How Do You Where Wigs Without Damaging Your Hair???

Whoever said wigs are a protective style, you lied several times. I have a personal Vendetta against you. How do you keep it in longer than a week? I literally feel like I had every single one of my edges plucked out with a tweezer girl. Like do you see them gone and then the back of my head is like from that clip in the back with the elastic band. You guys wear that every day, every day kudos to you because girl, I can't do it with all that being said. What wig should I do next rest in peace, pink era?


liable: “you lied several times” is going to be my new saying from now on bc tbh that gets the point across better than anything

Breezy Bre: If a stylist applied it, they did not apply it correctly, your edges should not be irritated. There are ways to protect your edges while gluing down a wig.

A.J.: Something teal or mint colored would look FRESH!!

•𝑳𝒊𝒍𝒍𝒊• ♡: The fact that nobody’s talking about the shirt- ✋

Zoë Layne: The pink Era was such a vibe

Hood Rich Getting Gossiped About Daily: Your supposed to coconut oil the crap out ur hairline then pop ur wig to the front and begin to drown yourself in hot water till it basically slides off that’s the safe way other than that kaleidoscope or peppermint Rosemary grow all your hair back and ur supposed to oil your braids before and after with peppermint so u don’t itch like a crackhead The Whole entire time Your Welcome ❤❤❤❤❤ i don’t wear an elastic band and I take those boxy combs out with a box cutter ❤❤❤

Beez: Purple would look amazing on u


a: the wig or glue isnt supposed to touch your hair i genuinely get confused when ppl say they lost their edges

Get Pretty With Puff: lmaooo wearing wigs isn't that bad, i dont really sleep in mine so i basically take it off like a hat everyday

madisonfranslay: I love you shirt gurl!!

pissedoffmarshmallow: shes so valid for this, my wigs KILL MEEE

Alyssapiggy: Girl you’d look good in anything but your hair is so bouncy and compliments your adorable faceee

Rylie Elliff: “every dÆÆ??? every dAÆÆ!?!!!” got me absolutely rolling

Meleon Marsh'ay: I actually love the change in your voice I think it's still ultra feminine and it suits you stay blessed love❤

Sage Wren: purple would look good on you

Little edits📸: The shirt is everything

C͜͡l͜͡o͜͡u͜͡d͜͡ a͜͡n͜͡g͜͡l͜͡e͜͡l͜͡: ANY COLOR WOULD LOOK GOOD ON YOU (btw your so pretty)❤❤❤

Bird_bones: I’ve never heard your voice, it’s so nice!

hyun_xxye: here is a tip! if u glue ur wigs down, don’t glue it on ur edges!! glue it a finger down or a CM down. gluing on ur edges will tear them out and damage them big time

Amina: I haven't installed a wig before but do you mean one that you wear during the day and remove end-of or a wig install? Because I do the former and the combs/wig hairline etc., are starting to affect my edges but it's been 3 years now lol.

GachaGamer 4Life: AAAAHHH YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!! (YOUR VOICE REMINDS ME OF MY CHOIR TEACHER I LOVE IT ((sorry if that came out wayyy wrong I did not mean it like that I'm so sorry))) DROP DEAD GORGEOUS AAAAAAA

Kai: girl this is why you need a glueless lace wig, they have edges most of the time, no glue is required, no bald cap is required, and it looks seamless, all you do is put it on and there's a strap the keeps it on, and you can take it off so easily.

Jerry Benavidez: You look so pretty girl and you look pretty in the whole damn rainbow


Yaaas Julia!: Any color you’re beautiful


Kay La: I just followed a scary account of beautiful women with rough hair from wearing wigs all the time. Their edges are gone torn right out. Personally if I were to wear wigs I'd shave my hair off completely first bcz that was so scary omg

Tiffany Johnson: I feel the same way about wigs.

gaga oz: you slay with every colour ❤️

Snufkin’s Green Hat: @curlymehair makes glue-less wigs as well as regular wigs but their glue-less wigs look very natural :)

gaming with jasmine: Girlyyyy I need that hair it's so beautiful

Petty McPettystein: You have to try glueless wigs so you can take them off as soon as you get home like a bra. Lol

Neff Gowat: TIP: Get Wigs Without Clips, It Creates Less Damage; Glue To Your Forehead Not Hairline Or Hair; A Nice Secure And Proper Braid Down, Cap Lay And Glue Will Also Cause Less Damage But Excessive Wear Without Letting The Scalp Breath A Bit Can Also Be Damaging Lmao. It’s Just About The Small Stuff.

KattiK: The scream was just spot on

arlyn_slays: the shirt is just a whole mood

Duda77: She's so fun lol love her videos

Samantha Salas: Girl you need to try those wigs from the ads! The ones that “don’t need glue” and have that stretchy band.

Fiona the flop: Girly go for a mystical whimsical color that can still feel casual and versatile!

itsTeTe: For cosplay I just pot on not one but TWO wig cap and put the clips under the second cap and away from the first one that’s laying your hair flat. Or for long term use lace glue and apply it to your forehead right below your hair line make sure it’s NO WHERE NEAR ANY OF YOUR HAIR don’t worry about the sides and all of that. Just forehead.

froge: i rly like your name! did you come up with it yourself or did you get inspo from somewhere?

Simply Shantae🌻: I wear them every once in a while. They give me a headache but I’m not gonna lie they do come in handy when you’re having a bad hair day

chrysanthemum: Ong I love your voice!!!

Oh Shanana: I have a headband wig. I don’t use the clips my hair might be loose but I’m keeping my edges

Chaotic Sad: You need to try glueless wigs. Total game changer

donyea dowery: I support you btw this is my first hearing your real voice omg u go gurl❤!

Iaisha Johnson: You should try glueless wigs they are so much easier and you take it off every night and you keep your edges. Any wig can be made into a glueless wig honestly.

Stinkbug!: I wish I sounded like you god damn your voice is wonderful

transfems4raytoro: lmao I actually can relate to this because if I don't have time to put on a tichel I just put a wig on for the rest of the day and say "good enough ‍♀️" and sometimes the wigs get so uncomfortable but I just go with it

S w e e t 'N s o u r: You would look so good with any color but you should do green nexttt

iyahyi: Just don’t wear wigs. It’s a global embarrassment as black women and yes I’m a bw but I let that shit go and yes it is good for me

Maya Marina: The pain in ur voiceee, literally felt. I lowkey hate wearing wigs lolmight go for glue less wigs from now on tho

CGA-1010(fox): Red braided , those always look pretty

-[BOB]-: Omg gurl your shirt slays-

Rylee Johnson: You’re so pretty!❤

Kara Battise: Love the shirt

venzel: “How do you *where* wigs”

♡whorechata♡: No lol I just slap mine on idc about those combs or the strap. If someone pulls it off they can have it, I have ten more at home

Jessica: Right and that's why I don't have one on but I'm dying to get a pink one. I'm a cosplayer and I want to wear multiples!

S͓̽i͓̽r͓̽e͓̽n͓̽: I take mine off at night so the wig and my edges last longer

𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕪: You should do a middle part with straight black and white hair ⚫

Simply_Sophia: “ with all that being said what wig should I do next” ✌️✌️

xoxo.penelopex: Black to purple ? I feel like it would match that one outfit really wellll or like some a wig with some tones of brown/beige

NISHAohsoGifted: Truth it’s sometimes veryyyy uncomfortable hun

ftw.elahna: That growth

Callie Blanchard: I feel like you would slay in a brown with blonde highlights wig curly

Latasha Rhodes: Needed to be said, cause folks around here with no edges and still talking about protective style.

Hssjjsnsnakqkak: Hey girlie u slay

Gabby: Girl I am gonna get a wig

🔮 A L E X 🌌: OOP that's why I have natural hair lol

🌼Nezuko Kamado🌼: Maybe a white with a fad of black at the end! Love your voice btw!

it-𝓤𝓡-𝓖𝓘𝓲𝓻𝓵: Can u do a black wig with blonde highlights from u will look so pretty even tho u alr a queen

Nicole goddess100 OFFICIAL: I love the pink wig queen

Foxxy Babiieee: I’m it is it’s just might not be one for you cause my hair is down pass the middle of my back n my edges been coming in since I switch from sew ins to wigs!!! Less tension on my edges now n it’s showing!!

hi: Love the shirt

Sleepyx_: rip pink wig but i lo-key miss the french curl red head era

Cora Jones: t h e s h i r t t h o

Emma: I need that shirt

KayKay: Girl…. Blue. Hands down

Ms brooks: FACTZZZ I so love you ❤❤❤

Wxnter: @VeorndreMitchell I'm trans and I get looked at and bullied for it how should I deal with it?(born a girl)

ChunkySushiBread: Watch Mary K Bella , she gives great tips and she wears a wig band /, headband that helps protect us , she put me on

lps_012: Slay

Richard Dupree: Don't start or u gone start looking like them... Leave them wigs to a very minimal. Like 4 times a year..

Adelene: It’s the “EvRY DaY!!” for me

HotCheeto Dust: Same I had to give my edges a break

Melody Tirado: i love how she is wearing a shirt that says “i have no tits” but ykkk…..

Aries Sun: No fr but pain is beauty lol


Kylie Khan: the shirt gives me joy as a trans women

Salty Baby: Teal or mint… someone said it down below and now I wanna see it too. Like dark teal root to light mint

Blu Stephenson: I cannot recommend the like headbands that go under your wig enough I know you've seen them with the little piece of lace it's mostly velvet with Velcro put that over your wid cap but a little farther back and put your combs under that and glue as normal I know it takes some getting used to buy it help soooooo much with the snatching of edges to those damn combs


Your bestie kim: I love ur shirt❤

Sam 👑: EVERY DAEEEEAAEEY love you sis

Faraji Azizi Addo ß.🧡🖤: GOTTA GET used to it and get some more comfortable wigs I have a few recommendations if you’d like

I liK 🐢TuOrtluEs🐢: You looked like younger nicki Minaj with pink, with that said you should do teal

Swaggy: the shirt

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