I Think I'M Officially In Love | Flawless Loose Deep Wave Install | Hd Lace Ft Wiggins Hair

Hair details: 24inch loose deep wave 13*4 HD lace frontal wig 200 density

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She just blame me: foreign, hey, guys, welcome to my channel hi. If you are new here, my name is Chelsea and thank you so much for clicking on my video, hey girl. So, as you guys can see, I'm in a bonnet today, so you know we're about to install a wig today, so I'm gon na actually have my glasses on this entire video because I didn't realize, but I actually finished all my contact lenses, um and the wig That we're installing today is from Wiggins, it's the one at the back over there. I did go ahead and customize the wig um. Thank you so much to Wiggins for sponsoring this video, so the wig will come in a plastic bag and um. This wig is a 13 by 4 lace, frontal, which is 24 inches. It'S a curly wig and in the package I got a pack of wig caps, a pair of lashes, an edge brush and an edge brand, so um before we get into the video. Please make sure you subscribe, give this video a thumbs up and let's get straight into the video alright. So here is the hair that we're gon na be installing today, I think it's a deep wave wrong. I'M still learning the type of waves that are there, but I think this is a d. Let me know if you guys would want a video of me bleaching, not. I think I've sort of perfected um how to do it, but we're not super effective but uh. I'Ve got quite good at doing it properly, so let me know if you guys would like a video about that. This is how the wig looks on the inside. I didn't tell you guys that it's a 13 by four. It comes with the two clips on the side, the one at the bottom, and it also has these adjustable straps. If you want to make the wig tight or loose depending on the size of your head and um, we're gon na go straight ahead and get into the install. When I put the wig on the first time, it felt very big. I don't remember the size of the wig cap, but it felt very big and like it felt like it was floating on my head. So what I've done? The straps are the back, the ones that look like brush straps, I just like crisscross them, and now it fits very nicely very secure. I really don't know how I'm gon na do this, with my glasses on foreign and glue down the wig and for gluing down I'll use the ebben wonderlace bond. I'Ve really been loving this, instead of got to be, I used to use, got to be, and I'm just wondering how I'm gon na do this, because if I take off these glasses, I will not see a thing. Thank you right. So you guys already know it's a voiceover from this spot and I have already like done a voiceover about this so many times. But let me tell you the struggle to cut this lace was impeccable. I could not see to save my life, okay, and I think this lace is HD. I can't actually remember I'm gon na find the details of the wig, but cutting this without my glasses and without contact lenses, a whole nightmare, but anyway we still managed to do it. And now I'm just going in with a bit of the urban wanderlace bond to just melt down the beads that weren't fully melted and as you guys can see it's, I didn't like the wig being that full. So I'm I just went ahead and did a bit of plucking at the front. I had actually plucked it a little when I was customizing the wig, but I really like it when my wigs don't look too full because I want it to look as realistic as possible. So that's why I went ahead and plucked and I decided to do a side part. Well, I wasn't really. I didn't really put the hair but, like I just wanted the hair to fall on the side. So that's what I'm doing over here and I was gon na go ahead and do my baby hair. So that's why I took out this hair at the front so now, because this is a curly wig. Well, it's a loose deep wave. I don't know if that's curly, I don't know what that means, but anyway it's curly, so we're going ahead with some water to just wet the hair. This really activates the curls. I love this hair. You guys, I can't even explain it to you guys. The quality of this hair - let me just say this: I've got two curly wigs, but this one the curls were impeccable, So Soft, the hair is so pretty. It was just so nice to work my hands through this hair and I did go ahead and use the Auntie Jackie's leave-in conditioner, but, as you guys can see, I was running out, so I didn't really have much of it. So I went ahead and added some mousse as well just helping to activate those curls and then just brushing through the hair, guys look at how soft, oh man, I wish you guys could actually feel what I'm feeling as I'm brushing this hat foreign. What'S up everybody. So at this point I wanted to add a bit of shine, so I've been using this American um Argan Oil. It smells really really good and it adds so much shine to the hair. I love how it looks when I sprayed it on the hair. As you guys can see, the hair is glowing, it's shining. It looks so good at this point guys. I can't explain to you how much I love this hair, like I'm, not even just saying this, because they sponsored this video. I genuinely really really love this hair brushing through I, oh man, can you guys see, I feel like you can be able to see like through the video, because I can even tell through the video that the hair just looks so soft, really good quality. It was so nice to brush the hair. In fact, I even ended up over brushing because I just kept brushing and brushing and brushing until the curls sort of fell amazing. I couldn't fold this hair even one bit honestly guys. Please run it to their website. Right now, or literally run and get this hair for yourself, I highly recommend it, and now the insole is done. Looking amazing, as always the hair looks so good on me. I really love the curly. Look on my face. I feel like it really really complements my face and um. As always, all the details will be included in the description box. If you guys love this unit, you can get it for yourself. Let me know if you enjoyed this video leave. A comment. Give me a like And subscribe if you haven't and thank you once again to Begins for sponsoring this video. I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see you guys in my next one bye,

Fatmaz_love: You are really good at editing so pretty and put together

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