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Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new here, hello, i'm sabrina, if you are not new to this, but you are true to this. Welcome back to another video. So today, i'm here with another wig install for you guys - and this is a wig - that i've been wanting to try out for a while. So my last video, i did a v part wig, but this is also a v part wig, but it's very very different. With this v part wig, it requires absolutely no leave out whatsoever. So if you're someone who you don't want to do any closure wigs and even with the u-part wigs, you still don't want to leave your hair up. But you want a very, very natural look, as you can see here, then just keep on watching. Thank you, eunice, hair, for sponsoring today's video. So this is how you will receive your package. It comes in a very durable box, so the first thing i see in here is something new i've never received before from a hair company. They actually sent out a one of a silk satin. I think it's satin a satin robe, and i thought that was so cute. Your wig comes in this ziploc bag, so i did get the kinky curly v, part wig, and this is in 24 inches. So i wanted to show you the cap construction. It comes with three combs, so there's one in the back and there's two on each side for support. It also has a clip in the crown area and it has four clips around the parting. So i wanted to show you guys what this v part looks like. It'S literally a lace material, it doesn't have the thick weft like traditional. U parts have so this means you can install this hair with absolutely no leave out because it's such a thin parting - and this is the texture of the wig. It'S a very natural kinky, curly texture. So in your package you also get a satin dust bag to store your wigs for the longevity of it. Of course you get a wig cap, even though you don't need one for this wig you get a you guys know what that is the band to make your wigs tighter and they also sent a little melting band. This is like how you melt your laces or your edges, so, let's get into it. First of all, don't judge me judge yourself. Okay, i've been protective styling in wigs for some weeks now, so my braids are looking real, real rough, but it's okay. All we really need to do for this style is get these edges right and we're gon na get them right. So i'm just like separating them from my braided up hair and i am gon na go in with the she's bomb edge control. I will have this linked below and we're just going to get these edges all the way right, so just go ahead and enjoy the sweeping and the swooping. So after i let my edges set for about 10-15 minutes - and you know they're, locked and loaded they're in place it's time to go ahead and install the hair. So again, i just wanted to show you guys how thin the lace and the parting is. So it's going to be so easy to blend and you'll see, so i'm just going to go ahead and put this on my head and the wig construction was perfect, like it was not overly big and it was not overly small. It literally fits perfect. So i think these wig companies, i think they've - got the wig size down pack now you guys, so i'm just going to go ahead and install this, and it's very easy. You just slide it into your braids and clip it in to fasten it same as you would clip in extensions. We all know the drill here, so i'm just going to install this, and i'm also going to make sure i secure the combs that are in the side as well just for that extra security. It'S up to you if you want to use those combs or not. Sometimes i feel, like those combs bother me in wigs, so sometimes i won't even use them and then sometimes i will literally just straight cut them out the way. So now this is the part, that's important. This is how you blend it to make it very natural. Make it look like it's coming out of your scalp, even though there's no leave out you want to tease, and in this video i was a little. I was babying this wig, but the weeks coming up after that, i was wearing it girl. I went ham on the teasing and it looked so good, so the more you tease the more natural it will look and honestly. This is one of those wigs that the longer you wear it like the more frizzier it gets. It literally looks better and it looks more natural, so this is after my first teasing attempt. I wasn't done yet you guys, but this is what the wig is. Looking like, it's so pretty. I love the volume. I love the curl pattern. I think it just looks so nice and so natural. So for the edges, i wanted to give that more of a natural look, you kind of see. You know you can kind of see it, even though they did a really good job um, unless, if someone's really up on you, i wanted to give it a more natural look. So what i did is, i just went in on the very corners of the side and teased that and you will be able to see such a huge difference, and i did do both sides and look at that. There'S absolutely no hair leave out, but does it not look like i have leave out and i just blended it or does it just not look like this is my hair growing out of my scalp yeah. It does like this. This was so effortless. This was so easy to do. I absolutely loved the install. I wanted to show you guys, the back. Okay, you guys, so i'm back makeup is done, and this is the finished look so yeah. What do you guys think about this? I'M loving this, like it looks very natural, there's no leave out whatsoever, but with the right amount of teasing, as you can see, you can definitely get away with it and like what this looks so good and so natural like this looks really good and i do Love the fact that there's absolutely no leave out, but i can literally have my own scalp as a parting. I feel, like my parting - is looking real wide on here because of the light. It'S not this wide in person, but as you can see, if you just keep on like teasing this area, you can fill it out more. I do know if you have thinner hair, then you want to make sure your braids are a lot closer, so you won't have such a white part, but this is, i love this, and this wig is so lightweight. It literally feels like i have nothing on my hair, like absolutely. Nothing like you've ever had crochet hair, and you can have literally, like 20 packs of hair on your head, and you literally feel nothing. This is what this feels like and i love the volume like. It'S big, but it's not too big. It'S like the right amount of big, and if you want, you could definitely cut the hair to like frame your face, but i actually really like how naturally like the natural shape of it. I actually really do like this, and the hair is really like soft. It'S not hard or anything. It'S soft and i'm loving the texture of this. I did install this hair straight out of the box, so i'm not really sure what it's going to look like after i wash it, but curly hair is curly hair. Okay, the only thing i can possibly see happen is possibly the texture may be a little bit. Looser after you wash it, but i i like this - i just really love how natural this looks and i can't believe there's no hair left out like even when it comes to the side like i really thought it was going to be an issue, but it's not And i mean if you really want to get technical like you can actually just rough up. You know your baby hairs right there, instead of having it so slick like if i really just wanted to. Let me show y'all what i'm talking about like just pull out. My hair, so it's not like so slick back and then it literally just it blends right into the hair. It makes it even more seamless so yeah, because right here is like super slick down. But if i go in here - and i just rough up my hair around here and just comb it back in here - it definitely gives it a more seamless look but yeah. This is a one i really do enjoy this wig. I just enjoy how light it is and just how easy it was to apply like and you get a whole natural part. Sis - and you guys know, i'm very good for dyeing my hairs when i get them, but this one is actually pretty dark like this is like a true natural black. It'S not that brown that you usually get. So if you literally want something that you can wear straight out the box, this is it. So let me know what you guys think about this: install this look down below and definitely thumbs up this video. If you enjoyed this and i'll see you guys in my next video bye, guys

UNice Hair Wigs: thanks for your share, it is so easy and natural to wear!

Courtney: I keep staring at the v part. The hair is gorgeous but I guess personally id like leave out over the part

Maho Bebin: Son unos LIKESEX.Uno de los mejoresz conciertos Mañas no 2 se l

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