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20 inches

180 Density

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Hello, beautiful people welcome back to my channel within today's video, I'm bringing you another non-sponsored week review now I want to reviewing this wig that I have on my head by RPG, hair and check this out. This is my eighth month of having this wig. Yes, she stood the test of time. I bought her back in July 2022 with my own coins, and I have put her in my relocation. I have nothing but good things to say about this unit. So, first off, let's go over the hair specs. She came in 20 inches, I purchased her in 180 density and this is an HD lace front unit. So just to make sure everybody knows what she looks like if you go on RPG hairs website. This is the model for the unit and I believe she has review on YouTube as well for this wig and um. The code number for this exact unit is lfw. 96. If you notice right here, it says it retails for 185, but I think I paid a total of 230 for my eye when I up the inches as well as the density for my unit. Now, let's hop straight into the pros. Well, the first thing is the laces on this bad boy, I'm gon na zoom in just so you can see it real good guys, and this is exactly how it looks when you buy her - and I know you probably said well, you've had it for eight months. Yes, I have, but when I say it comes pre-plucked, the knots come pre-bleached like this wig is beginner. We wear friendly. All I had to do was get her out and flat iron her when I first started wearing her and make my part actually. If my memory serves me correctly, I really didn't have to make my part because it came as a middle part, but you know how you just want to get in there and Define it just a little bit more with your red tail comb in case the you Know, hair is moved around a little bit up there, but that's all I did and guys you have five inches deep of parting space, so overall gray, a lace gray, a plucking gray, a hairline. So the next Pro that I have for this unit is that there is minimal, shading entangling that came with it now. I did get a few strands here and there, but it's nothing alarming whatsoever and the hair is very low maintenance. So I've had some weeks before in the past, so I had to flat iron and comment out a lot after everyday use. You call them this week, maybe um once or twice throughout the day, this just to make sure that she continues to be fluffy and flowy and guys that's all right. So the third Pro that we have for this unit is that it can be worn completely glueless. If that's what you like now, I do have a little bit of glue on this unit, but typically I only do it right here and that's because I like to put my little baby hairs. I have worn them before. I don't even do that and I like to put a little bit of glue just right here to make sure that this waist won't lift now brush itself is about to be real, Ratchet and get on when you lift on the side. As you can see, nothing is adhered down. I have the option, of course, the glue this bad boy down I choose not to because for me, the purpose of wearing wigs is for um the ease of getting up and putting your hairstyle together. So unless I don't have one installed, which I really do see how I like to work out, most of my wigs are glueless or either it's a little bit glue. You can see it and the wrist is flow here all right. So the last problem I have is that um it does hold a curl. Now the only thing about it, though I put these curls in last night and yes, I pin curled them and I set them and they were really really pretty. When I took the pink curls out this morning, the little silver things to hold them in place. However, now it looks like my hair is just like a body wave more than like a big fluffy curl. The way I like to wear my hair for those of you have been following my channel for a while. You know what I'm talking about so um the hair will curl, but the curls will not like last, like um. They drop really fast. Now we'll be honest about this, your curls hold better when the hair is clean, so this hair is dirty. I have not washed her in a little while I just went in there and you know curled it up so and that could be part of the problem too, but I did want you to know. The hair does curl all right anyway. So now we're gon na move on to the cons of this unit. Um. To be honest, I really only have one and I can't necessarily follow them. It'S more of a me thing. The hairline is plucked to Perfection. However, their hairline will start to shed on you as time goes on and the more more you wear hair, especially if you don't remove the adhesive from the parts of the wig that you put on it could look as if you're weak, it's balding. Well, there's a quick fix for that. The wig comes with an excessive amount of lace as well as baby hairs. So, in order to fix that problem, I just went in and cut more of the lace than what I initially could when I first received the unit, and I insert a clip, so you can see she still looks absolutely beautiful. You can't really even tell the difference. All right so anyway, that's it for the pros and cons on a scale of one through ten guys. I must get this wig a 9.8. Yes, I said a 9.8 and it will be a 10 on the dot. If I knew for a fact, these curls would haul if the hair wasn't dirty. So I just love that fact: I'm still going to go in purchase another one of these units because you cannot beat the price and beat the quality 20 inch long, hair 230 dollars. Good hair, good lace, like we beginner friendly, I think you gon na find that nowhere else on the internet like for real. So if you have been sleeping on RPG hair, are you looking for a good place, it's affordable to get you a bomb slate wig! Look! No further get her add her to your collection. You will not be disappointed. Thank you. So much for tuning to my Channel, please hit that like And subscribe button have a great day pink Carter. Bye,

heyitsnene: Great review! I will be getting one of these asap.

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