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Hello, you guys welcome back to another video if you're new hi, my name is esther and in today's video is all about this beautiful unit from ellie grace hair. Now i am starting off by blow drying this unit because girl, when i tell y'all, i lost the clip the first clip. Okay, the clip was me, bleaching the knot and then you know washing the unit and all that good stuff. So this is just me drying. The unit now, and so i'm just drying this unit down blow drying it, and then i'm also going to straighten it out and then i'm also going to curl it. It'S a whole processes, but this unit again is from ali gray's hair. This is their body wave, and this is also a hd lace. It is a 5x5 closure and it's 20 inches as well as 180 density, so much to say so i can fill you guys in into this unit. Go ahead and throw this unit on shout out to my mom for braiding me down. I can't believe my hair has grown so much for me to braid it down hallelujah hallelujah, because your girl is not cutting it again. It was cute while it lasted, but i'm gon na go ahead and grab this hot comb just to make sure everything is flat all the way slick. Now this unit is extremely soft. It takes heat amazing and i'm not shocked, because this is not my first time getting my hands on aly grace hair. I have you rocked ali gray's hair for years. If y'all can go back and see my videos, my old videos, you guys can see that. So i'm grabbing the lace academy, melting spray just to lay this unit down again, i've mentioned this. This has been my favorite melting spray. It is better than the um is it got to be got to be spray yeah that ain't, that ain't got nothing on this. This is some good stuff, so so bomb so after melting that down, i am gon na start, creating a little bit of baby hair and also grabbing my tresemme mousse. Now um, i seen a comment on one of my hair videos. I think you guys one of y'all were asking if i can do a video on my favorite um hair companies and yes girl. I have, i don't have a long list, but i have a long list because i'll be honest, aly grace has definitely made it on the list. They have really good hair, and one thing that i love about ali grace units is the fact that they're, full um they're really full and i feel like they last a pretty long time. I don't know i've. I'Ve had good experience with them honestly. So after creating the baby hair but wait, let me go rewind real quick. I will do that video here pretty soon. Okay, but after creating the hair baby hairs, i am just going to go ahead and now part the space, because i didn't like how this unit was looking. So i had to give my myself a nice parting space and i wanted to do like a side part. It'S been a minute: i've been rocking a middle part lately so grabbing my wax stick, just making sure, there's no flyaways and all that good stuff and make sure it is very, very flat. Now now i'm going to go ahead and start curling this unit. While i was curling this unit, my curling wand broke on me girl, like i almost cried, because i don't have an extra one and this one has been my favorite for years now it's gone. It'S ripped on me it's sad, but it is what it is. So i had to quickly still curl the hair and i was trying to fix it while still curling it but girl as soon as guy it's like god. I swear as soon as i was done. Curling this unit, this curly one like completely, went in half. I was like you know what at least at least i was finished with the tutorial hey, i meant in all seriousness, i'm really really happy that i was able to you know curl this unit with this curly wand, because i felt like it just oh my gosh. It it just took this unit to another level, and you know what you know when you get a unit that you curl it and then you brush it out and the curls drop, and it's like you didn't even do nothing. Listen! Aly grace this unit right here. Don'T do that it does not. I would literally comb my hair over after after curling it. I would just comb my hair with a brush rub my hands through it keep messing with it, and the curls are still there like. There'S no touch-up honey. Until like legit hours later man, i've had units that i literally had to curl it again right there. It'S just it's it. That'S that's my little pet peeve. When it comes to curling units. I don't need to curl it again because it already takes so long to curl, curling it and styling it, but y'all see that that and that's me with no effort. Okay, i could have done a lot better curling this unit down, but i think it looks very, very beautiful. Oh my gosh, the hd lace. Is it after bleaching, the knots y'all see it looks so so good? Yes, oh girl, you almost shocked me. I almost shocked myself what what a beautiful girl, anyways y'all. I love y'all, now panasana check the description box for all the details and i will see you guys in another video bye, beautiful

Shamese Kibby: Gorgeous unit. You did that. As always you look gorgeous

Johnnel Adderley: Hi Esther, this unit is so beautiful on you, it was giving you Jessica Rabbit sexiness !! I love it...and I happy you got to finish curling the hair before it broke to pieces, that was definitely God. Thank you so very much for sharing Sis, take care and God bless .

Tania D: Hi Queen Esther yes what a beautiful lady indeed!

Chanda Mocha Swirl:

winnie Nyambura: Msichana mrembo kweli

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