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Hey lousy sugar, an entire Armani and welcome back to my channel happy 2020. This is my first video in 2020 and today I'll be showing you guys how I install my first HD lace. So first things: first, I'm gon na go ahead and do the ball cap method. I always do this messy when I apply wigs simply because it protects your hair underneath and it protects those edges girls, so I always suggest to people to do. The bulk have met, especially when you're using adhesive glue to melt down your lace, so the way that I'll be installing today is from West kids hair. This is a 13 by 6 HD lace, wig, 22 inches and 180 % dissing II. Of course, I'll have all the links down below if you guys wants to purchase this wig. This is not my first time working with West kids hair. I work with this company so many times and every time there has been amazing. I love West kids. I believe this is one of my favorites hair companies to work with. They never disappoint, but this is my first time trying out their HD lace and I got ta say like it did not disappoint. This lace is melting right in my skin it was so thin and so easy to work with. Oh, my god, I don't think I want to move. Go back to any other lace like HD lace it for me, okay and, as you can see, I'm starting to apply the adhesive. The adhesive that I'm using today is the boho active. I always been reaching for this glue. Lately cuz, it works so good, but I actually want to start bringing you guys, ghoulish wake videos. Let me know in the comments below how you guys feel about that, but yeah. This videos will be more of a watch me and I'm not gon na be talking as much because you guys seem put on wigs a million times so I'll carry me back to give you a little bit more detail on the hair later on in the video. So guys I tried this new method. When I applied this week once I laid the lace inside the glue, I didn't spray. Some guys had me spray on top and I felt like it was just going like ensure that my lace in my install lasted a little bit longer and actually was easier for me to cut the lace when I'm after that got to be glued right. So this red tee, I do recommend because I'm gon na be using this a lot. Now when I apply my wigs and I really want to say, look at this lace like look at it, you wouldn't even think I had legs. All of you wouldn't see my eyebrows through it like this lace was the best like it blend it in with my skin, so good, oh, my goodness. I love it. Okay, as for the hair, it was super super soft, tangle free minimum shut in, like I never ever had a bad batch of hair or bad experience with West kids hair. They always provide a one great quality hair. That'S. This is why I love them so much, but right now, as you can see, we're moving on to baby hairs, I normally don't show you guys how I do my baby hairs, but I did this time so I hope you guys enjoy it. It'S a long process. So once I'm done with my baby hair, I always take a scarf and tie them down for at least 10 minutes. This is sure that they're, nice and laid, but this is the final results. I end up styling the hair off a camera, but I hope you all enjoyed this video, don't forget to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. I love you all. Like always, and I see in my next video

wende patrella: Great job!!!! <3

Quemekia : So gorgeous omg

Miss Versatile: Yesssss. Look amazing!!!!! Yes plz start doing glueless

Rachel oneal: Did you bleach the knots?

Dreya Camille: Girl I had to sub after this magic lol

Georie Jakes: Did you order the foxy wig 11 months ago from amazon link or foxy link please answer please

Mika: How was the shipping? Is the hair good? I want to buy the exact one

jalisa Ramos:

Amari Sharpe: How is the hair holding up? xx

monie: did you bleach the knots at all sis? or tint?

Brianna 17: Upper echelon luxe hair is using this video for their hair smh

S. Smith: Your description say 13x6 but the link description on the website say 13x4 ..

Dee Luther: ❣Great video❣ Breathtaking thumbnail tho New Subbie Happy New Year God bless u n ur Family I Wish you All The Best Hope u Having A fabulous bless WeeKend

niki saun: Vert cute, but the baby is a little too much

StarChild🌠: I purchased this wig.... waste of money

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