a catering company, so it is a lot of back and forth of it now. So I did wear it like this at work, which is fine. It looks cute. You know it's not bad, but I don't got nothing on this see the difference um, but I really do like this week. So all I did I didn't. I did not plug a part or anything like that, so the part came like this um all idea was view. Some of my blackberry was pressed powder which looks like this in the color warm hazelnut. 8. 6.9. I got this rumor, so I used that for my part, to blend it. In with my skin um, I also used a 24-hour edutainment extra mega hold from even I'm gon na call it New York natural own. This was actually six dollars um. I used one of these before I use one of these before a bigger one, but it was an extra Beckham hold. I think it was just like extra it wasn't that good. Oh, he reminded me of like the oil one so that one I was using Hicks, but I decided to try this out and it works really good um, so pros and cons of this wig it doesn't tango. I haven't really got any tangles. I don't know if it's good, I think it's because it's short, there's a shorter style, so I don't really have any tangling issues or anything like that: um very minimal, shedding. Okay, I got one strand, but it I've got one strand from all that that I just did, which is really good for a synthetic weed. Okay, there is one straggler so, but that's still really good for synthetic weed just because they do they do censorship, specially the ones that are laced front, because you have to cut the lace off which could cause some Shetty. I do not have this wig glued down. I also do not have the combs in the front end, so the only thing I had in is the comb in the back, and I have my just my my adjustable straps up to the tightest setting, but not too, and I really do like it. You know what I'm saying like I like the cut I actually went to the store to get. This is funny I actually want to start to get Yara and the store was actually out of Yara, which is crazy because I just was in there last week going to say and they had it, but I didn't go in there for weeks. I didn't buy it. Um but then I decided that I really wanted it, so I went back in the store to go, get it and it was all gone, so I should have gotten it but anyway, so I ended up getting this one, because it's the closest one that they had To Yara in a store and like I said, I got it in this color because I didn't have any any other color that was natural kind of I actually wanted to get like a wooden, be brown or something like that or, like maybe block ends or some Kind of covering, but I didn't want to get like any crazy color just in case I didn't like it in the store, I did try it on, but I tried it on in black, so I don't know how it would have looked in a different color um. They did have they had like the pink one in the store, but I was looking for people cuz. I was like impressive for that act, weird school um. So that's how I ended up with this one and, like I said I really do like it all. I do too my real hair was, I don't even have any brains - and I just have my hair parted down the middle, and then I have a stocking cap on and I had a wig cap and I just put some edge control on my widow's peak and I just went to work like I said I, I am a caterer do work for catering company, so it was a lot of up and down back and forth today. So then Wade this wig really held up for what I was doing, which was really good, because you know a lot of times like you know a lot of times when you sweat these synthetic wigs, they really show their true colors. When you start sweating - and I was definitely sweating today - and I don't have any tables or any mats in the back like it's like in the nape area - there's no snags or keeping like look at that's like the bomb okay, so I do recommend getting this wig Um, I did get it at a discounted price because I've went in there for Yara and they didn't have it in the color that I wanted it. So then they give me a discounts on the week is actually, I believe, $ 50. I'Ve had it for 14, which is like a really good price um. So I got it for 14, but I guess it's 15. I believe that you can get this wig on Sam's baby, I'm not 100 % sure, but I will drop it in the description box below and let you know where you can get it from, but I love this wig. I think it's so cute, so definitely appropriate. I'M gon na show out a little bit so when you put the weight on it actually looks like this, when you first get it out of the box, so you put the wig on it looks like this, so it's really pretty. I love this all. I'M trying to say is that you wanted to get into sleep, that's pretty much it anything and like what but don't get assistant, I'm still definitely gon na review. Your arms, though, definitely getting yara um so stay tuned, because I'm never gon na give you and I do love this way. So thank you all for watching getting my feedback on this level. A lovely lovely week,

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