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Come on in here, cousins cause. We have to talk about this because, as sister Nicole Ray Once prophesied, I got what you want got what you need, okay, because this right here was way too quick and far too easy, not to be discussed. So, let's do it and put our back into it so today we're going to be doing some jumbo illusion: Havana twists, I'm starting off with kind of clean hair. Listen this stuff right here! I love. I use this before all of my styling. It'S like a it's! Just like a styling Mist, it does the same thing as water and a water bottle when you are about to manipulate your hair, but just water with extra blessings in it. Basically, it's blessed and highly favored. It makes your hair feel good. Before and after the styling - and I also put their drops in their hair growth drops, it is infused with the Biotin and I like to put that throughout my hair and just give my scalp a nice little massage. You know what I'm talking about. You know you got to take care of those roots. That'S why she over there looking slim thick because CIS been taking care of her hair and if you don't know slim thick is when you have fine hair like I do and you feel like. You have a lot because it's you know it's grown out and stuff, but you still got a teaspoon at the end of the day and you be trying to figure out how that math is math yeah. It'S slim thick, I'm using jumbo Havana twists. This pack came with six bundles and I believe there are 12 twists per bundle. You see how those ends. Look, we're gon na have to dip those okay. This is the hot water kettle that I use to dip my braids and twists and things of that nature. I love this Kettle. It quickly boils the water, you dip it in there bam and then you take a towel and you pull you squeeze and pull in the direction that you want your twist to go and as you're about to see. That makes a huge difference. Honey we done cleaned it up, took it a Revival took it or Sunday, school shooting got saved and now is the lead usher at the door. Look bam this part right here, I'm just going to tell you basically what I'm doing is parting a perimeter all around my head. Basically, okay, now y'all know. I'Ve said it before. I will say it again: don't talk about my parts, just pray for them? Okay, because at this point, God is the only way that my parts are going to be sufficient. Okay, it just is what it is at this point. We all know that they will not. Now, nor will they ever be spectacular and plus I use Bitcoins, because I don't want to go through my hair with small Combs, so bam. It is what it is. I'M just letting everybody know if you're looking for straight Parts um, I don't really know if you're gon na find it over here. Okay, I'm gon na be honest. I really don't even know if I was trying right there. I am just in sections making a perimeter part around my whole entire head, okay and that part we're just gon na tuck away for right now and move and groove to the next part. Okay, look at that part y'all. I was ashamed of that. One myself, Chad, that part looked like a whole V, but anyways it's gon na be covered up now off up in the middle. We are going to do my favorite thing to do well, one of my favorite things to do we're gon na do illusion boxes. Okay, so we're gon na plant a box and then that box is going to be joined with the Box behind it like so so we're going to split that box into two and then the first plait is going to be the third leg of the braid. Like you see right here bam, this is very easy. Y'All know I I have so many videos on illusion: crochet, like locate tons of them. So if you need kind of like a slower tutorial of that bam, feel free to peruse my crochet braid playlist. But this is very easy. The only difference that I'm going to do this time around is. I am going to connect the ends, okay, because we can't just have the end of the braids just hanging right. We we don't want that. That'S ugly so watch this I'm gon na do that again, right next door to the first section that I did and when I get down here to this third box, I'm going to grab the end of the first plait and connect it over there. Okay, they are no longer neighbors, they live together, okay! Well, I am braiding it, so they pretty much go together. Okay, they go together. Now that is one big happy family. We are going to do that across the whole part of the middle okay. Now I know what you're thinking Mary, what we what's going on with that little end, we are going to crochet that into the plaits that you see going across in a horizontal fashion. That'S what we are going to connect that end to basically tucking that end using the crochet hook, bam it's out the way. Now I know my braids look messy. That'S because I braid very Loosely for Styles. Like this, I just do. Okay, I don't want a headache and I'm not gon na get one on account of a hairstyle. Okay, I'm just really not now. Usually my hook is pointed downward, but, as you can see this time, I pointed it upward, because I want my knot to be on the top this time because I'm going to be putting it up. I just gave you an example of what happens when, when you point the hook down, which is what I usually do, the loop is on the bottom and it's hidden, because I usually wear my Styles down. But if you know the majority of the time you're going to be wearing your hair up, then you want that knot to be on the top. So when you flip it over, the knot is hidden. I would never do it like this. If I was wearing my hair down, I want to make that very clear. Okay, look at those knots on the top just up there and ignite and proud and happy to be up there. Oh Chad, I'm glad I'm pulling it up now we're gon na juice. Up these boxes, okay, I like to get it good and greasy like it. Just got baptized so go on, take your favorite edge control and go on to work. Okay, now make sure you take your edges and your ear tabs out. We don't you, you already know what time it is we're not giving those away all right. We want to keep those. So this is what you're gon na do you're going to take very large boxes or as large as you like them, and we are going to do the pull through method, but a very easy way. Okay, so you split your box in half or in one third, two third proportions, like I'm going to show you in a second and then you just braid the crochet piece, the piece that you just attached to your hair you're, going to just let that hang on A piece of your hair and then braid your actual hair doing this will Totally Secure that twist. It'S going to hold on to your hair, like a good relationship. Now we are going to do the pull through method. I like to do a couple passes at the root, so I can make sure that root is nice and seamless, and then I start a little bit lower down the Twist and just push the latch hook up the Twist and take my hair and pull it down. It'S just the first couple passes. I just want to make sure that it's good and seamless y'all, okay, that's it that's all, and because these boxes are so big this y'all. This is very quick. I did not time myself, but it was real quick here. As you can see, that section is larger. That'S the section! That'S going to be split into two pieces. When I start my plaid, I'm going to go ahead and split that and then I'm going to grab that small piece in the front and just do a regular plot and in doing so that attaches the crochet piece. That'S it. You guys also keep in mind my hair is very fine, so I don't plait all the way down. Once I get to the lower parts of my the strand of hair, I twist it because we don't want knots. Let me tell you something: knots, don't care anything about you or your family members. Okay, they really don't so don't you allow the enemy to tell you that you need to plait all the way down. It'S a trick not finish strong y'all and you are done. When I tell you that's it and that's all now you don't have to swoop or do okay. I know how some of y'all be. Why y'all? Always you don't have to but okay, but I choose to because I like super dupes y'all, that's it! I promise you that's it now. If you going on vacation, you need to put your hair up real quick. You don't want to fuss and you don't want to all go with. This is the perfect style, the perfect style, and you can make your boxes smaller. If you want to, I wanted mine, big and ignorant. Okay, I just did you can put this up, you can wear it down. You can do a little pin up. You can do a fun. There are so many ways that you can manipulate this style, but what you want to make sure you do is put your Bonnet on at night. Don'T get ignorant and skipped up on it. That'S ugly! Don'T do that cause! This is cute. This can last you quite a bit of time if you take care of it now, when you take these out, don't cut your perimeter twist. Don'T do that because our hair has been pulled through those perimeter twists, don't forget that I believe it was Michael Jackson who once said, do you remember girl? You had pulled your hair through the twist throughout all the perimeter, not just two or three. What about those girl and then he continued on to say, don't do it do it, do it, do it, do it whether you're in the park or even on the beach or with your man in Spain, don't to do it? Okay, okay, y'all! I seriously cannot even tell you how easy this was to do. This was really really extremely, very much so easy. You don't need a skill level to do it. You just need goodbye. Let'S switch up these earrings, though yeah, that's more better. That smoke better, like creamy velvet Shadow, I just made that up y'all but anyways. That'S it! The hair is very soft. It'S really light you, it's not heavy at all. It'S not itchy! None of that stuff. The hair itself is great, bobby. Pin it up into a little bun, get it off your neck. You know what I'm saying it's getting hot outside. You don't want all that on your neck, sometimes go ahead and blow up the comments. You guys, would you try this? Would you try this very quick and easy beginner friendly style? Let me know make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you can join the family and join the fun okay. Peace love like y'all

PAC93: Hey Cousins! Hey! Happy Sunday?! How Y’all Mama’N Them?! Tomorrow Is My 30th Birthday ✋ HALLELUJER Anyways… On To Announcements Y’all Heard Our Cousin?! It’s Jumbo Havana Twist?! Amen , Amen ! God Has Blessed Us Today?! With These Jumbo Havana Twist?! Hallelujer?! Amen Even Sista LieDell Was Speechless?! She Felt The Holy Spirit, One Of The Ushers Had To Grab The Prayer Cloth?! Won’t He Do It?! Amen Anyways?! Hope Y’all had A Great Weekend & A Great Day Today! Stay Blessed . Peace ✌️

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