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Afsisterwig’s *NEW* Delicate Hairline Skin Melt Lace Wig

♥ All hand tied hairline, clean, delicate and natural, giving real SCALP vibe!

♥ No extra plucking needed, totally beginner friendly!

♥ Upgraded real skin melt swiss lace well blended with different skin tone!

The Skin Melt Wig is totally beginner-friendly, in the past three months, we have been making our best efforts to adding more density options, perfecting the plucking the hairline, adding the removable elastic band and optimizing the bleach technique to provide the perfect products.

INVISIBLE SWISS LACE: We upgrade our lace into Raschel net and bobbinet made of polyamide.The reason why we choose high-end swiss lace is that even with much higher price, it can be more invisible and undetectable especially when melting with glue. No matter what skin color you have, this skin melt lace will definitely match.

Wig SKU: AF0081

Hair length: 20"

Hair density: 150%

Cap size: Medium 22.5

Cap construction: FULL LACE

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Hi guys welcome back to another Hair video, so today's wig is from after star wig and today I'm working with their full lace wig so, which means there's literally lace all around the wig, as you guys can see. The lace goes all the way around, and this is what the construction of the wig looks like. So with this full lace wig, it basically just means that you can do any hairstyles. There'S no wefts in this wig and the wig also comes with the skin, melts Swiss lace, as you guys can see. The lace looks really really good against my skin tone, so I'm actually really excited to install this wig. So this is a 22 inch wig and it's a 150 density honestly, the hairline looks amazing, so this wig actually came three plots. As you can see, this hairline just looks great. I don't need to know anything to this, so it came free plucked and it came pre-bleached as well. So this is literally ready for me to install there's, also some baby hairs at the back of the wig to make the wig look more natural, depending on what hairstyle that you decide to go for so yeah, okay. So here's what the wig looks like guys, this wig is so cute. Like I love love this um full lace. Wig like it's amazing. We came pre-plucks, but I did go into um pluck around the hairline. Just a bit more um. I felt like the hairline that we came with wasn't realistic. I just had to take out just a few strands of hair at the front. Basically, but anyway, this is fine. So now we're gon na go ahead and install the wig, and I'm also going to install the wig in sections, so I'm gon na start from the middle and then make my way round when it comes to our sister. I feel like one thing: they have on point all the time is their hairline and the lace as well. Like guys. Look at how seamless this looks. Thank you, foreign foreign. So now I'm going to cut around and then make my way to the back. So, basically, when you get to the side, you want to cut the lace around your ears as usual, so you're still going to cut the lace like you're, cutting a normal lace, frontal wig, and then you just make your way around. Obviously the back might be a bit difficult just because you can't see what you're doing but um I'm gon na try and show you guys how to do this. So I'm going to cut around my ears just to make sure that you know the lace fits and it goes around my ears like so so now and then, when you get to this section, you want to cut coming down because you don't want to cut the Elastic band: this is where the elastic band starts. So you can see now it sits around my ears, okay, so I'm done installing the wig, I'm not really going to bother gluing down the back and I'm just going to use the baby hairs that came with the wig to kind of like you know, just hide The lace at the back as well, so I'm gon na go ahead and use my milk band. Thank you. Thank you. Tell me this is not cute. This is so cute. Oh, my god. I'Ve never had my hair like this, like I can see ponytails. This is so cute, I feel like a kid but um yeah. This is just me showing you that you can literally style this wig anyhow, you like you, can part the hair anywhere so like I said this is a full lace wig, which means it's literally laced. All around the wig there's no wefts like you, can put the hair up. You can put it down. You can do anything, I'm going to turn around now, so you guys can see what the back is like. Don'T have high expectations because I couldn't see what I was doing at the back: okay, so but um. This is just to show you that you can literally pop the hair wherever you like, but this is what this is looking like at the moment, and I just think this is so so cute, okay, because I've never had my hair like this. So this is what the back looks like foreign comes to the hair itself. The hair quality is so like this guys. This hair feels really silky and so smooth and really soft as well. No shedding no tangling. So this is a 22 inch wig and it's 150 density. So this is more like a natural, you know yeah. This is give it, and I really really like this hairstyle. I think it's so cute. I feel like I need to do more hairstyles like this, but I'm just not that creative when it comes to hairstyles. As long as my hair looks laid and everything looks put together, I'm good but anyway yeah I'll make sure to list all the links that you guys need in the description bar below. So please make sure you check below for anything you'd like to know and I'll see you guys in my next one bye,

heyitsnene: It looks super natural on you!

Zipho Hlatshwayo: We're going to neeed more of these Bemi❤️

LUX KILLZ: Queen ❤this color is fab

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