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Say baby, hey guys, welcome back to my channel today's video is this wig. This book is from Jessie's wig. This is my first time collaborating with them and they actually blew me away. So if you guys are interested in getting a thick straight, wig definitely check them out. So I'm going to show you guys how I installed this glueless. It came. Pre-Cut, pre, everything, okay, it just came like this straight out the box. I just retouched it a little bit, but this is what came in that packaging and it came with this bag. It came with the headband. I don't know where I put the headband, but I'm wearing it today in the video to kind of keep my edges down for the time being, then it came with a bunch of goodies. I think I'm going to show you guys like three different clips, because I installed this with three different times for this video, so I just wanted to come and do a little intro for you guys and show you guys how the hair is looking. Today'S, like the third day that I wore this wig, so this is how it's looking I have not even washed it yet and it's it doesn't smell like anything it just it's so nice and thick. When I told you guys, this is like my new favorite straight hair yeah, because I have never found like Shea hair that I actually like and that's thick because like so. If you guys are interested in seeing me put on this wig and just want to see how I did this install really quick, let's get right into this video okay. So this is a 22 inch wig. I did not bleach style nothing. This is exactly how I came wow. It'S super thick, really thick. Look at the lace, it's pre-cut. It comes with the comb, two Combs and then one in the back. The Cap Construction is really nice. It has like this like adjustable thing, so I guess I should just be able to plop it on my head, but I'm gon na go ahead and put on one of my adjustable bands in here, because there is these pockets for adjustable bands, but it did not Come with an adjustable band - and this is how the wig looks at the ends - super super, pretty. Okay, I got a band, I'm gon na put it right in the wig wow I did not even put any. I did not put any foundation on the lace. It'S laying perfectly around my ears wow. This is really like a throw on and go type wig, so thick, I'm gon na do a middle part. Wow! Look at that lace. I don't even think I want to do any edges, but this is already out. So I'm just gon na take out a little bit. I want to just cover up this lace. I think I have leftover foundation on this, so freaking pretty and I feel like I don't even want to take it off. It'S so cute. I don't know if y'all ever touch an Asian person's hair before, but this is how their hair feels it's like thicker, but it's still silky. I'M about to use my wax stick to flatten on that character. Wax thick, I'm gon na have everything linked down below it's gon na, be in my storefront, so you guys can just click Amazon's storefront in my link below - and I put the stuff that I use in categories. So you guys can click like my hair products or does that on the third and just see what I'll be using in the videos and be able to buy it straight from Amazon. I'M gon na put some wax just in the roots. This is like the nicest straight hair I've ever touched and it's not shedding or anything. I just always. I think I'm gon na just put a little bit of wax to lay the edges down. Okay and now I'm going to just strain it down a little bit more just to make sure that it's flat, okay, I'm gon na spray a little bit of this everything is linked down below, like I told you guys because see people on Tick, Tock ask me About that just a light layer and I'm gon na just pass the flat iron just in a couple sections foreign. Why did you ever know me coming up to yourself? Okay, guys, this is the end of the video. This is how the hair turned out. This is how the wig looks. Super super pretty seamless, it's completely glueless. So if you want just a quick and easy on the go type of wig, I definitely recommend that you guys checking out Jesse's wig. This straight hair is just bomb. It'S so thick I'll. Have all the information linked down below with the specs for the wig and the links, and I also have a coupon code so make sure you guys check out my description box and I will definitely see you in my next one. Bye save it same place.

JUST JANIEL: This hair looks amazing. It can low key pass as your natural hair. I really love it.

Leona Alexander: This wig came together so fast,loving the soft beat❤️cute cute

Kathy Julien-Ramsey: You always nail this hun❤❤❤

Life With Tadah: That wig was everything.

Tashanda Myers: ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ❤❤❤❤

Alisa Nina: I’ll try it!

Laquida rush: ❤❤❤

Cinnamon Cyrus: Is it glueless? Fire

Cinnamon Cyrus: Ur freaking beautiful bae

Laquida rush: It’s the fowl making noise for me

Cinnamon Cyrus: Glueless

Cinnamon Cyrus: How u so rich stupes I hungry for wigs now lol

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