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This is for my lazy girls. My i can't install nothing girls. I don't want to do too much. Girls like okay, look at this hi everybody and welcome back to my channel uh. Today'S video is gon na, be a little different than like nothing else. On my channel, we are getting into the headband with girl, it's a wig and you need it like period, i'm not even on front. You need it. This needs to be a staple in your house. If you know how to do wigs, if you don't know how to do wigs like period like this needs to be the wig that you want, because this is a go-to wig, it takes two seconds to install. I'M not kidding two seconds. Okay, it's the headband wig. It'S the most genius invention ever like look at it. So if you want to know how i got this look, if you want to know what i'm talking about, why i'm so crazy about it? If you want to get into these edges, if you want to get into this head band, wig okay get into it. So i'm gon na take my gel. It doesn't matter what type of gel you use. So i'm going to be taking my hair and just doing it like um, i would do a ponytail. So all i do this wig is the wig for edges and i found that when you're dealing with edges, it's just all about the crisp lines like see. This line right there, this one right here but see, then i have to you, know: okay, now i'm taking some edge control. I don't know there are a few different ways. It just depends on how i'm feeling so like the front. I could either do like a scoop like this has been my go-to, but what i used to do what i think i'm gon na start going back to doing making a little curtain. I can make some baby hair art okay, so this is a little baby. Hair is truly an art form, and i can't tell you what i'm doing. I can only show you seriously we're not done. Don'T worry, but i'll. Just this is all part of the process. This is not finished like until i leave, but for this wig you're going to get you can get a cap, and my hair is just like this. I'M personally, i'm not going to use this big green because i like mine, to be as flat looking as possible. So what i do is just literally nothing is there, then i just put this and that's and then a clip in the back and it's just literally a headband. Okay, that's two vecto! I mean it. Has these velcro straps okay, so i take the comb and make sure i put it here in front of my wig cap and then, if you have someone that would be better to help you. I stopped his wig on my friend in like two seconds. You guys like actually it was more like three four minutes like okay. Now now you need to tie this or do it. You know with the velcro. I try it because i like mine to feel secure, but look at this, i'm already looking like, so you can either. This is what i do. I pull it all the way like i fold it to the smallest possible, like you can, like you know, adjust it. It'S really barely couldn't even see it and look. Look i'm like i'm about to go work out, like my thing is up there like. I look like about to go work out, like i'm already done. If i want to leave it like this, if i want to run to the store, i can literally go like this like huh and i might be doing the trick to baby ears is really the smoothing like the finger like you know you smooth it. This is just how i like my baby hairs. You guys don't have to do yours like this. I promise you don't so relax. I try to make them like identical, though. Okay, it's art, okay, look at the curtains, look how they fall well. This is the best part of the room i haven't even got into the room of my face. This is the show i don't know. Why am i skinny and for my edge control, though that does matter, i use true edge. It looks like edge booster, but it's called true edge. I also use a booster sometimes, but this just does it for me for the um beautiful hair, whatever it is. Look at this cute fire how? How long did that take like what wig installation do you know? I don't even have one uh, let's get ahead, so i have all these different headbands um. But if you're like me and you work out a lot, i don't work out at all but yeah here. If you do work out. This is a great wig for you. It'S literally like grab and go okay. You need to get any style, so people have been wearing these little champion cute right, so cute like when i tell you guys. This is literally my like go-to wig. This wig is fire right. It'S so fire like this is a great this honestly. This is a good invention to whoever this is. This. Is my favorite headband, hey guys this is you can put it up? You can do whatever you want like. If you don't have this you, you actually need it, i'm black right now, but you get the vibe you. She is what beautiful and then the hair is spectacular like you can just literally grab it and go like yes. Thank you, beauty forever, hair for sending me this wig. I love her love. It love. It love the idea. I love it. So thank you, everybody so that wraps it up for that video get yourself a headband wig. Do yourself a favor, get yourself ahead that wig! It'S the ladies girl. Ladies: it's the lazy girl go to like you know you put in a little effort and you get out a lot. That'S not gon na find that too much too many other places. So thank you again, beauty forever, hair for your patience. For your quality, for for this okay um, this is wonderful beautiful, it's just like, naturally, is boys won't even know like they don't. They won't even understand this concept. Okay, like girl, this is my hair period. Okay, so, yes, thank you, beauty forever, hair. Thank you guys for watching get yourself. This wig, i'm gon na cut this video off. So you can go. Do that, so i will see you on the next one.

Jackie Carey: I bought this wig because of you! The hair is even bomb!

nylakbrowne: Best wig ever tbh! Just ordered mine ☺️

Alashay Williams: Super cute and simple

Candice: Wow I loveeeeeeeeee youuuuu, your so pretty and cool & humble . Finally a new person to watch go girl!

Dee Luther: Goooood video Your Pretty self Them cute Eyelashes tho Have a Lovely Week Stay Bless n Safe Too


Mari Xo: ❤️❤️

Naryah Serrao: What density ?

T Wash:

A Student of Life:

Something of Substance: Lol I see u tried to cover that lil lace

Teleah: yea that's hot for sure

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