Luvme Hair Review | New Undetectable Lace Front Wig!!!!

LETS SEE WHATS ALL THE HYPE ABOUT #luvmehair #lacefrontwig #wigreview


Lace Size: 13x6

Density : 180

Length : 14 Inches

Edition : Invisible Knots

Texture : Water Wave

Cap size: Medium




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Twitter: @SabyShantelle

Youtube : @SabyShantelle

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-AGE: 25 years old

-MY CAMERAS: Canon 70D & Canon G7X Mark II


-LOCATION: Texas (Virginia , Korea ,Hawaii ,& Texas)

-HEIGHT: 5'2

-KIDS: Brycen & Ishana

--BUSINESS INQUIRIES— [email protected]

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What happened to us, what happened to we always took for granted. Are we stranded? Is it too late to color feelings that have faded complicated? I I look for headed. Like my hair looks fog, I think I will look really pretty boss, like I was looking at myself in the mirror was like you know what I look pretty ball. I think so Maggie who I know I'm looking crazy, because I have this wig cap on my hair is cornrow. Underneath I made sure I did that I washed my hair cornrowed it and then put on this cap on the top of my head. So I can apply my wig. This wig is called love me here wig, so I saw this company on accident. Like I wasn't like I didn't know about this company. I was looking for a new wig because you know I want to build him up with collection. So it was time it was about that time to get new wig when I got is the undetectable, invisible lace, best version here: 13 by 6, glueless, frontal lace, wig and not 14 inches, and the curls are worth ways and this collection is called the invisible knots Edition so they had like two two of the same wigs, but in two different types. This was the invisible knots edition and then the other one was the undetectable lace one. I think that's what it was. It was not it I'll place it on the screen, but they had the same hair in two different types. So the wig that I'm am reviewing and showing you guys and doing a boxing for came in this box and they delivered it or shift it with DHL. The Box did come damaged, as you can tell right here, which I really wish it wasn't damaged, but I love that the wig came in a box. It looks so pretty with the bow and then love me here, logo when you open it up. It'S so pretty like I love the packaging already, it's so pretty. It says I'm in the front enjoy your hair journey from now on Hellena the founder of love me here. So it says that and when you're open the paper, it comes in just like mesh bag. That just says, love me and when you lift it up, it comes with a away cap and guess what guys this wake up is. Actually my scout color. You know I've always been a wig cap stuff like really really dark, and this time it's not dark. It'S actually something that I can use um. What was so good about this when, when I purchase a wig, is that that I was getting some type of like gift from love me here company, so they sent me this little zip pouch, it's so pretty hearts and it's pink, let's open it inside. So it comes with a rack tail comb, which is awesome, because I need this for my wig. Oh, you know what I have a rat tail comb and it's like metal at the end. I don't know where it's at like now that I'm like seeing this, I'm like words, mind that so I'm beneath this definitely also in the back. It says I love me here: whistles cold, it just says: love me here, usage apply the product directly to flyaways, then smoothing hair, your hair will be your hair, will look perfect, so I'm guessing this is some type of like, I would say, a shaver. It just keeps down flyaway, so I'm gon na try this out to see how well it works. Oh, let me show to you guys looks like this. Also in the back, it comes with some bobby pins, which is awesome and um. This elastic band for your wake. You know, and then it comes with this little cute clip this is the cutest. This says, love me. I love glittering diamonds whatever and then a last thing which is so cute. It comes with tweezers guys. This is all you need for your lace front, wig you plug with this. You can accessorize your hair wave with this. You can put your hair back and put it back with this. You can use this to part your hair and then lay down the edges with the blue for your wigs flyaways elastic band for your wig. Like what else do you need? It'S like a little wig pouch. So that's cute. I love that. I order here before from many different companies and they don't send stuff like that. They said like and lastly been, and it made me lashes and that's it oh yeah and the wake up and the last thing in the Box. I'M probably talking way too much and just pamphlet that says love me. It just talks about their return and refund policy, how to use a wig how to care about your wig and products and usage information. So here you go. I also want to mention that this wig came and it has two different sizes. I got the regular size, I think I'm not sure they charge more for the bigger size, but I got the regular size make sure you measure your head and then take that measurement. Go on the website and see which one or which size is best fits for. You, okay, um, so yeah I'm excited, even though I already saw the wig. I'M just excited to actually put it on my head and apply it so yeah, let's open up the back. So, like I said before, this is 14 inches and I can't wait to put up my head cuz. That'S all ball headed right now. Let me just open this up comes in the mesh as your wig should come in a mesh. Take it out, and this you take 13 by 6 lace, front wig. So let me show it to you guys how it looks on the inside. Try to flip it okay. So this is how the inside of the wig looks. It comes with clips and then then it comes with these little side pieces right here, that's cool and I think did that because now I don't have to sew this thing to the wig. The wig already comes with it and I can adjust it without sewing it. So this is so cool. Look at this guy's, so you just attach it to the wake right here which I'm gon na. Do it in a little bit i'ma wait until I cut the lace off the hair. I also want to mention that I opted in to get this one because the UM, the knots are already pre bleached. So if you can see they already bleached enough for me, which I love it and I was checking the wings to see if the bleached bled through and it did not because every time I bleached it off in my wig, I don't know about you guys, but I always get like the bleach, always please through the scalp and then gets blonde on the here, and it looks crazy right put it on the wig. Now I'm gon na clip the back all right guys. Look at this look at it. It already comes with the was it caught. It already comes, pre plucked, so the hairline is nicely. I don't have to do nothing. No bleaching, no flaking know trying to tint the lace like it's already nice and matches my skin. You know it looks good like I like it, it looks really nice look at that natural hairline and all I have to do now is just cut the lace off all right. That'S off! I missed a couple of areas where I'm gon na go back into with the scissors and cut it, but so far it's so dead um. I wanted just to be jagged and not being blunt, so that's what's good thing. Look at it guys. It looks natural. So far, look at that so I went ahead and I cut the air tabs off on both sides. I do have to like cut around the air tab. So the way can, like you know it just properly around my ears, but for right now I'm going to tuck it under cuz. I don't feel like cut it, not right now, but it just looks so nice, like I, haven't, even put any glue on it or do anything and it looks nice like I like how it looks so it's filling the hair and it doesn't feel like 180 densities To me, I'm not sure if it's because it's short, that's the reason why, but it should feel like 180. It feels more like 150, but they claims that is 180. Look at that it looks so beautiful. Okay cannot, wait so wet it. So it does have a few gray hairs in the wig and also some like oranjee hair, which i think is from the not being bleached, I'm not sure, but yeah I'm gon na pop them out, because they don't look nice to me. They all look nice pop. This out, alright, so I'm just gon na wet my hair with this spray bottle. Okay, so I did everything that the baby hairs add the got to be glue spray to lay down the lace, and now here is the reveal. So this is the final result of me. Applying the wig, the wig looks absolutely amazing. I did my baby hairs. I laid it down with the mousse and then I applied to got to be glue spray to like hold my wig down in place, and it looks so look at it. I didn't have to do nothing, but I cut the lace, apply the spray, and that was it okay. So I'm I want to thank you guys for watching this video everything about this way. The leaves will be listed in the description box down below so be sure to check it out. Also, if you guys haven't watched my previous, a wave of you on the last week that I bought from Aliexpress check that out I'll leave that also in the description box down below and yeah I'll, see you guys in my next video bye.

SabyShantelle: HEY LOVES! Should I do more wig reviews??? WIG LINK :

Ynvme2013: FYI: Actual wig application finally starts at about 7:01. It looks really natural too.

Precious Kisses: I actually love the wig and the look! 2 thumbs up from me. Great review!

Mizz Arica: OMG your hair looks so natural and pretty!!!!!

Mila's Mind: Bomb lace!! That’s always my hesitation with lace frontals. They never match or come close to my skin color. I’m dark skinned and they always look so ashy! so I always have to bleach the knots even if the company advertises they did it! Great review!! New subbie! #RWOYT

Rock Star: They gave me a flat iron the first time but this time I got the lashes. I wasn't the new flat iron the have that doubles as a barrel curler but I didn't get that come to find out I didn't spend enough. I would have if I didn't use the coupon code I had, but hey they still give some great gifts that weren't expected.

Artonique Nelson: yesss! i love this look!

Lindsay Erin: it looks really good!

Calandra Stubbs: who dat?! Looks good sis! Mos def need to order me one

Samuel Blackman: Amazing on u ✨

Rock Star: Did you do a bald cap method?

Kristie Bach: Thanks for this

Tiana Reese: Hey, how long did your wig take to get to you from the order date? I ordered a upart and now I'm skeptical since I keep seeing some people say that they haven't received their orders

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