What Wig? Watch 20 Seconds Glueless Wig Hdlace Frontal Install #Hdlacewig #Gluelesswig #Cosplay

  • Posted on 16 September, 2022
  • HD Lace Wig
  • By Anonymous

Nobody'S Gon na Know, nobody's gon na know, they're gon na know. How would they know? How would they know? How would they know I can I just I can't? Oh my God,

infinityisneverseenbyanyone.: Fr nobodys gonna know

Ирина Меняйло: Так натурально и не скажешь что это парик .Вы Супер Мастера !!!!!!!!!!

Great Blackness : Black woman are miracle workers

Olivia53: Wow the wig looked natural

Diane R-D: So real looking! Beautiful!

Людмила Бочарова: Как мне нравится! Да еще как нравится! Просто класс !


Elijah: I would have never known that it was a wlg, that is how real it looks, WOW,. I love watching people smile surprised,

Pretty Kitty: OMG AMAZING I would come whenever you’re at to get one for myself because I’m tired of doing my hair. Please send me info

bobbie johnson: Beautiful

Pam Hamilton: “NOBODY will know”❤

Diane R-D: I’m still in awe of this perfect wig! Such great work!

Paulette Neville: All the praise goes to the queen who installed it...

Kali Kali: Looks great I didn’t know

진이기리: 자연스러우면서 너무 잘 어울립니다 예쁘게 관리하세요

Doris Mc Coy: This is great. She is pretty also

Elijah: Seeing this person smile after seeing it on herself is precious and Priceless.

Selena Williams: I'm definitely going to purchase soon. Thank you for sharing

Krista Shelby: That looks good

Moses Sarah: You are already beautiful, and natural

Angela Hrabowskie: Wow! What brand is that?

Laura Wood: That looks so beautiful!!!Pure genius

Lucky Preet: OMG very beautiful

please wait: With the wig she looks so innocent and adorable

Lovely Rich: Freaking WOW that's crazy and amazing at that same dam time!

Brigitte Beltran: AWESOME!!!!

Karthik Chakravarthy: For those who wants to buy this check the description video... the link is mentioned

A M: Do u sell them? Do you have an online catalogue?

Jan: Looks great

Maria Cachart: I wanna know where can you buy this fabulous wig .I reckon it's better than hair extensions

Laura Lee Soder: Looks Real,wow.

Barbara Elizabeth: it's so natural looking. I am desperately saving my pennies

RachaelAnn Badham: Looks nice

Anita Leach-Aguirre: You guys are fantastic!

Галина: какие классные парики.

Dudala Ramesh: Beautiful face n smile

Elijah: "Now it can give you the confidence that you needed to persevere,. You deserve it! and Goodbye to RED or colored hair, The wig is beautiful and flawless. God Bless


Ludmila Galustyan: обалдеть,как естественно,натурально,как свои,родные, красота! хочу!!!

Emiliana Aquino: Company? Address? Amount? Please Share Info. Thank you.

Yoga nithi Arun: I am from south India really superb my daughter is having some health issues, I really happy on seeing this

Roy and Jacqueline: Yesterday I just saw the exact same hairstylist with a black girl. Just like this girl here she could've been a model. People were commenting on her good looks and the hair piece that went over her forehead. It was a jet black, gorgeous, wavy, long hair piece. You really couldn't tell at all that it was not real. It was WOW ️✝️

Flor Cardero: Precious

Liliya Romano: Thank you. Now I know

rem rem: Nice

Deborah Benoit: Very real and beautiful looking. But it can be pulled off very easily.

maybe the best: I have genetic alopecia... and soon will be bold. its really traumatic as a woman. I never wore a wig. And once I mentioned it to a lady I knew and she told me "it's cultural appropriation" ... so I'm stuck. had to get my scalp micropigmentation treatment. but scared as every day I'm going bolder and bolder

Bonnie Edmonds: Where can you get them , what’s the name of them having trouble finding them

Jackie Humphery: Beautiful on her look like her hair

OneSexySista Harrington: I need one. Where can I get this? It will have to be customized because I have a small head.

TheraP: Wish I could afford to buy one.

Karolyn Lucas: how can I purchase your hair pce.

Jean Nikolich: Lovely


Danny Padilla: Now that looks real,

v: Gosh dang. It looks like her dang hair!!! The wispys and all

Ana Cristina: Lindo


beugnet malika:

Римма -: Очень красиво. Сколько стоит такой парик?

Doris Martinez: Que bonita

Angela Schultz Schultz: SO BEAUTIFUL

astonish boy: i want this wig . how can i get ??

you do note my lovers is fake: how can i buy this wig i want this..

Angie: Love ❣️

S .A: Ofcourse nobody is gonna know coz the hair texture is natural to her. But when sisters try to put on straight or weavy hair that is not natural n go nobody is gonna know, who r they kidding?

idania betancourt: Parece tan real, que maravilla

Susi Wati: ❤️❤️❤️

Imelda Generoso: Wow!

Наталья Федосеева: Парики просто супер!!!

Musty Veginer: She’s so cute

Tia DeNae: Nice!!

Linda Reiswig: Where can I buy one..

Harpal Bhardwaj: Amazing transformation. Looks real no body will ever know if she is wearing artificial hair . Women all over the world will like it. This products will sell like hot cakes believe me. It is great transformation for black women they can smart themselves. White girls also can wear this products. It will suit all women.

Rahab Mwangi: Nice one...how can I get it please...

Coh Rah: more info pls. & hm?

CTET daily dose: Alhamdulillah i have long hair and i love them

Leylani Alfaro: Wow

Karen Heyward: Nice

YASIR ALI: Kia ye such ha?

Paulette Stinson: do you have colors salt and pepper or gray for older black women

G K: Makes u wonder how many of the great actors actually wear wigs...

성이름: 신박한기술이다

Nancy Martinez: Black are so talented! ❤

Pearll Jewels: It cute...this what bm miss tho they DON'T know!

Selena Williams: Wow! Looks so Real

Christine Fleck: Bestimmt teuer? Sieht toll aus

Anda Scalise: that is MAGIC

YASIR ALI: kia ye such h?

Wina Ruwina: Woow

Sandy Haas: Where do I get one ?

Lisa K: I Want One

Patrema Gilbert: Cute would never know

Armi Salonga: Please how can I have one? and does it cost too much?

TaiHen Nguyen: I need one

Angie: Love you before and after ❤️. Sweet baby, it's about what you feel! F Everybody else.! Love you

SUNSHINE 716: Where do I get 1 or 2

Janet Mayo: WOW

Susan Luanghane: Good job

Bonnie Edmonds: Hey ‘ anybody know where or how to order theses wigs ?

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