Fall In Love | Chestnut Brown Ombre Lace Wig || Luvme Hair

Hey boys and girls check out this cute chestnut ombre wig from Luvme Hair. It's a great look for fall.

Hair Details

14" chestnut Brown Lace wig

180% density

Wig Link: http://bit.ly/2OR17TL

Luvme Hair Website: http://bit.ly/35FGXSu

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What is up good people welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are doing wonderful today. I hope you're doing good. I hope y'all well, hope your family good. I hope your money right. I hope your good job secured. I hope everything is going good for you today. We are here for another wig video, alright, so my people, who I love dearly reached out to me to ask me to do another wig review, and this is of course, a company that I have been doing a lot of reviews for lately they reached out to Me again, I really appreciate them doing so, and it is love me, hair, all right, so the wig that I got from the Meehan. This is the wig. It is a chestnut hombre, chestnut brown color. It'S really really pretty. I'M definitely cannot wait to rock this. It is a frontal wig and it is Swiss lace. It is not the undetectable which I love undetectable, but we can work with this as well. So it is a Swiss lace. Wig, it has four clones. Definitely has the straps love me here is known for their straps and has the secure who rocks, but it's four straps and the cap is actually different and I normally do get where you have the the rest of the cap here, which you can cut this off. Let me get the information, so this is their chestnut brown color ring. It is 13 by 4 frontal, it's 13 by 4 front of lace, wig. It is a hundred and eighty percent density and the length that I have is 14. I actually wish I got got something longer because I like one of the wigs, but I was really happy to get this week because, like I said, it's fall well, it don't feel like fall in Georgia like it's fall somewhere and um like brown like Browns, and You know just these deep colors, it's just perfect for fall, and I love to. I love fall because it's kind of cold kind of night, so this would be a perfect blend for fall. There'S only two lengths in this wig is 14 and 18. So I wish I got an 18. Let'S see it is a hundred percent version of hair from one donor it lasts for more than one year. It is chestnut. Brown is pretty plucked, but I'm definitely going to pluck it some more because it is not as pluck as I would like it, and did you see it yeah you see, but it's not as plucked as I would like it. So I definitely will be plucking this. Some more all right, so stay tuned. If you want to see how I install it, how I believe did not stay tuned, alright, y'all, so this is this is a leg. Listen! This is a really really. I like the the subtleness of the brown, the chestnut. It looks really nice, I loved that I did the wand curls deep. This is I bought this years ago. This is rent Remington and it's like a wave wand, and I did a video with this when I first started doing her videos. I did a video with this and it really does the the subtle waves. It really does just make the wig look a little different. It looks different and I love it. I love it. I love this hair. I Bryce. I was kind of iffy about the lint, but the length. Actually it looks like a log. A curly lab, I think, is really pretty. I think it's really pretty uh the hair is kind of thick. It'S 180 percent density, it's kind of thick, but not overly thick. Think you can't manage it, it's it's! I'M digging this wig, I'm really digging this wig. I am digging this wait. Y'All and you just get volume. Oh, I feel myself y'all, I'm feeling myself around. I felt myself in the lungs that sound kind of weird, but I'm feeling myself with this wig. I think it looks really good. Y'All, hmm - and I just did a video up. I'M posting this one first, so I'm doing the video on the foundation that I used. Um in this week, well the foundation that I have on so stay tuned. For that, but yeah love me hair has not failed me again, y'all my family. I love y'all. So much but, like I said this hair was sent to me by love me hair and it it it's really nice and I feel like this is a perfect wig for the holidays, like if you're going to a Christmas party, or you know just something formal. This will look really good in a formal setting if you are doing something like just around the family for Thanksgiving whatever you can switch it up, you don't have to put in the curls. You can wear it straight if you want to, you can cut some layers. This there's endless possibilities with this hair. I am feeling the hell out of this hair. I love the curls. I need to start curling like wand in my hair. More, I don't know why I stopped doing that, but this is this is Bob. This is this looks good out of all the wigs that I've done on my channel. This is one of my top. I like this. I like this so booyah. I look so so grown-up. So it's dull, you know so like I got, I got money in the bank and I got a Tesla in my driveway and I just felt like I got all the coins in the world but anyways. Let me know what you think about this wig. I don't know what's wrong, it's naked come on now, I'm ready. Let me know what you think about this wig. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask the pin, let me put the pin in so y'all can see. This is the love me pin, see and you can wear it like a pin like this for the holidays. Dress it up, dress the wake up. This pins is cute. I mean you can there's other pins, but I really like this pin because it actually it expressed. I, like the pin, set alright, don't showing expressions and stuff like that. It'S just really cute. Now I don't know if this comes with all the other waves, or this is just for influencers. I really don't know, but this is really cute, so this is really cute for the holidays. You can do something just be a hair for the holidays. You can bang it out with the Christmas party everybody's looking at you because you cute the so yeah. So let me know if you have any questions, do not forget to hit me down below if you have any questions about the wig. Do not forget to Like comment and subscribe, and I will talk to you guys in my next video bye.

Lady Vonrenee: It looks so natural! Very pretty .

Christeenia Lee: It’s absolutely gorgeous!❤️

Kimberly Washington: I have the same wig in a 20 inch I wore it today for the first time .. I washed it and wore the natural waves !

D. Minor: I love this so much I had to leave another message. Lol❤️❤️❤️I cant wait to go ordered this in 14” inch. It’s gorgeous. It’s not too long and not too short. It’s perfect.

Miala Oyin Youtube: This would look AWESOME on me.Too cute!

Daria: I purchased this exact wig after I saw your video it was so beautiful. I love it. Thank you.

D. Minor: Thank you for this video...it was so helpful to see other lengths besides 18”. I love the 14”...it looks more natural to me. I will be ordering the 14”...yaaayythanks again.

D. Minor: Yaaaayyyy...I ordered my wig. I am so excited. You were my inspiration...thank you so much.

S M: ~Beautiful job you look like a classy lady~

La Negeda: You nailed it...❤

Chanel Mitchell: Love the energy!!

Florence Julius: So BEAUTIFUL on you. I'm ordering me 1 now Thanks for the video.

Getting The Tea With E: I love this unit and color

Evona HotChocolate: Love how you did your baby hair. Smooth and natural. I will use a spoolie. I’m not a fan of that over the top swooped baby hair

Theresa Simmons: I saw the video in love with the hair And I just got my Hair So this is my 1st Human hair And 1st from this Company I've never install a Wig before This would my1st time

TamDiva S: Hello, Did you find your wig had a lot of filler hairs? Have u washed your wig and if so, can you do a follow-up? Thank You.

Julieann Stapleton: What's all the products that you used to keep it down...I'm wig illiterate

catrina montgomery: Did you cut the inside piece off?

Tiffani La Varco: See it cam with a middle part but is it a FREE PART WIG?

Tolu F.: What is the name of the wand you used?

Mel Carmelle: Is the quality still good a month later?

YONCE 8701: 14??? Yo

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